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Which would you choose - Tableau or SAP Analytics Cloud?

And why?

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I got limited experience with both. My answer is simple, I would typically try to keep the number of touchpoints to a minimum. 

I assume you are already using SAP? If yes, select SAP Analytics Cloud. If you are not using SAP, Tableau would probably be a better option since it is implemented with a wide range of platforms.

If you already got SAP in-house, I would generate a comparison report, compare functionality, cost, investigate where your company got skills in use, support and administration.

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Tableau + SAP Analytics Cloud = Great Analytical Combination.

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It's not a fair comparison without context.

Tableau is by far the more popular and accomplished tool with very few organizations using SAC except for point solutions or embedded in one of the SAP applications.

SAC is cloud-only whereas Tableau is both on-premise (the majority of its base) and cloud.

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In terms of integration and deployment, Tableau has a better rating. 

Tableau could also handle larger data sets than SAP. I personally think that it is a much better tool in analyzing large data sets with complex cardinality. 

In terms of cost per user, SAP would be a better option for its capability.  

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Tableau will allow you to analyse data from all different data sources combined amongst them and allows you to use cloud or on-premises. 

SAP Analytics is more tailored to SAP and it's only for the cloud.

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