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Which firewall to choose for an SMB to prevent malware damage: Cisco Firepower or Sophos XG?

Steve Chiyenda - PeerSpot reviewer
IT Supervisor at Blantyre Netting Company Limited

Hi peers,

A week ago I lost my data through the malware from which I failed to recover as the file got corrupted. 

Now, I want to work with a firewall and so am looking for suggestions on whether I should purchase Cisco Firepower or Sophos XG. Which one is a good match for an SMB? What would you recommend?

PeerSpot user
35 Answers

Mike Parsons - PeerSpot reviewer
Top 5Real User

My preference is the Sophos XGS, particularly when you team it up with the Sophos Endpoint Protection client and configure it for synchronized security.  

Both can be managed through Sophos Central and are available at a decent price for the power they offer the SMB.

Carlos Roberto Da Silva - PeerSpot reviewer

I recommend Sophos XGS firewall. It will offer the best solution for malware protection. 

Also, I recomend Sophos CIXA with XDR (Sophos Endpoint), so you can use Syncronized Security.

Bennett Gomonda - PeerSpot reviewer

I prefer Sophos. I find it easy to use and it has better features on malware and threat management.

Evgeny Belenky - PeerSpot reviewerEvgeny Belenky
Community Manager

@Bennett Gomonda thanks for your answer! 
How is it price-wise vs Cisco?
Also, how do you measure/compare malware protection and threat management features of the 2 products? 

Bennett Gomonda - PeerSpot reviewerBennett Gomonda

@Evgeny Belenky Cisco is too expensive. 
Sophos is easy to learn and also has a very user-friendly interface, and is beautiful.

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