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As of June 2024, in the Release Automation category, the mindshare of Automic Continuous Delivery Automation is 0.6%, up from 0.4% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of UrbanCode Deploy is 3.3%, down from 6.0% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
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it_user779229 - PeerSpot reviewer
Nov 26, 2017
Reduces our time to market considerably with automated and consistent results
Our most important criteria when selecting a vendor are * the size of the vendor itself * how stable the company is * how long they have been in the market * what product suites they have that can help us achieve our goal at the end of the day. We look for partners, not vendors per se, that can help us implement our vision with us, and that's why we like Automic. I give it a good nine out of 10 at this time. The one piece that I think that could help leverage more of the tool is the scripting language barrier at this time. If that's not there, and some of the pieces that could be delivered faster, it might be adopted more out there in the market. I would suggest look at the complete offering that's out there. I would suggest: Prove it out first with the use case that you have. We were not shy in terms of running some proofs of concept with a couple of big vendors out there, and then making them make the case why their product suits our use case. And don't be shy to restart if there is something that you think is not going right, make sure you fix the problem before it gets too late.
Nov 7, 2022
A handy interface that includes buttons or drag-and-drop options for all functionality
Our company uses the solution for standard, blue-green, and complex deployments. We have 250 users throughout our company.  The solution handles complex deployments very efficiently.  The user interface includes buttons or drag-and-drop options for all functionality. It is easy to create component…

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"I would say our headwind, or our time to market, is reduced considerably. We get more consistent results out of it, because you write one time and once it's automated you expect it to behave the same way every time. And it cut down a lot of re-work for us."
"It gives us good feedback on visualizations and on how our processes have progressed."
"It is an umbrella system that allows us to integrate many different systems into our heterogeneous environment."
"Gives people insight into what's happening during the deployment."
"The product provides efficiency, in terms time, cost, and resources."
"The IT process automation is the most valuable aspect of this solution."
"The main benefit is you can deploy everything with it."
"We have saved on our time costs and have seen more quality."
"The stability is good. I haven't experienced any issues."
"The most valuable functionality is the ability to define the deployment process, schedule the deployment and automatically execute the deployments to different environments."
"It is very easy to make a software release. It used to take us at least a couple of hours to make a release, now we went to production with a new one last night. This new release took me five minutes."
"Stable solution that's good for automating the CI/CD pipeline: from development to production."
"The most valuable feature is the snapshot functionality, which allows us to access previous versions of the artifacts."
"The solution handles complex deployments very efficiently."


"Not a perfect ten because the user interface is brand new and it needs improvement."
"I would like to see more support for WebSphere."
"The stability of the solution can be improved."
"There is an issue with the stability in the tool. The process of agent will stop, then the monitoring agent can't be recognized because the process is running, but you can talk with the system."
"There needs to be better error handling and error descriptions. It should be more clear what the errors are and what we can do to fix them."
"key thing is support for cloud-based deployment. That is lacking."
"At the moment, the version that we are using (version 12.0), the environment is complex with multiple installations. Therefore, the monitoring is not scalable, but this should be improved in 12.1 and 12.2."
"If you have a technical problem and need development of the tool, the support team is terrible, because they cannot help with the technical details."
"I would like to see more reporting for container architecture."
"I would like to have the agent up and running at all times, as opposed to only while it is in the DevOps pipeline."
"I certainly would like to have a better way to pass information between deployment steps using UrbanCode Deploy because that's really difficult to do."
"The scalability of this application needs improvement. Changes and variations in the application become bottlenecks as they need to be more seamless and comfortable."
"The technical support of the solution could definitely be improved as PMRs take long to resolve."
"The interface allows access in a number of ways but that can be confusing."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"I can save time and money more quickly."
"Customers often complain about the price."
"If you have a fixed contract, it has limits to spreading out. If you have a flexible enterprise license contract, then you have a lot of scalability for this tool."
"We increased our quality and reduced our time costs."
"Considering COVID-19, the price is too high."
"The licensing fees for this solution are based on the number of servers that are being deployed and the number of agents that you have."
"The cost of the solution is high but it offers great ROI."
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What do you like most about UrbanCode Deploy?
The solution handles complex deployments very efficiently.
What needs improvement with UrbanCode Deploy?
The interface allows access in a number of ways but that can be confusing. For example, driving to your home from the office is easy when there are one or two routes. With twenty routes, there is s...
What is your primary use case for UrbanCode Deploy?
Our company uses the solution for standard, blue-green, and complex deployments. We have 250 users throughout our company.

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CA Continuous Delivery Automation, Automic Release Automation, Automic ONE Automation, UC4 Automation Platform

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BET365, Charter Communications, TASC
As policy, IBM does not release customer names on non-IBM web sites.  However, public DevOps and UrbanCode Deploy case studies can be found here. IBM's UrbanCode Deploy customers span Small-Medium Businesses to Fortune 500 companies across all industries worldwide.
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789,577 professionals have used our research since 2012.