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Apr 26, 2023
Good data management with useful backup and storage capabilities
Tidal Automation actually helps a lot to improve overall SLA breaching (in percentage). We can easily maintain the incidents in SLA as it was triggering alerts. It allowed us to see the priorities so that the team could easily work on those alerts in a timely fashion. Also, server data visualization is much easier and helps to identify the capability and extended the resources to help scale up the project accordingly. This scaling was possible thanks to the Tidal Automation tool. It makes work easy and fast. There is no need to add more engineers to each shift. In the end, fewer resources could handle things with Tidal.

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"The solution’s licensing model in terms of its flexibility and transparency regarding costs is pretty good. A person can buy the license, and if you decide to stop support, you can do that but still have the product. So, it's not like you're paying constantly to keep that license alive. Certainly, you want to keep support going too. Once you buy it, you own it. It's not like I have to keep paying somebody to keep using it."
"We think the pricing is very fair. We have been happy with the pricing compared to some of the other solutions in the space."
"This solution is a bit expensive in the current world where everybody is trying to cut down on certain things."
"There are project, system, and server costs. Some of the things that they are doing is introducing new products. They are introducing what they call their Repository, which is a way for you to move a job. That doesn't cost anything to us, because it is reusing a tool called Transporter. The repository is the successor to Transporter, so we already own it and are sort of grandfathered in. But that new product requires a server and database, so now we have to go out and get a server and database. So, there is a cost there."
"We are satisfied with the pricing of Tidal. It's in the moderate range and it feels very achievable for us."
"The solution enables admins and users to see the information relevant to them, but this is bundled as an add-on that we would have to pay for."
"We've been able to purchase more adapters because the cost of the product has been very reasonable."
"We pay maintenance annually through Blue House of about $9,000. That's for our two environments: production and test."
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What do you like most about Tidal Automation?
Tidal Automation by Redwood is a user-friendly solution.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Tidal Automation?
The price is reasonable in terms of the product’s functionality.
What needs improvement with Tidal Automation?
Initially, it is complicated to understand the functionalities as there is limited product documentation. The setup and configuration of the software is a bit complicated. Providing the training vi...

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Tidal Workload Automation, Cisco Workload Automation, Tidal Enterprise Scheduler

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