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Jul 2, 2023
Provides multifactor authentication and improves overall security
We find it very helpful for multifactor authentication and other purposes. It has improved our overall security and usage. We use it effectively with Safeguard and Windows Server. For Safeguard, it serves as a second-factor authentication when logging in to Safeguard for Privileged Password or Safeguard for Privileged session. The user enters their credentials and then receives a token on their observed soft token on Android or Total Connect Windows, which they can use. It's also used when a user needs to use RDP on a machine. After entering the password, they need to enter the Defender token. Moreover, it was easy to integrate these solutions. They work very well together. We haven't had any problems.
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Questions from the Community

What do you like most about One Identity Defender?
It's very fast, and it's easy to use because it's integrated with Active Directory.
What needs improvement with One Identity Defender?
Maybe it could provide support for more web applications. It would be useful to focus on other web applications. For example, if an application needs to be installed on an iOS server and it's not, ...
What is your primary use case for One Identity Defender?
Our primary use cases include functions such as role-based access control, user registration, and integration with other systems. We use it to improve the security of our web applications. Addition...
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