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What project documents, artifacts and activities should be on Sharepoint, JIVE, or network drives?

We are trying to determine the best and safest locations for work products and activities (project and program management) across platforms. We realize not everything is a good fit for one platform (despite marketing). 


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Thank you all for your responses this really helps me out!!!

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From what I am reading I assume that you are looking for document management and project management.

There might be a few more questions that need answered or information given to consider what solution works best for you. What is your budget for the solution? What solution(s) are you using now? Are you or your company willing to migrate to a new solutions(s) or do you plan on using both? Do you have personnel that can install/maintain the new solution, plan on outsourcing, or choosing a hosted solution? How many users will be using the solution(s)? Do HIPPA compliances apply to your document strategy? Will the documents need to be accessed outside of the office or by external users? Will both Mac and PC clients need access?

Network drives are not considered document management nor can they provide project management. They provide nothing more than file security and storage.

I have no experience with JIVE, but SharePoint does allow for cross platform solution with awesome searching features and collaboration. Permissions can easily be set to both internal and external users and does meet HIPPA standards. SharePoint does have workflow capabilities that may apply to your activities or projects. With that said, it may n ot be the best solution to meet all your needs.

Workfront is a fantastic software solution for project and work management. I consult for a fortune 1000 company that uses this very successfully.

M-Files is a highly recommended document management solution. Infact a competitor of SharePoint. Plenty of comparrisons to them both from a quick google search.

Without any knowledge of your budget or what you are looking for more specificly it is hard to make a recommendation.

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I think the question was not where should it be placed ( SharePoint or Jive), but rather which artifacts should be placed where.

My recommendation:
a.) For document management, use SharePoint especially if majority of the files are on MS office. It has unique capabilities such as advance document enterprise search, content based workflow and up to AD level document security and compatibility with 3rd party digital content security software products.
b.) For project management, use SharePoint especially if you are also using MS Project to maximize interoperability and integration with AD accounts.
c.) SharePoint also has OneDrive for Business (like DropBox) incorporated, which offers up to some degree secured offline storage.

Hopefully, my answer made some sense and help your customer with their objective.

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SharePoint and JIVE can hold the same. Capabilities between these two are mainly in the self-help area but JIVE is also more expensive, Both are great for project documents and collaborative documents, Network drives has several drawbacks and will recommend cloud drives such as Google Drive or OneDrive over Network Drives.

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There can't be a single solution for all your collaboration needs. We found file share and sharepoint too cumbersome beyond a certain level of usage. A tool like JIVE (SourceForge) was used for all project related artifacts, which customers and vendors could access. Organization-wide information like bulletin board, news, policy documents could use SharePoint with its AD based security. File share is the least useful one considering that browser and not Explorer is the primary tool that connects computers for two decades.

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I think you need to think about this more conceptually and define an information architecture for your organisation. Having done that you will be able to map requirements for the various profiles of information and their associated characteristics to the various solutions you have to hand.

A short view based on what you currently have would be use Jive as a Broadcast and Collaboration Zone, Use SharePoint (or a replacement ECM) as a Working and Document zone and remove network drives in a planned schedule.

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In my opinion, I sometimes feel the environment makes the final call for what should be stored where. In our experience, we wanted to move everything to SharePoint so that we can benefit from search, workflow and forms. We ended up with the below scenarios:

Large Content (mostly marketing, training and stale content):
Stored on file shares / network drives

Projects, day to day working documents and information:
We have our own developed project portal on SharePoint used for projects and team sites with document libraries and lists for day to day work.

Content to be shared with external parties:
Looking at using SharePoint Online for sharing as Office 365 is already configured for this.

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I manage all 3 of the products that you mention (SharePoint, Jive, Shared drive) and would suggest SharePoint is the best solution for you. My reasoning:

- Share drives are great...at being share drives. If you're ONLY looking for a place to store documents with limited features this can solve your problem. However - Share drives aren't going to solve your ECM or even full project needs.

- Jive is a great tool for team based collaboration but even they will tell you it isn't meant as a document management platform. Also - being in the Healthcare industry you will need to be concerned about security at some level (HIPPA, ISO complicane, etc.) As soon as the need for a TPRA comes in Jive is out - won't pass for the needs of the Healthcare industry).

- SharePoint comes in 2 flavors - on prem such as SharePoint Server 2016 or Office 365's SharePoint Online. Here are some select advantages it has over the other 2 options:

- It does document management really well (although you need a team that knows how to architect and train)
- It is secure - Office 365 is ISO 27001 compliant.
- It has built in features such as Compliance center with out-of-the-box data loss prevention policies pre-built for the Healthcare industry.
- Integration with MS Office and MS Project Server (which may not be useful if you don't use that for project work).

Hope this helps!

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Please note that for the healthcare industry there is a standard called HIPAA that sets the requirements for storage and safety of information. If one of these platforms (Jive, SharePoint, Yammer ...) meets HIPAA than they are safe enough

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I would say NONE, they should all be in IBM Connections!

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SharePoint – Project documents that need to be collaborated and worked on together for quick updates and info sharing and tracking. Reports also to be stored for updating and tracking purposes.
Network shares – Documents that are not being used by all parties and can be kept per project or activity and restricted accordingly to parties involved – Security is easy
Bit of segregation but keeps things more structured instead of having everything in one place and making it a nightmare to find info.

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sharepoint should be used for sharing work documents that can be edited with in a project. personal information should be held on network drives and limited permissions given. JIVE should be used as a platform for inhouse HR and people management. For management to post info and staff to share and work together.

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I agree with Joe Friedrichsen: do not use network drives; use either SP or Social depending on the desired collaboration level. In addition to that, you may need to use a more robust ECM tool such as FileNet or OpenText to meet record management requirements.

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In my experience, there is not substantially difference about documents security if they are on some ESN or network drive: security gaps are about people, not technologies.
Particularly in healthcare, is important cryptography end-to-end, remote wipe all data from the outgoing employee's device, but also fine granularity control on information access, and total access of users's conversations for corporate policy retention and compliance.
It seems to me that none of these platforms is in line with these requirements, so I wonder if that is the right question.

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I would suggest anything with a firm backup / desktop syncing solution and versioning system. SharePoint and Connection do fit the requirements as does many other systems. If you have one of them for free because you have the rest of the suite then use that. Other than that all of these systems are bulky and require specialized skillsets to operate so choose your evil.

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By your question it would seem those are the only three options. I would rule out Network drives to start. Too hard to administer for people accessing it, and it's not indexed for searching. Like someone else said, you also need to be aware of your company policies on records management (HIPAA, etc). Both SharePoint and Jive can meet those requirements. So the next question is how social is your company or team. Jive is good if there will be collaboration on documents, real time updating, etc. SharePoint is better if you are looking for storage and reference locations.

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I would suggest a good Document Management System separate to Sharepoint that won't be affected if you upgrade or retire your MS solution.


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