How does Meraki MX compare with Sophos XG?

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Nov 24, 2021

Meraki is designed for zero deployments and no in-house firewall specialist personnel. Best to secure Networks like remote offices, branches or home offices. Also to protect Internet Access (your computer accesses the internet). 

Sophos is more of a professional firewall, not only protecting internet access but also providing security for publishing services like web servers, data centers, central services. They will need a specialist to install and support them. Therefore offer much more sophisticated protection features.

So, you can't really compare these solutions as they are targeting different markets.

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Nov 23, 2021

Meraki MX is a small business product and lacks a lot of features compared to Sophos XG/XGS.

- IPsec IKEv2 does not work (it is in the menu, but does not work and can only be enabled by meraki support)

- no SSLVPN or IPsec VPN client. AnyConnect can only be tested with beta firmware.
 Cisco Client VPN (L2TP) is a total joke - not sure for who it is meant for?

- no user based firewall rules (for VPN)

- no firewall rule grouping

- no masquerade option for DNAT (sometimes it is very useful if I can do a DNAT with masquerade to another subnet)

- no VLAN tagging support on WAN port (would be usable for IPTV - solvable if WAN is bypassed through a managed switch)

- no multiple IP support on WAN port (Sophos has alias support on every interface, which means that multiple IP addresses can be added on the same LAN or WAN port)

- no LAG or LACP support (would be usable to connect aggregation switch to firewall to bypass more traffic through the MX)

- no DAC cable support for SFP port (why I do have to use optical cable to connect aswitch?)

- no custom IPS policies - only on/off button

- no e-mail protection option (Sophos has it with extra license)

- no web server protection (Sophos has it with extra license)

- no sandstorm option (most firewalls have it with extra license)

- hardware may probably too weak compared to the user count

- no BGP, OSPF routing

- no multiple VPN user groups and LDAP servers

Nov 23, 2021

Cisco mx64, for example, has 2 WANs, is very practical and simple for the two services, has a balancing for two internet services and bandwidth control (by groups and users).

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