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11 months ago
In terms of integration and deployment, Tableau has a better rating.  Tableau could also handle larger data sets than SAP. I personally think that it is a much better tool in analyzing large data sets with complex cardinality.  In terms of cost per user, SAP would be a…
Over 1 year ago
One of the key difference is that BAM is designed to monitor performance measure in real time to see progression of processes as they happen. BAM does not monitor old statistic or historical data/information, which BI does. The intent is to be proactive in identifying issues…
Over 1 year ago
Most BPM software are designed to accommodate large enterprise.  I think the more important consideration is the primary need of your company, e.g  Data visualization, Data analysis, or spatial analysis, etc.  Many BPMs are flexible enough to incorporate all of this in one…



11 months ago
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