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Which EPP solution to choose for a university: Seqrite Endpoint Security vs Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection vs Kaspersky Endpoint Security?

Hello dear community,

My organization (a university with 500+ employees and ~5000 students) is looking for an endpoint security solution. Currently, we have Seqrite Endpoint Security, Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection and Kaspersky Endpoint Security on the table for our consideration. 

Which of these solutions would you recommend to choose and why? Please advise.

I appreciate your help!

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25 Answers

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author avatarEvgeny Belenky
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@Enayat Galsulkar why is this one and not one of the three mentioned by @Edwin Omondi Ambogo​?

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@Evgeny Belenky 
Go through 3rd party independent testing reports, MITRE attack reports. Understanding it is a challenge, then do a PoC, and then you will be able to judge it. 
S1 threat hunting capabilities, detection & protection is the real deal.

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@Enayat Galsulkar which 3rd parties would you normally use/recommend? thanks

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Hi @BobenGeorge, @Kirtikumar Patel ​and @Basil Dange? Do you have any professional insights to share with your peers?

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