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Enterprise Content Management (4th), Digital Asset Management (2nd), Document Management Software (1st)
Ranking in Cloud Storage
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Mindshare comparison

As of July 2024, in the Cloud Storage category, the mindshare of Box is 12.5%, up from 4.5% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of Dropbox is 7.4%, down from 10.2% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
Cloud Storage
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Enterprise Content Management
Digital Asset Management
Content Collaboration Platforms

Q&A Highlights

Jul 09, 2014

Featured Reviews

it_user497307 - PeerSpot reviewer
May 29, 2017
We are able to monitor the usage of our users, get usage tips and achieve higher user satisfaction.
File sharing, authorization on the back, its ease of use and reliable uptime performance are valuable features of this solution. Better workflow automation. Get notification whenever new files are uploaded.Comments can be attached as to gain attention. Design is great as our users work seamlessly…
Dec 7, 2023
Provides good stability, but the data recovery feature for the free version needs improvement
I use Dropbox to store files and pictures The application helps free up storage space on my phone. I mostly have all the data in Dropbox. The product's most valuable feature is storage. The product's data recovery feature for the free version needs improvement. Once, I had lost all the data.…

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"I like that Box makes it easy to deploy virtual machines."
"The collaboration of the solution is good."
"Box is very user-friendly; more so than SharePoint."
"Box is extremely stable, they have not been hacked or lost any data in the past seventeen years. I am very impressed with it."
"The solution is used for data storage and any kind of visualization."
"It is a very user-friendly product."
"File sharing with collaborators not on the same domain with offline access from multiple devices: I work on many projects that are multi-organizational, such as with customers, suppliers, or acquisitions."
"The interface is very good."
"The security is very good."
"Simple to share files with others."
"The solution is reliable and user-friendly."
"The performance has been good."
"I think Dropbox is a good option for Windows users because it's easy to use in Windows and a user can access all other products and software."
"Dropbox is reliable, and I've never reached the storage limits."
"One of the most useful features of Dropbox is its ease of use."
"As the solution is cloud-based, installation is easy."


"In future releases, there could be encryption, to have better security."
"One thing that Box would benefit from is a records management component."
"I don't like the low level of role-based security it provides – it's very cumbersome, and the support is ordinary at times."
"Working on documents in real-time is sometimes faulty and could be improved."
"If you want to delete something in Box, you have to do it manually, one by one. That was my recent experience. They might have a bulk delete, but I could not find that option. If you want to delete something, you have to go to each and every file and delete it."
"Improvements in speed - Box's high level of security impacts performance, especially when compared with other similar services."
"Like all cloud platforms, there are always areas of improvement around sync to local devices."
"The search features and role permissions are not very user friendly. It only searches the first few pages of a document, which is quite a problem."
"There could be better integration with other solutions, such as Microsoft Office 365 for more collaboration. At the present time, it is more focused on its own internal systems."
"The product must provide users with the ability to edit and modify documents."
"The solution could provide more capacity for free."
"The storage is not large enough."
"The product must be more user-friendly."
"File version control can be improved. It generates a lot of conflicts when people are working on the same file. Its integration with other solutions can be improved in terms of user experience. Integration is there, and it has connectors for Excel, Word, and other solutions, but it is not very friendly. There should be a better user experience."
"It would be good if they could market themselves as a safe solution for corporates. Currently, most corporates don't see it as a safe area to share within."
"I'd rate the scalability maybe a seven out of ten. Once I stop paying, it is an issue."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"I believe Box is cheaper than SharePoint."
"My organization pays for the license."
"Box's pricing is excellent."
"There's a free version that allows you to use it with almost full-feature access. Even in the free version, it gives you all you need."
"The more you dig, the deeper the level of tools, and the more expensive it becomes."
"We are using the free version of the solution. There is a free version and monthly and yearly subscriptions available."
"Better sign a full year's contract to get a discount."
"I have to pay for Box. It could be a little cheaper. On a scale from one to ten, I would give the pricing a five."
"The subscription could be cheaper."
"Given the price and limitations, there are more competitive options available."
"We pay a monthly subscription fee."
"The solution is purchased on a subscription basis, and there are purchasing options. If you purchase annually there is a discount."
"I am on a monthly subscription for the solution and I am somewhat satisfied with the pricing. However, the price could a bit better."
"We are using the free version of Dropbox which has approximately two gigabytes of data capacity."
"Users need to pay to increase the solution's capacity."
"It has some free features, but for some of the features, you need to pay. If you need more storage, then you need to pay. Its licensing probably is on a monthly basis."
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Answers from the Community

