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Issue with Parasoft SOAtest for web services testing. Can you help us?

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We use Parasoft SOAtest for web services testing. Recently we have migrated all our Parasoft projects from SVN Repository to GitHub. We are facing issues when tried to install GitHub URL into Parasoft. Due to this, we need to manually commit the code using Git Bash or Git Shell. And one more drawback is that Git Bash/Git Shell commits the entire branch (all the projects under that particular branch). This will be tedious since when two or more people are working and committing the code, all the changes made by one person will only be reflected.

We get the below error: 

"Unable to read repository at

Unable to read repository at is not a valid repository location."

Please let me know if anyone can help us regarding this issue.

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Hi Shehnaz

I'd recommend two things.

1) Make sure command line git is working as expected and you have connectivity to your repository from there. This will confirm git is working

2) Get the correct version of eGit for Eclipse
Make sure that you have the correct GIT version for the according Eclipse base of SOATest. I have failed many times ti get it working with the incorrect version.

You can match them up at

First go to the table named "What versions of Eclipse does EGit target?" to find the correct eGit version. Then find the corresponding "p2 repository URL" in the first table on that site.

If you work with the latest SOATest (9.9.4) you can get Eclipse Mars.2 from the Eclipse site and install the plugin for SOATest. This has eGit installed by default.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you need more help.



it_user459561 - PeerSpot reviewer

Hi I'm a Senior Solution Architect with Parasoft and I'm a resource for Comcast. Could you please contact me directly at From your description it sounds like you have a configuration issue.

it_user511842 - PeerSpot reviewer

Hi, I am trying to integrate git with SOATest but having issues. I've installed EGit but have no idea how to proceed further. I don't see any option to configure within SOATest. I am new to Eclipse IDE.

From the previous comments, I understand that I need the correct EGit version for the Eclipse. I am not sure what exactly is my Eclipse version. When I try finding it within SOATest I find many. Is it the Eclipse Platform? If so, it is 4.5.0.

Currently I have installed
SOATest Version: 9.9
GIT Version :
EGit Version: 4.5.0

Please let me know if I need to provide more information.


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At our customer we use Atlassian Stash in combination with the Eclipse plugin EGit.

It's important that you use the EGit version which matches with your Parasoft SOAtest Eclipse version.

This table shows you what versions of EGit works with Eclipse:

Here you can find the older releases of EGit:

We hope to replace Atlassian Stash with Atlassian Bitbucket soon, it should not cause any problems.


The Netherlands

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Problem statement is not clear. When are you getting this error? Are you able to install GITHUB in parasoft Eclipse.

If you have problem in installing GITHUB, please use below url in market place to install the github.

Then using team option you can update to git and retrieve the .tst file, problem here is only one can work and update one .tst file.
Else mirror the git copy in local and working local copy. copy the changes from working local copy to git local copy and update the changes to git server.

Not sure this is going to help you. Let me know if you need more inputs.

Note: Using preference update your credentials in Team option to get access to git server.

Try this one too,
Manually upload the project details in GitHub and try to access to parasoft SOA Test.

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