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Ranking in Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP)
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User Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) (4th), Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) (14th), Threat Deception Platforms (3rd), Network Detection and Response (NDR) (4th), Extended Detection and Response (XDR) (9th), Ransomware Protection (5th)
Ranking in Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP)
Average Rating
Number of Reviews
Ranking in other categories
No ranking in other categories

Mindshare comparison

As of July 2024, in the Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) category, the mindshare of Cynet is 1.1%, up from 1.1% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of Malwarebytes is 1.8%, down from 2.2% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP)
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User Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)
Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)
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Featured Reviews

Mebbert Chiyangi - PeerSpot reviewer
Aug 29, 2023
Efficient endpoint protection features and highly stable and scalable solution
Our primary use case would be incident response Cynet has mostly helped with endpoint protection. Its ability to revert back from a previous state is quite notable. This feature is particularly valuable because, for maintaining integrity, it can inspect the socket for any firewall modifications.…
George Tsepelis - PeerSpot reviewer
Jul 19, 2023
A highly stable and easy-to-deploy product that keeps organizations safe
The product keeps our company safe Recently, a user tried to open an unsafe link, and Malwarebytes stopped them. They kept trying and trying, but they could not open it. Later, it turned out to be a fake Microsoft account. So far, we have faced no issues with the product. It is doing what it…

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"The dashboard is beautiful, overall easy of use, and the UBA and NBA features are valued."
"The level of automation is very good because the majority of the time, it blocks the attacks without requiring anything from our side. The technicians don't have to do anything. They are just alerted about what happened. So, the user intelligence works quite well."
"The interface is exceptionally clear and easy to understand."
"The most valuable aspect of this solution is that it is a complete solution, which makes cyber security very free and almost perfect. There is no such thing as perfect cyber security, but as far as it can go, sign it comes close to being perfect and holistic. Cynet is always comprehensive from the perspective of functionality, as well as from the standpoint that it encompasses not only technology but also processes and people. The triad of people, processes, and technology is crucial and should always be in place. To my knowledge, no other product or platform combines all three components into one, but Cynet does."
"The feature that I have found most valuable is that the configuration and the usage of the product are not so complicated. For people responsible for using this infrastructure for the first line of workstation monitoring, it's quite easy to use."
"A good feature is how the solution packages varied information into a single dashboard that's readable and meets our needs."
"We are protecting all our workstations."
"The initial setup is very fast and very easy."
"It gets the job done, and they are consistently updating it monthly."
"It allows us to have better knowledge of the way people use the tool and how we can improve their workflows."
"The most valuable features of Malwarebytes are the EDR and the complete feature set provided."
"The technical support services are good."
"Being able to carry out a full scan on your system."
"The most valuable features of Malwarebytes are the agents, user experience, efficiency of the findings, and MDR features."
"The product keeps our company safe."
"Malwarebytes is a comprehensive solution for keeping endpoints safe and secure from intruders, viruses, malware and so on."