Jul 9, 2014
Jul 9, 2014
Just an FYI...I found out this week that Microsoft with their OneDrive solution will be also encrypting files in storage and in transit, and if you have your email already in the cloud with Microsoft O365 you can get enormous amounts of data per user in each person's OneDrive...I probably can't say how much, but let's just say it's WAY more storage per user than you get with Box or Dropbox. I'...
2 out of 4 answers
it_user120363 - PeerSpot reviewer
Jun 17, 2014
If you’ve ever been frustrated by the desire to share your text files with a friend or business colleague, these two products will be a great boon. Both are free too. Both allow you to invite people to either view your files, or to share the editing. A great idea if you want to co-write a report for example. Both allow you to download the file, edit it, and then load it back up again. Or to edit offline on your PC using the synch option. Box (formerly key features: · Free storage – 10gb · File size limit – 250mb (free version) · Main users – business · Good online help · Works by you uploading files and folders, which you can then share. These can be synched with boxsynch – similar to Dropbox. Also free. · Secure storage · Not as intuitive to use (more like Google docs), due to endless security options · Great for more robust business usage · Looks very flash · Has a business version · Not so widely used (30m users) · Access from most phones, ipads, PCs and Macs. Dropbox key features · Free storage – 2GB (introduce your friends and this goes up) · File size limit – no limit · Main users – everyone · Little online help · Works by synchronising to a folder on your PC · Intuitive to use · A doddle to set up · Looks less flashy than Box, but improving · Secure storage (it is now!) · Great for simple file sharing · Has a business version · Very widely used (300m users) · Access from most phones, ipads, Kindle, Linux, PCs and Macs. If I were choosing now, I would almost certainly pick Box to work with, unless I wanted to share really large files (I don’t) or to run on Linux or a Kindle (don’t want to do this either). If all you want is a simple tool to share a few files, then I’d choose Dropbox. I’ve been using cloud based storage for many years now, but the earlier versions of Box, when it was, put me off, as they were flaky and cumbersome to use. Dropbox stole their thunder, made it really simple and hundreds of millions of users now use it. Both companies are working fast to capture users, especially business users. So watch this space, and watch Google docs too. Thank you, Jacqui
Jun 17, 2014
The biggest difference we saw when we looked at Box a few years ago was that Box encrypted stored files both in transit and at rest in storage. This is a deal breaker for most enterprises because most enterprise policies won't allow public storage (outside company data center) of employee or customer data without it being encrypted in order to protect that information. In addition to better security, box had much better administrator tools than dropbox at the time. More granular control, better tools for the security team to enforce policies, etc. As far as I know, this hasn't changed in the last few years. Box is the only player really putting forth the effort to offer a secure cloud storage platform that has the ease of use of consumer solutions, but secured for the enterprise. Microsoft doesn't have it. Dropbox doesn't have it. I'm not aware of anyone else focusing on this niche of the marketplace.

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Questions from the Community

What do you like most about Box?
The solution is used for data storage and any kind of visualization.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Box?
The solution is expensive when it comes to API calls.
What needs improvement with Box?
One drawback is its permissions system, which has caused issues prompting our transition to SharePoint. The reporting functionality could be improved; currently, they utilize Excel for reporting pu...
What do you like most about Dropbox?
For me, the biggest thing is version history. I can easily go back and view older versions.
What needs improvement with Dropbox?
Sometimes, the startup can be a bit slow, which is slightly irritating, but otherwise, I don't really struggle with it at all. So, the performance could be faster.



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