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Dec 23, 2022
Everything is in one tool, improving visibility and integration
I like the automated calculations, especially on the resource side. When project managers enter their resource requirements into their staffing profiles, they are automatically translated into labor forecast calculations. PPM automates a significant portion of the forecast calculations. Timesheets are also built-in. We automatically process time sheets and bill them accordingly. PPM provides a consolidated view of our teams and their progress toward goals, which is essential. The bank has invested a considerable amount of funds into these projects. The executive committee must have an overview of the value that these projects bring to the banks. They need to ensure that each project is aligned with the bank's strategy and brings value to our customers, stakeholders, or employees. All the information decision-makers need can be found in PPM. We've integrated PPM data into other tools that provide real-time reporting to create dashboards. The audience for those dashboards is the executive committee. When they need to know what's happening, they have instant visibility. The bank uses information in PPM to decide on which initiatives to prioritize. PPM has several built-in dashboards, but we also build customized ones. I haven't worked with the Kanban feature, but we use the other portfolio views. It's helpful, especially now that we are driving the portfolio views. Each portfolio manager uses dashboards to manage the collection of projects in their portfolio. There are many dashboards available that I am still unfamiliar with because I don't use all of them. The portfolio structure was set up a long time ago, and PPM allows us to have a wide-lens view of our portfolios, and we can drill down into a specific portfolio and see all the objectives within it. And within each goal, we can also drill down to see particular initiatives that belong to the objective. The hierarchy is quite clear. We also have a portfolio to view financials. We have "theme backlogs," initiatives that have already been incorporated into the portfolio but are waiting for the funding to be approved. Theme backlogs have their own project information, including staffing profiles, financial summaries, and forecasts. Those are used in decision-making. There's a consistent quarterly review of these backlogs, and the executive committee uses the information inside those backlogs to decide which ones will proceed through to becoming actual themes. It's easy to integrate agile tools and synchronize the execution layer back into PPM. I work with the support team providing first-level support to all the bank users end to end. When we need changes or a new feature, we raise them within PPM. That's one customization we did. We submitted our internal change requests within PPM and worked closely with the Micro Focus partner vendor, which does much of the development. We assess which ones we can do, prioritize them, and they roll out the changes within a month or a few days for a minor change. We do a lot of enhancements. There are at least a couple every quarter. The partner vendor quickly deploys changes and new features. It's one of the features we could "sell" to the internal users of the tool. We tell them, "If you find something that you think would be useful that isn't in PPM yet, let us know, and we will place a change request." It's one of the most important features because our users are demanding. They want certain features. Micro Focus regularly rolls out significant upgrades and new features, but we don't necessarily use all of them. Our boss is satisfied with PPM, and I don't think the bank will replace it with another product soon. It is constantly evolving, and they have been responsive to our customers' feature and enhancement requests. They often come out with features we had never considered, but when they roll them out, we see how useful they are. That's one reason we are staying with PPM. It's adaptable. We're bringing in other departments and customizing it according to their requirements.

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"Support and license management are two hurdles for us. Every time we purchase new licenses, it has taken us half a year to implement those."
"We have an annual license, and it is fairly priced in comparison to that of other solutions."
"There is an additional cost for product support"
"HPE PPM SaaS model is comprehensive, however, the base fee component has customer resistance to its recurring setup,"
"Now, we also received an increase in the support license prices, without any advanced notice. At this point, switching to unify all our licensing under HPE and customer support has been poor."
"It is SaaS without a base fee."
"A large organization will find Micro Focus PPM affordable, but it may be a bit costly for a small or medium-sized company. The license is based on the number of users."
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What do you like most about Micro Focus Project and Portfolio Management (PPM)?
Micro Focus PPM is flexible and easy to use. It's simple to customize and configure workflows.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Micro Focus Project and Portfolio Management (PPM)?
A yearly subscription needs to be procured for the SaaS version of the product, and the on-prem version is available through perpetual licensing. There is an additional cost for product support, wh...

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