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Does Signavio have the ability to create a custom report for push or create a content hierarchy?

I am a senior software engineer at a company with 10,000+ employees.

We are evaluating the following Signavio criteria in comparison to Aris BPM: 

  • Is it possible to create a custom report for push or create content hierarchy in Signavio just like with ARIS?
  • Upload reports taken from Excel and updating the same in Signavio Process Manager?
  • Output report to extract data in Excel?
  • Creating model links for publishing?

Thanks! I appreciate the help.

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Hello, so far most of the points you have reported are addressed here: https://documentation.signavio.com/suite/en-us/Content/process-manager/userguide/reporting-intro.htm

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You can export all process model attributes (including custom attributes) to Excel. For example, we set a process maturity attribute against our processes and then extract it against process sponsors and owners.

Selection and filtering are done in Excel, not in the reporting tool. There are quite a few standard reports as well. You can import data to the repository for use in process attributes (standard or custom) - we did this with our process roles. You could do it with any other layer of your business or technical architecture.

You can create process links for both vertical drop-down and lateral links between processes which end users can navigate. Also, you can hide or show attributes and custom attributes for different user groups who browse the published architecture.

I don't understand what is meant by "...create a custom report for push..." Perhaps you mean schedule reports for automatic dissemination? If so, no you can't do that. However, I'm aware that an API can be purchased that will likely allow you to do much more in the way of integration and automation but we don't have that.

I hope this helps.

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