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As of June 2024, in the Network Access Control (NAC) category, the mindshare of Aruba ClearPass is 23.4%, down from 28.5% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of Fortinet FortiNAC is 21.0%, up from 14.8% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
Network Access Control (NAC)
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Featured Reviews

Rana Shahid - PeerSpot reviewer
Feb 16, 2022
Good support, highly scalable, and helpful for tracking the complete user activity in the network
It is not easy, but it is also not complex. Anyone with some amount of implementation expertise can easily implement it. The number of people required depends on the requirement. If the requirement is not big and the customer is an SMB, then one or two implementation engineers are enough for implementation. If the customer is an enterprise customer with a big network, you might need more than two or three implementation engineers. The deployment duration depends on a client's assets. For a client with 400 or 500 assets, two to three weeks would be required. If the network is very big, it can take one month.
Bruno Moreira - PeerSpot reviewer
May 9, 2023
Easy to use and monitors the antivirus performance
Fortinet FortiNAC's documentation should be improved because there's not much debugging or troubleshooting documentation for the Fortinet FortiNAC. We had to open a ticket with Fortinet for an issue we faced on the FortiNAC. During this ticket handling, we were able to learn a lot of troubleshooting comments which are not properly documented. If it is documented, it's only internally on Fortinet, not as a public document. Fortinet FortiNAC must work around this and allow partners access to those troubleshooting documents. I would like to see a more refined way to customize the portals. We are not able to do a lot of customization on the Fortinet FortiNAC portals. We cannot change anything or create a title for the Fortinet FortiNAC portal as we can on other portals.

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"The interface is very easy to use and the workflow is quite straightforward."
"Authentication capabilities are one of the most valuable features."
"Gives us network access control, visibility, scalability, security, and control in what is becoming an uncontrollable, inundated BYOD and IoT world."
"ClearPass prevents hackers from accessing the network. No one can get inside without authentication. It provides a lot of features we are missing. It's incredibly powerful and stable."
"The solution is highly stable."
"The most valuable feature, I would say, is the cost-effectiveness of the solution when compared to others."
"The visibility and security features are most valuable. We get a clear view. It is a very secure product for educational institutions."
"The most valuable features of Aruba ClearPass are the authentication mechanisms and the integration with Active Directory(AD)."
"The interface is good and simple to use."
"The most valuable features are the ease of deployment and ease of use."
"All the features of Fortinet FortiNAC are valuable."
"The device fingerprinting feature allowed for easy creation and enforcement of access policies."
"Compliance checks are a good feature. Compliance check is for windows updates and for antivirus updates, etc."
"The most valuable features are usability and security."
"FortiNAC has enhanced our network visibility because FortiNAC monitors MAC addresses and other network devices, like Cisco, Catalyst, or HPE switches."
"Version 9.1 has been an improvement on previous versions. It's a good solution for SMB."


"There is room for improvement in the support."
"Instructions on adding layouts are not as clear as they could be.​"
"It should be clearer in the pre-sales stage that clear, documented, executive-supported InfoSec policy is the key to success."
"The scalability could improve."
"The technical support has some room for improvement. It takes them a long time to respond sometimes. I rate Aruba support six out of 10."
"ClearPass' interface could be more user-friendly."
"The platform's API integration could be better. Additionally, its pricing could be affordable."
"Licensing cost is extremely high."
"One of the biggest issues with Fortinet FortiNAC is that it is not intuitive and has a high learning curve."
"The training documentation needs to be more transparent."
"There could be better integration with legacy equipment. It integrates perfectly with all Fortinet solutions, but if you look at other third-party integrations—not on the networking part; but more on the security infrastructure part—it's more limited."
"Fortinet FortiNAC's price is expensive compared to other products."
"Classifications and visibility need to be improved a lot. They have to start work on being agentless. Agentless means they need to have strong integration with Windows."
"The solution's licensing price should be improved."
"Our users have been asking for simpler documentation and training materials to facilitate the deployment process."
"The GUI in Fortinet FortiNAC could improve."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"Licensing and pricing are extremely straightforward."
"The price of Aruba ClearPass is expensive. When you want to build redundant systems it can be seen as necessary, so the enterprise will manage all of those costs."
"We pay an annual licensing fee for Aruba and there are no additional costs."
"The starting price of Aruba ClearPass is 200k Hong Kong dollars. The licensing is based on the endpoints. For example, 100 - 500 end points."
"Run a 90 day free Proof of Concept (POC) for each product by implementing and using it fully in your environment. This way you will be educated on its features, functionality, and manageability.​"
"On a scale of one to ten, where one is cheap, and ten is too expensive, I rate the solution's pricing a six out of ten."
"The solution is costly."
"In terms of your fixed cost, it is much less than a lot of other solutions in the market. The initial cost is very high."
"The product itself is inexpensive, but the licensing is expensive."
"The price is fair and reasonable for our clients."
"FortiNAC's price has gone up in the last year. However, compared to other solutions, such as Cisco ISE, it is cheaper."
"I would rate the price of Fortinet FortiNAC seven out of ten with ten being the most expensive."
"Fortinet FortiNAC is reasonably priced."
"The pricing is similar to that of other solutions."
"It is a reasonable product."
"The solution is expensive. However, it is not as expensive as other solutions, such as Cisco ISE."
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Questions from the Community

Which is better - Aruba Clearpass or Cisco ISE?
Aruba ClearPass is a Network Access Control tool that gives secure network access to multiple device types. You can adapt the policies to VPN access, wired, or wireless access. You can securely ...
What is the biggest difference between Aruba ClearPass and FortiNAC?
I've done quite a lot of work with ClearPass, and not a lot with FortiNAC/Bradford. ClearPass incorporates a number of different functions including ClearPass Guest for creating complex wireless g...
What do you like most about Aruba ClearPass?
If you are looking at the base installation, then it was a very straightforward process, which I would rate an eight or nine out of ten.
How does Cisco ISE compare with Fortinet FortiNAC?
Cisco ISE uses AI endpoint analytics to identify new devices based on their behavior. It will also notify you if someone plugs in with a device that is not allowed and will block it. The user exper...
What do you like most about Fortinet FortiNAC?
The support responds to our queries within two to four hours.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Fortinet FortiNAC?
The product itself is inexpensive, but the licensing is expensive.

Also Known As

Avenda eTIPS
FortiNAC, Bradford Networks, Bradford Networks Sentry, Network Sentry Family



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Consulate Health Care, Los Angeles Unified School District, Science Applications International Corp (SAIC), San Diego State University, KFC, ACTS Retirement-Life Communities
Isavia, Pepperdine University, Medical University of South Carolina, Columbia University Medical Center, Utah Valley University
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