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We performed a comparison between One Identity Safeguard and WALLIX Bastion based on real PeerSpot user reviews.

Find out in this report how the two Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions compare in terms of features, pricing, service and support, easy of deployment, and ROI.
To learn more, read our detailed One Identity Safeguard vs. WALLIX Bastion Report (Updated: May 2024).
771,212 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use.
Here are some excerpts of what they said:
"The extensible framework for authentication is one of the most valuable features. We use an MFA plug-in and a lot of different factors, depending on what the business use-cases are. And of course, the auditing functionality is also valuable.""The identity discovery is good, and the performance is pretty good value.""We use the solution’s “transparent mode” feature for privileged sessions. It is very easy because it is only a simple configuration for our users. We don't have to modify our network. We install it, configure it, and it works. So, it is super easy. The rollout for our users is seamless.""The initial setup is very easy.""It is easy to manage. There is a very logical, clear user interface. Also, the integration of scripts is thoughtfully implemented. Overall, it's a nice product to manage.""It's a good solution for managing identities under OneFile for authorization.""I have found the most useful feature of One Identity Safeguard to be Privileged Sessions.""The transparent mode for privileged sessions is a very good solution."

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"Its video recording capabilities have definitely been key for us.""The support is great. They offer 24/7 support, but the specific level of support depends on your subscription. There's a weekday-only option, and a 24/7 option that covers all days of the week. They also have offices in different regions, including West Africa, so people there can easily get support. There's no need to worry about getting assistance.""WALLIX Bastion's most valuable feature is the Access Manager because you can use it and access the data center without any client VPN.""I like that it's Linux-based, and you don't need to have separate implementations, extra database licenses, or enterprise licenses. I think because it's Linux-based, it's more seamless than Windows. I also like the access manager, which I think is a super tool. Everything is browser-based, and you don't need a VPN. So, that's a great thing.""The solution's technical support team is helpful.""We use WALLIX Bastion to provide access and to monitor sessions.""The interface is very simple. It doesn't need any plug-ins, just browsers that are installed at the beginning."

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"We've had issues managing accounts and access to some data saved on the servers. Accounts are granted a new working certificate daily. We have an account to do it on APIs online and sync it with that. If the path changes at some point or someone changes the password, I don't know if it's from the Active Directory or what.""When we compare One Identity Safeguard with Cyberark, we know CyberArk has other tools or other features that are more complex and more useful for the customers. For example, I have one customer that wants to elevate the permission that is available in CyberArk.""For some users, the physical appliance has been a bit buggy.""Some of the out-of-the-box reporting isn't that rich. We spoke to our Safeguard reps who have acknowledged that some of the reporting features can certainly be improved and that we're not the only customer who has cited this. There are very little out-of-the-box reporting capabilities. You have to build the queries and the report. I believe in the next release they're going to be addressing this.""The main point regarding the user experience is that Safeguard has two separate management consoles.""We would like to be able to generate certificate signing requests (CSRs) from the interface for certificates.""We have issues using Safeguard to connect to and record from the cloud. Currently, they don't have a mechanism to record this type of connection.""On a scale of one to ten, the stability is an eight."

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"The product doesn't have behavior analytics. They promised to develop this, but only for the cloud, not for on-premise versions.""The performance of WALLIX Bastion's password manager is very low.""It would be better if I could manage multiple accounts in one place, like CyberArk. With WALLIX, you can only manage one account, and you are given a separate category. You have to click on each connection to do anything. For example, CyberArk might give three options for one connection if you want to have an interactive user-level experience. But with WALLIX, you have to click three times to get that access. Also, the biggest disadvantage of WALLIX is the reporting. I feel like it's very weak in reporting when compared to the other solutions. As a solution, they're good and stable. But they need to make their reports neater and better. Right now, we're going to the console and then pressing buttons every single time.""The password management needs improvement. Management of Access Manager should be improved as well.""For me, the main issue has to do with the system performance itself.""Based on my experience as a sales tech person, one area of improvement could be a more unified licensing model.""WALLIX Bastion is GUI-driven, but it sometimes needs some management.""There could be more automation features for the solution."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
  • "Setup cost, pricing and licensing are all very expensive."
  • "Our licensing costs are on a yearly basis."
  • "It was definitely cheaper than the other two products that we evaluated."
  • "They offer a fair price for a robust solution."
  • "The full license is expensive but if you plan to use it in a big organization then it is the best option because it is more flexible."
  • "It is a bit on the pricey side, but you get what you pay for. You don't want to get anything too cheap because then you get cheap stuff and cheap support. That really never helps anybody."
  • "The pricing is about $80,000 per 100 servers. There are few elective costs."
  • "We have a yearly license. The cost depends on how much a company wants to invest in technology. In our organization, we believe in modern digitization and automation processes so we found it affordable. One Identity was not that much less than other solutions and it is not a cheap solution. There were number of cheaper solutions. However, it's the most effective, according to our evaluation."
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  • "The solution's price is mid-ranged."
  • "Some extra price needs to be paid for license."
  • "The solution's pricing is comparable to that of other products."
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    Questions from the Community
    Top Answer:The identity discovery is good, and the performance is pretty good value.
    Top Answer:They have comparable pricing. All identity products are essentially priced in a similar way. It's a per-user base. Usually, they start at one price, and when you start pricing the competition, you… more »
    Top Answer:Something for One Identity to look at is having integration guidelines for how to logically group accounts. This is always something you need people to do. It would be especially helpful when you have… more »
    Top Answer:The support is great. They offer 24/7 support, but the specific level of support depends on your subscription. There's a weekday-only option, and a 24/7 option that covers all days of the week. They… more »
    Top Answer:Customers pay for the license. The solution is cost-effective for licensing. There are two types of licensing for Bastion. You can subscribe based on assets or users. If you choose asset licensing… more »
    Top Answer:Based on my experience as a sales tech person, one area of improvement could be a more unified licensing model. For example, if you look at BeyondTrust, their licensing is more straightforward. They… more »
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    One Identity Safeguard manages and monitors privileged access, enhancing security with features like automatic session recording, real-time monitoring, and credential rotation. It integrates seamlessly, supports compliance with audit trails, and improves operational efficiency across organizations. This robust platform significantly bolsters security protocols while controlling sensitive operations.

    WALLIX offers cybersecurity and privileged access management solutions that secure and protect your most critical IT assets.

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    Buyer's Guide
    One Identity Safeguard vs. WALLIX Bastion
    May 2024
    Find out what your peers are saying about One Identity Safeguard vs. WALLIX Bastion and other solutions. Updated: May 2024.
    771,212 professionals have used our research since 2012.

    One Identity Safeguard is ranked 4th in Privileged Access Management (PAM) with 38 reviews while WALLIX Bastion is ranked 9th in Privileged Access Management (PAM) with 8 reviews. One Identity Safeguard is rated 8.2, while WALLIX Bastion is rated 7.8. The top reviewer of One Identity Safeguard writes "Provides us with centralized storage of secrets and credentials, and visibility into the use of privileged access". On the other hand, the top reviewer of WALLIX Bastion writes "Used to provide access and to monitor sessions". One Identity Safeguard is most compared with CyberArk Privileged Access Manager, Delinea Secret Server, BeyondTrust Privileged Remote Access, Fudo PAM and ObserveIT, whereas WALLIX Bastion is most compared with CyberArk Privileged Access Manager, BeyondTrust Privileged Remote Access, Fudo PAM, Delinea Secret Server and Teleport. See our One Identity Safeguard vs. WALLIX Bastion report.

    See our list of best Privileged Access Management (PAM) vendors.

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