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Chintan-Vyas - PeerSpot reviewer
Easy to set up with good behavior-based analysis but needs a single-click recovery option
Most organizations are currently looking for a scheduled scan to meet their compliance needs. Other players like Symantec and Trend Micro, FireEye, et cetera, are still providing the signature-based regular scheduled scans also, which is not available in CrowdStrike. That is one parameter that we feel should be there in CrowdStrike. CrowdStrike is only working on the dynamic or the files under execution. CrowdStrike is not scanning the static files. The product could be more accurate in terms of performance. We'd like to have a single-click recovery option. With some machines getting corrupted by malware, we need an easy way to start with a blank slate if things happen. That one feature should be there in the EDR.
Dr. Merrick Watchorn - PeerSpot reviewer
Traceless online searches, stable, and scalable
There is a semantic oncology dynamic relationship between how the MIGR Tech framework needs more data infusion enrichment capabilities. To be clear, what the vendor is doing is of a high standard, and my only critique is that they need to make new enhancements. I am aware that the vendor is making a concerted effort to add additional information to their repository, and it is something they actively do. The vendor has publicly stated that they will work on this, and I always pay attention to make sure they adhere to that. This does not change over time. The export feature of the recording needs to stop being so restricted. When they record in order to save themselves by operations, I would expect that as a super user, if I asked to download the dataset I'm looking for, I would not be limited in my data downloads. One of the cool things is, let's say we do our entire research and we want to save all of the materials that were returned, and that special custom search that we made, we can export that into a CSV file. The problem is it gets restricted. So sometimes when I say it's restricted, we don't get all the data that we saw online. So then we have to go and manually search for the specific thing we're looking for. I would like to have the URI and whatever value set that I search off, and for the NLP package to not be stripped out. It's like saying I want to do a Pcap analysis. Don't strip out the Pcap when I asked to see Pcap. That's what they're doing. They do this for many different reasons. One of them is, imagine if everyone downloaded datasets that are very large and it brings the whole system down.
Eddie Drachenberg - PeerSpot reviewer
Provides peace of mind and is good at ingesting data and correlating
I do want to see Vigilance reach out with that Identity. I don't have Identity, however, it's a very good tool. There is another tool that I use called Purple Knight that does very similar things. I'd like to see adding Vigilance to the visibility of Identity. One thing I don't like is the exportable report. They're not as useful as I'd hoped they would be. I always feel like I have to finagle them a little bit before I can present them to the executive board. The reporting needs to be beefed up a bit more. Everything feels a little lacking. They're trying to keep it simple, yet it is a little oversimplified. I really wish it could be an app on my phone. If I could open up an app on my phone and get all the alerts or look at my environment and see the health real quick, that would be ideal. It doesn't have to be a full feature. I'd like the ability to have text alerts, for example, if something gets quarantined. The website, if you are trying to figure out what all the products are, it's kind of busy. I don't know what all the products are. The marketing is a little tough to follow.

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