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As of July 2024, in the Disaster Recovery (DR) Software category, the mindshare of Dell RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines is 4.9%, up from 3.5% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of Zerto is 10.1%, down from 23.5% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
Disaster Recovery (DR) Software
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Nov 4, 2020
Tightly integrated with VMware and easy to set up, but needs integration with more hypervisors and databases
We used it for disaster recovery as well as migration. It had on-premises as well as hybrid deployments Continuous replication with lower RTO and RPO is the most innovative feature. Its tight integration with VMware for VMware VMs is also valuable. It can have better integration. It would be…
Derrick Brockel - PeerSpot reviewer
Dec 19, 2023
Good GUI, easy setup, and fast recovery
When we tested it, it had more functions than what we used it for, but it was a very good BCDR product. We liked the reliability and availability. Zerto enables you to do disaster recovery (DR) in the cloud, but we did not use that feature. We used Zerto to help protect VMs in our environment. It was strong in that aspect. I would rate it an eight out of ten there. Zerto's speed of recovery was comparable. There was no synchronous and asynchronous replication. If I had to give it a number, it would be a seven out of ten. It was the same as others. There was not much difference. It was easy to migrate data. There was some initial configuration in syncing, but it was easy. I would rate it an eight out of ten in terms of the ease of migration. Zerto’s ability to keep our users collaborating with one another during a data migration was good. I would rate it a seven out of ten in this aspect as well as in terms of its impact on RTOs. Zerto helps reduce downtime in any situation. We can bring up a database in minutes. It probably takes five minutes for the final sync. The cost of downtime depends on the database. It may be 50,000 if you have call center people sitting around. Normally, most of our small outages like that ranged in the tens of thousands. Zerto did save time in a data recovery situation. We did not have ransomware, but there were times we had database corruption where the users would corrupt the database, and the database would not start. It would do snapshotting. It was not necessarily ransomware, but it was testing upgrades or Oracle upgrades. The data recovery happened within five minutes, if not sooner. A normal restore would probably be four to eight hours if we had to restore from a tape and apply logs. Zerto helps to reduce an organization's DR testing. You can spin off an extra database pretty quickly and have users test against the third or fourth copy. It saves one to three days of testing depending on test cycles. You could do sequential testing. I would probably measure it more in days than hours. All of that time can be used by a DBA to do something else. Zerto reduces the number of staff involved in a data recovery situation. One person could probably orchestrate it now versus one to three people. It did not reduce the number of staff involved in overall backup and DR management because we are pretty thin. We would not have gotten rid of anybody.

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"The workload can be moved directly if the disaster site is the main site."
"The installation is straightforward if the version you have is compatible with your infrastructure."
"RecoverPoint replicates workloads fast."
"The most valuable features are the data center recovery administration and the time of recovery."
"The most valuable feature is that it is journal-based and you don't have to replicate a lot of data."
"One of the standout features of Dell RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines is its real-time data protection capability."
"The solution is quite stable. We haven't experienced any kind of bug or glitch. We haven't experienced crashes."
"Continuous replication with lower RTO and RPO is the most innovative feature. Its tight integration with VMware for VMware VMs is also valuable."
"The most valuable tool is the dashboard, which allows us to immediately check the DLP status, replication data, and all other data needed to have cleaner and immediate control of the situation."
"It helps us keep our required retention period for specific documents and allows us to recover older documents if we have to compare and recreate those."
"The way we can use checkpoints from each VM to restore them is an excellent feature, and the replication is great."
"I would give it an eight out of 10, if not a nine out of 10, when it comes to ease of use."
"Zerto is truly inspiring."
"The journaling is the most valuable aspect of the solution."
"Failover using Zerto is simply a one-button click, and it does everything else in restoring the VMs at a different datacenter (recovery site)."
"We have seen ROI. The biggest way that we have seen it is in avoided downtime. We have had outages before, and we count downtime in terms of dollars spent. We have cut that down so dramatically, which provides us a very quick ROI. We have drastically reduced the amount of time it takes us to recover workloads, from an average of two hours to an average of 10 minutes."


