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As of July 2024, in the Network Access Control (NAC) category, the mindshare of Aruba ClearPass is 24.3%, down from 24.7% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of macmon Network Access Control is 2.1%, up from 1.5% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
Network Access Control (NAC)
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Aditya Buditama - PeerSpot reviewer
Jul 15, 2022
Has an access tracker that's helpful when you want to troubleshoot authentication failures
My company has eight hundred users of Aruba ClearPass in the IT security team, and about five or six people are required for the deployment and maintenance of the solution. Currently, my company doesn't have any plans of increasing usage for Aruba ClearPass because it's been scaled up three times more than the current need when it was first purchased, so the solution is only being used at about 30% of its maximum capacity. It could take another four or five years before my company increases its usage. Aruba ClearPass is a solution I would highly recommend to others looking into implementing it because, in my experience, it's really easy to manage. It has a low production cost, and even if the initial cost for the deployment is quite high, it becomes pretty cheap because you don't have to renew the license. If you need basic captive portal authentication, I would recommend Aruba ClearPass. I'm rating Aruba ClearPass nine out of ten. My company is a customer, not a partner of Aruba ClearPass.
Yusuf Oezeren - PeerSpot reviewer
Aug 15, 2023
A robust solution that provides protection to effectively control the access to your network
The single sign-on process can be improved and the interface should be made more user-friendly. The interface is user-friendly but, for example, when we have new people starting to work, they never work with NetOne and it is a bit hard to expand in certain places. In addition, when I have to pull the last corrected MAC address, I need to put the space between it in order to find the address. If I don't put it in there, I don't get any resources. This needs improvement. They should maybe add integration with LanSuite. We can include it to see the direct information we get from our LAN Tree. If I click on the MAC address, I will then directly get the hostname, and that will open a tap-in line so I see what the last update was.

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"I like the stability and the GUI, which is always improving."
"ClearPass is effortless to use and configure. It's not hard to learn the tool, and it has lots of features."
"It's very easy to access support and the documentation is self-explanatory."
"The most valuable thing about Aruba ClearPass is its ease of use. It has always been a very reliable and very stable policy management platform."
"What I like most about Aruba ClearPass is its access tracker that serves as its monitoring feature. The access tracker is really helpful when you want to troubleshoot authentication failures."
"The most valuable features of Aruba ClearPass are the GUI and its ease-to-do configuration. Additionally, we can troubleshoot many things in one window."
"The most valuable feature is flexibility as it supports solutions from multiple vendors."
"Aruba ClearPass's most valuable features are simple accessing, operating, and management. Additionally, the dashboard and performance work well."
"The API is a great way to get information from other tools."
"We use it with our Cisco switches so we can see which switch it is actually connected to."
"The ease of connecting with the client is valuable for me."


"It should be clearer in the pre-sales stage that clear, documented, executive-supported InfoSec policy is the key to success."
"If you look at the tool's deployment phase from a fine-tuning perspective, I feel it was very complex."
"ClearPass isn't hard to set up, but it takes a long time."
"The product's graphical user interface (GUI) could use an update and better integration between the guest management and policy management interfaces."
"After HP, their support is the worst."
"ClearPass' interface could be more user-friendly."
"One area for improvement would be the possibility of using social media providers for user authentication."
"The licensing model could be improved."
"The service macmon offers is already great."
"The single sign-on process can be improved and the interface should be made more user-friendly."
"The solution must allow users to filter files based on dates."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"Aruba ClearPass has permanent licenses. You purchase it one time and this license is yours. You don't need to refresh it for five years, et cetera. They have a couple of licenses for enabled features with not only one license."
"The solution has a licensing model."
"There are three types of licenses."
"It is affordable. In Lebanon, companies are small, and they do not have a big budget. They cannot invest a lot of money, and Aruba ClearPass is quite affordable for them."
"The product is quite expensive. I rate its pricing a seven out of ten."
"Licensing and pricing are extremely straightforward."
"In terms of your fixed cost, it is much less than a lot of other solutions in the market. The initial cost is very high."
"Compared to the functionality, the pricing is very favorable. It's affordable and provides good value for the money."
"The solution is not expensive."
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Questions from the Community

Which is better - Aruba Clearpass or Cisco ISE?
Aruba ClearPass is a Network Access Control tool that gives secure network access to multiple device types. You can adapt the policies to VPN access, wired, or wireless access. You can securely ...
What is the biggest difference between Aruba ClearPass and FortiNAC?
I've done quite a lot of work with ClearPass, and not a lot with FortiNAC/Bradford. ClearPass incorporates a number of different functions including ClearPass Guest for creating complex wireless g...
What do you like most about Aruba ClearPass?
If you are looking at the base installation, then it was a very straightforward process, which I would rate an eight or nine out of ten.
What do you like most about macmon Network Access Control?
The ease of connecting with the client is valuable for me.
What needs improvement with macmon Network Access Control?
There is no information on the protocol where the clients stop to authenticate. There are some policies, but I don't know whether the device stopped on the authentication or authorization levels. I...

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Avenda eTIPS
macmon NAC



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Consulate Health Care, Los Angeles Unified School District, Science Applications International Corp (SAIC), San Diego State University, KFC, ACTS Retirement-Life Communities
More than 1,500 installations in all over Europe in all industries: Stepchange, Volkswagen, Vivantes Healthcare, MBDA Weapons, APS engineering, Alfred Ritter GmbH (Ritter Sport), Haßberg-Kliniken, 1. FSV Mainz 05 eV., Siempelkamp, AEB etc.
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