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    Its initial setup process is relatively straightforward.The most valuable feature is the ability to create and assign rules and give access to particular users.
  2. The most valuable features are monitoring and the information provided from the customers' journey.
  3. If somebody is using a kind of Squish as a regression testing tool, froglogic Coco Code Coverage can be used in parallel because these two particular products can communicate with one another.
  4. This solution helps new developers get up to speed with the Autosar, Misra C and C++ standards quickly.This solution has improved our adherence to coding standards.
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Davina Becker - PeerSpot reviewer
Davina Becker
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Debugging software is complementary to the testing process. Using debugging software, software engineers and developers can proactively detect and remove errors or bugs in code, avoiding downtime or crashes. Fixing errors or bugs before they are released to the public is important for an organiza...
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