"In the next release of this software, I would like to see options that help to decrease the bandwidth required, such as compressing the data."
"The configuration process seems a bit challenging, and the installation takes a bit longer than expected."
"It can have better integration. It would be good if, in addition to VMware VM, it can also support other hypervisors. I also want to see support for Oracle databases. As of now, it supports only SQL and Exchange. It would be good to also support other databases."
"I would like to see integration with EMC NetWorker in the next release."
"It should have features for recovering a group of virtual machines and full-scale security. For recovering all the VMs at once, they don't have a GUI option, and we have to use the command line."
"The solution is not easy to use. It's actually quite hard. If it could be simplified it might be better for the end user."
"The solution could improve by being more easier to use. However, once you have used it for a while it becomes easier. Additionally, there could be better support and compatibility with management by having a command-line interface. This would be beneficial for the customers."
"It would be good to have a critical application on the customer side."
"The improvement that I would like to see is a little bit easier product knowledge, things like that. It's getting a lot better than it was before because it's not as old of a product as Cisco, but if you look for something like Cisco routing and networking, you'll find millions of articles out there and it's everywhere."
"It would also be nice if they could find a way to make it where one VM does not impact the entire journal history of the VPG."
"You can back up VMs but can't back up individual objects, like email objects, which could be improved."
"Zerto added the backup feature, but it's not quite up to speed yet when you compare it with the backup capabilities of other solutions out there."
"Compared to other products, I would praise the intuitiveness of the product. But I think that can always be improved. The intuitiveness of the graphical user interface, while it is very solid and I don't have issues navigating it. I would say that it can always be improved."
"The documentation needs improvement in terms of the setup, getting enough detail, and getting that up to speed."
"The overall management plan could improve. If something happens with the VM on the vSphere side, the error codes are pretty weak. If there was a way to click on something within the UI that takes us to a support page or article, that would be very beneficial."
"This solution could be improved if it met all the requirements that we look for including supporting multiple operating systems. We would prefer to use one solution for DR and backup."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"It was a part of a backup solution. So, it was free for us."
"This is not a very cheap solution and compared to others, it is expensive."
"This is an expensive product."
"There is a license required for this solution and the pricing depends on how many virtual machines you have."
"Pricing-wise, it is pretty much fair for any customer who only has a VMware environment. Licensing is based on the number of VMs that you want to protect at any given point in time. Licensing is not based on size."
"The cost is not dirt cheap but also is not terrible."
"Pricing is adequate at the standard of the product, but there could be "always" some improvement. We would like to see a consumption model that would charge in a DR scenario, where you're failing over and consuming those resources, instead of a per-protected-node model."
"Zerto is reasonably price for the product that you're getting. We keep on buying more licenses, so it's a good price."
"Zerto is very cost-effective. We get really great value for the cost of the service."
"You are getting what you pay for, as this is a solution that requires minimal management after it is configured."
"Licensing is VM based so you can buy packages or single VM. Price is not low but the power of application is high, so you will get your money back."
"Price-wise, Zerto is fairly reasonable and I can't complain about it when we compare it against Oracle and SAP licensing."
"This solution is far less expensive than SRM and NetBackup."
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Comparison Review

it_user159711 - PeerSpot reviewer
Nov 9, 2014
VMware SRM vs. Veeam vs. Zerto
Disaster recovery planning is something that seems challenging for all businesses. Virtualization in addition to its operational flexibility, and cost reduction benefits, has helped companies improve their DR posture. Virtualization has made it easier to move machines from production to…

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What do you like most about Dell EMC RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines?
One of the standout features of Dell RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines is its real-time data protection capability.
What needs improvement with Dell EMC RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines?
While Dell RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines offers a solid solution for our local and remote data protection needs, there are a couple of areas that could be improved. The configuration process se...
What advice do you have for others considering Oracle Data Guard?
Ik fluister:VM Host Oracle en DataGuard hebben we per toeval vervangen door Zerto :-) tijdens de Zerto implementatie en VPG werden de Host Data in write-ack Block-Level gerepliceerd. Qua licentie 1...
What do you like most about Zerto?
The most valuable feature of Zerto for us is its DR capability.

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