"There are some shortcomings in Cynet's integration capabilities that need improvement."
"The reporting is a little weak and could be improved. The other downside is that Cynet does not use the local time zone. It's based off of Greenwich Mean Time."
"In terms of what could be improved, I would say the usability of this product for new threats. Meaning, not everything which is new is properly seen by the product and not all the required actions are taken."
"I cannot provide more details about Cynet's automation features. While Cynet claims to be automated, the specifics of this automation are unclear. They claim to have a high capability to detect and block attacks, but I am cautious about companies that claim to solve every problem without limitations. It does help in identifying malware on the network but doesn't specifically identify vulnerabilities."
"A support center in Asia is needed."
"It is an endpoint agent, but they don't have a probe for checking the network traffic. They could improve from this point of view."
"Most of their times are in Greenwich Mean Time. I would like to see more local time zones."
"Increased application for SOAR abilities across interconnected devices would be a welcome improvement."
"It's not good in search hunting."
"The product has major problems in almost every facet of setup and use including setup, configuration, lack of functionality, lack of stability, false positives, questionable reporting, inability to protect from randsomeware and poor technical support and development."
"The product's stability needs improvement."
"The online reporting needs to be improved. Currently, we have to look at it online, and if we want to download a report, it just downloads as an Excel file. It's just raw information. There needs to be some way to better display it when it's downloaded."
"The EPP solution lacks the sophisticated artificial intelligence required for automating reports and letting you know about things in real-time. It stops a suspicious activity in real-time, but it doesn't let you know in real-time. You have to look at a report, and then you find out that something is wrong. You have to manually kick off a scan. With the Advanced EDR solutions, Malwarebytes has the ability to alert you in real-time, but they still don't do automatic remediation or quarantining of devices. That is something that you still have to do manually. So, the endpoint protection piece, which is just like their basic endpoint protection, lacks AI. For the advanced detection and response piece, there is an add-on that comes with it, but it still doesn't go far enough in terms of automatic remediation of viruses. It won't separate that virus from your network if something happens. You have to manually go there and do it."
"Notifications are lacking."
"A solution must be installed in the main gateway to give an overview of the incoming and outgoing traffic. The technical support team's response time should be faster."
"I would like to see a little more detail in the log. So, when an event occurs, I'd like to know not just when it happened and on what device, but what activity was taking place on the machine at the time so that we can drill down. If we get a false positive, we have to do a lot of research and go back and forth with our end-users to know why it was a false positive. So, having a little more detail around detections and events would probably be my most asked feature."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"Cynet is very affordable."
"The pricing was good."
"The price is very competitive."
"It is extremely affordable. I'll give it a five out of five in terms of price. It was half the cost of the next closest competitor, and the competitor didn't provide SOC services."
"Our billing is on a quarterly basis, but they have monthly or annual billing availability."
"There is an extra cost if you want the support of Cynet."
"The price should not be less than $100 which is quite reasonable for this solution because you are getting multiple components."
"Cynet is cheaper than other solutions in the market."
"Its cost is around $60 a machine. The cost of the total solution for 250 people is about $8,500 a year. If we add EDR to it, it will bring that cost up to about $15,000. The cost for Carbon Black is about $25,000, which is $10,000 more, but you get all AI functions with it."
"The price of Malwarebytes is in the middle range compared to other vendors."
"It is really expensive. We've got between 30 and 40 licenses every year, and for the number of licenses that we have, we're finding that Malwarebytes on average costs between $900 and $1,000 more per year than comparable options. We're paying about $3,300 per year for these licenses. There are no additional costs beyond the standard licensing fee."
"I rate the tool's pricing a five out of ten."
"The licensing is per seat, with clients being a little less expensive than servers. If we need more licenses, we can accomplish that within a day. As Malwarebytes adds new features to their product, such as DNS filtering and a patching module, they want to charge us more even though we're a premium user, which isn't ideal."
"Yearly, it is around $50 per client."
"It is expensive."
"Its licensing is annual. There are no additional costs beyond the standard licensing fee."
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Questions from the Community

When evaluating User Activity Monitoring, what aspect do you think is the most important to look for?
The support team that stands behind the detection and response. Is there adequate expertise and are they behind you 24x7x365? Cynet CyOps has been there for us.
What do you like most about Cynet?
In terms of incident response, Cynet can contain attacks, offer a trial period to customers, and uninstall if not continued. The most valuable aspect is its integration capabilities, covering endpo...
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Cynet?
I don't have specific information about integration capabilities or licensing costs.
What do you like most about Malwarebytes?
Ten times a day, improved signatures will be downloaded, so it is very up-to-date in terms of malware experience.
What needs improvement with Malwarebytes?
The product could be improved in blocking malicious traffic, such as communication with known malicious IP addresses.



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792,694 professionals have used our research since 2012.