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Which are better - Ubiquiti UniFi switches or MikroTik routers and switches?


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Each one has its pros and cons, I consider that mikrotik start with router and grows to switch and in the case of unifi start with Switch and grows to Router.in our case we use Mikrotik router with switch unifi . Mikrotik is very complete as a router/firewall and unifi has a friendly interface for switch configurations

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Analyzing the two hardware, Mikrotik has the advantage of its anticipation. 

He was one of the first to create a simple interface, making it more complex for those users who required more power to control their equipment. 

Although UBNT has grown as a brand, its power is based on the unification of products and not a specific one. For me that simple reason, they make Mikrotik a rank higher than UBNT.

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