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ActiveBatch by Redwood
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Process Automation (7th), Workload Automation (4th)
JSCAPE by Redwood
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As of June 2024, in the Managed File Transfer (MFT) category, the mindshare of ActiveBatch by Redwood is 1.9%, up from 1.5% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of JSCAPE by Redwood is 3.3%, up from 1.3% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
Managed File Transfer (MFT)
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Process Automation
Workload Automation
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Featured Reviews

Akshatha Ramesh - PeerSpot reviewer
Aug 22, 2023
Good centralized platform that is easy to use and offers good automation
As sales operations analysts, our main task is to deal with cumbersome data, forecasting, and sharing these cleaned data with our global partners. We clean these data and store it in consumable Excel files and then upload these to SQL servers which are in turn connected to visualization tools and…
Aug 29, 2023
Secure, user-friendly, and helpful when migrating files
JSCAPE has helped with migrating the files/documents in a secure and reliable manner. We can use multiple protocols across varied regional locations of the servers. Our project handles hundreds of servers hosted across the US and Asia-Pacific which were communicated via remote control and SSH…

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"We leverage the solution's native integrations regularly. We have to get files from a remote server outside the organization, and even send things outside the organization. We use a lot of its file manipulation and SFTP functionality for contacting remote servers."
"Error Handling is one of the best standout features of ActiveBatch."
"It has helped with scheduling complex jobs with simple scripts."
"The automation feature is a very valuable feature as the associates do not have to worry about performing repetitive tasks (i.e. endpoint security scans on a daily basis) that would take several hours to complete on a daily basis."
"As far as centralization goes it's nice because we can see all these processes that are tied to this larger process. The commissions, FTP processing, the reporting, the file moves to the business users — all that is right there. It's very easy to read. It's easy to tie it together, visually, and see where each of these steps fits into the bigger picture."
"ActiveBatch provides summary reports and logs for further analysis and improvements in monitoring servers, which is very handy."
"Approximately ~20 hours of manual effort have been reduced to ~5 hours with the help of ActiveBatch."
"What ActiveBatch allows you to do is develop a more efficient process. It gave me visibility into all my jobs so I could choose which jobs to run in parallel. This is much easier than when I have to try to do it through cron for Windows XP, where you really can't do things in parallel and know what is going on."
"One of the standout features of this particular tool is its automation capabilities."
"It offers audit trails and reporting tools, allowing users to track file transfers, monitor user activities, and produce regulatory compliance reports."
"The JSCAPE MFT Server offers support for diverse protocols such as FTP(S), SFTP, SCP, AFTP, OFTP, and TFPT."
"It helped in confidentially transferring files with a vast number of servers available with no external applications required."
"It is easy to transfer large sets of files."
"Automating and managing the file transfer using JSCAPE has decreased the manual interventions necessary and increased the organization's efficiency and productivity."
"The speed of transferring large datasets is super quick, which allows us to work on multiple tasks at a time."
"The user-friendly interface has made it easy for fresh users to adopt it."


"The user interface can be improved so that it is more appealing and accessible to new users."
"The thing I've noticed the most is the Help function. It's very difficult, at times, to find examples of how to do something. The Help function will explain what the tool does, but we're not a Windows shop at the data warehouse. Our data warehouse jobs actually run on Linux servers. Finding things for Linux-based solutions is not as easy as it is for Windows-based solutions. I would like to see more examples, and more non-Windows examples as well, in the Help."
"Some improvements can be made to the user interface."
"The product should be improved by providing a customization option."
"Setting up the software was hard."
"It does have a little bit of a learning curve because it is fairly complex. You have to learn how it does things. I don't know if it's any worse than any other tool would be, just because of the nature of what it does... the learning curve is the hardest part."
"As more organizations are moving towards a cloud-based infrastructure, ActiveBatch could incorporate more capabilities that support popular cloud platforms, such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud."
"I can't get the cleaning up of logs to work consistently. Right now, we are not setup correctly, and maybe it is something that I have not effectively communicated to them."
"The cost of the tool is relatively high and can pose a problem to medium and small-scale companies who are trying to overcome their on-premise server limitations."
"They could create an in-depth document so that any user with little to no background can implement this and use the software effectively."
"The initial setup is a bit hectic during the installation."
"The initial setup is time-consuming; it could use a video tutorial."
"The initial setup and configuration are time-consuming."
"The product's pricing needs improvement."
"Improving the error handling feature can help users to identify and resolve issues more quickly and efficiently."
"Database crashing was seen whenever there was an overload."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"If you compare ActiveBatch licensing to Control-M, you're looking at $50,000 as opposed to millions."
"It allows for lower operational overhead."
"The pricing was fair. There are additional costs for the plugins. We have the standard licensing fees for different pieces, then we have the plugins which were add-ons. However, we expected that."
"ActiveBatch is currently redesigning themselves. In the past, they were a low cost solution for automation. They had a nice tool that was very inexpensive. With their five-year plan, they will be more enhancement-driven, so they're trying to improve their software, customer service, and the way that their customers get information from them. In doing that, they're raising the price of their base system. They changed from one pricing model to another, which has caused some friction between ActiveBatch and us. We're working through that right now with them. That's one of the reasons why we're why we were evaluating other software packages."
"I like ActiveBatch Workload Automation's licensing model because they're not holding you down on an agentless model or agent model, where every server needs to have an agent. That's the main selling point of the solution and I hope they stay that way."
"I don't think we've ever had a problem with the pricing or licensing. Even the maintenance fees are very much in line. They are not excessive. I think for the support that you get, you get a good value for your money. It's the best value on the market."
"The price was fairly in line with other automation tools. I don't think it's exorbitantly expensive, relatively speaking."
"Currently, we are paying approximately $7,000 yearly, which includes support."
"The software is expensive compared to other vendors."
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Questions from the Community

What do you like most about ActiveBatch Workload Automation?
Managing the workload and monitoring the tasks were very difficult with manual interventions. Now, by using ActiveBatch, the process is automated and it runs tasks on a scheduled basis.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for ActiveBatch Workload Automation?
I'd advise users to start by knowing what the actual requirement is and thoroughly assess the automation needs. New users should take advantage of the demos and trial versions so they get an idea o...
What needs improvement with ActiveBatch Workload Automation?
After upgrades we are facing a few issues and errors triggered, so focusing on this would be appreciated. Some of the advanced features in the user interface are a bit confusing even after referrin...
What do you like most about JSCAPE?
The product's most valuable feature is the high availability clustering.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for JSCAPE?
The software is expensive compared to other vendors. I rate the pricing a seven out of ten.
What needs improvement with JSCAPE?
The product's pricing needs improvement.

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