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Nov 11, 2019
We have seen substantial savings with its usage as it drives down our MTTR
The automated escalations are the most valuable feature. We program in our escalation chains for each individual IT group. Being able to go out and request a resource from that team, and if they don't respond, that automated escalation makes it very hands off. So, our major incident managers and our network operations center can focus more on the other work that they need to do rather than chasing down those resources. They can rest assured that somebody will be answering. Another valuable feature is the ease of integration into our ServiceNow platform, where we are doing all of our work between two teams. They are able to make requests from within the tickets that we can manage rather than having to use another portal or logging into Everbridge directly. Reliability is their biggest value.

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"The end result is that we have driven down our MTTR by an average of about 45 minutes across all major outages. That is very substantial considering the cost of every minute of outage can be thousands of dollars lost."
"They are one of the cheapest solutions on the market. We looked at all of the major competitors in the space. Everbridge was one of the most affordable for what they are offering."
"Everbridge IT Alerting is a cost-efficient solution."
"I do not know about the licensing costs, but I know they're in groups, and there are permission caps. For example, you can have five admin accounts, and anyone can receive a notification. There's a mobile component too, which I find particularly useful, but it has to be a part of the contract."
"We thought the base product was pretty reasonable. It can pricey once you start adding stuff on."
"The current pricing model is adequate. We feel that the pricing model for our IT Alerting solution is competitive with similar solutions on the market."
"It saves us a lot of time."
"Licensing cost is driven largely by the number of users in the platform including admins, group managers, and message senders, so you want to consider your needs there."
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What do you like most about Everbridge IT Alerting?
It's mainly for mass notification and pooling of contacts. Pooling of customers is valuable.
What needs improvement with Everbridge IT Alerting?
The solution's non-targeted communication with external parties could be enhanced.

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