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IBM Rational System Architect vs Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect comparison

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"The solution is pretty stable."

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"Ability to keep inventory of reusable blocks, and use in different diagrams with views of various templates.""Its ease of use and the breadth of the toolkit are most valuable. It has an incredible repository of artifacts to work with, and they're all cross-referenced. It works with a whole bunch of different standards. It works with BPMN, which is Business Process Modeling Notation, and it also works with something called TOGAF, which is the Open Group Architecture Foundation. There are different layers when you're dealing with architecture. There is the user interface, application, data, data servers, and all that kind of stuff. You have the infrastructure, hardware, and software layers, and then you have the application and business capability layers. You can model a business process and decompose it into all of the applications, data, and hardware to support it.""There are a lot of features in Enterprise Architect. It allows us to take on a lot of tasks.""The TOGAF ADM model is most valuable. It is also very cheap as compared to other options in the market.""A feature I like most about Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect is its ease of use.""The profiles and ready-made templates are an extremely helpful feature. This is one of the biggest features that I find very useful in Sparx.""It is an EA tool that is approved by Open Group. It is in the tool register of Open Group.""This is a useful tool for IT people who need to design their solution architecture."

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"The solution needs to better integrate with other products, like Microsoft."

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"The Business Process Modeling or BPM feature can be improved to make it more interactive and user friendly because it is a tool for technical people. My current use is only for business process modeling notation and putting in the icons etc. You need to take them in as a class, which makes things very complex. Because of this complexity, it is not an easy-to-handle solution. Enterprise Architect is not very good for mockups. We cannot create user screens and other similar kinds of stuff, which is bad. For these things, we prefer to use Axure RP and other similar solutions. They should either remove this feature from this product or provide some kind of connectivity with Axure RP so that people can do better mockups of screens and import them. They need to augment and strengthen the BPM feature, which is the main feature. They need to put in some elements like artificial intelligence and augmented reality. They should look into such features because these things are coming up.""I would like it to be less of a general tool. Currently, it is not a Swiss army knife that can do everything. It is not specialized for our purposes. We are a civil engineering company. We build things. We work mostly in what is known as Infra world in the Netherlands, which comprises objects such as bridges, locks, and water management. We would like to see more focus on such types of projects. It would be nice if it has more specializations. At the moment, it is very generic, and you have to create everything yourself. Our focus is more on user requirement management, which is currently very basic. I would like to see a lot more functionality in this area. Its basic functions for adding user requirements are perfect, but we need more features. Currently, it has limited possibilities for our requirements. I would also like to see better contract management and have it managed in a certain way.""The documentation could be better. Where I work, we speak French and we don't speak English, so we don't have anything in French. It's perfect in English, but we need something in French.""I would like to see integration with Confluence or any other TRM, and the capability to integrate with the data storage, such as a repository similar to GitHub.""When collaborating with other people, it needs to be more user-friendly.""There should be a MATLAB-specific toolbox added to the solution with better compatibility. The connections currently are good but in the future, it needs a huge improvement.""The UI could be improved and made a little bit more presentable.""Even if there are web-based tools in the Enterprise Architecture tool ecosystem (like Prolaborate), the main modeling application is still a fat client application."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
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  • "The licensing is not as expensive as some of the other data modeling tools such as Erwin."
  • "Its price is very good for the value that you get with it."
  • "They have the price on their site for the enterprise version, and we do receive a small discount."
  • "The licence has a costly upfront fee which gets you access. You have to pay an annual maintenance fee, which is less."
  • "It is cheaper than other solutions. Its cost is around $686 per year. There are no costs in addition to the standard licensing fees."
  • "We have an annual license, and it's very affordable."
  • "I think our license costs roughly $1,000 a year, but I could be wrong."
  • "There is a license for this solution. When comparing this solution to others it is priced well."
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    566,121 professionals have used our research since 2012.
    Questions from the Community
    Top Answer: 
    Hi Bruce, Could definitely help you if you were using QualiWare as an EA toolset. We have a direct conversion routine that brings everything across (diagram geography, objects, relationships, all… more »
    Top Answer: 
    Hello, @Suresh Thota and @Andrew Wykurz. Based on your expertise, ​​possibly you can assist @Yassin Osman in answering this question?
    Top Answer: 
    It is a useful tool for modeling and testing automated processes.
    Top Answer: 
    We purchased it once off for 1200 euros. If we want to build integrations with other systems such as Word or SharePoint, we would need to pay approximately 300 euros for this.
    Top Answer: 
    It would be beneficial to incorporate features like document management usage of video models or PowerPoint visuals that you can import and easily use, instead of having to buy extended modules. When… more »
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    IBM Rational System Architect is an enterprise architecture solution for visualizing, analyzing, and communicating enterprise architecture and business process analysis. This solution provides decision support, process optimization, and integration into solution delivery. Rational System Architect addresses all aspects of your organization's enterprise architecture, including modeling, publishing, analysis, and execution.

    Sparx Enterprise Architect is a platform that accelerates and integrates software, business and systems development. Twice winner of Jolt and multiple SD Times Awards with an installed base of 580,000 + licenses, supported by 230 partners in 160 countries. From requirements to implementation and beyond, Sparx Systems' Enterprise Architect is a fully featured tool suite that lets you model, design, simulate, prototype, build, test, manage and trace from vision to solution.

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    Find out what your peers are saying about Sparx Systems, erwin, Inc., Planview and others in Architecture Management. Updated: January 2022.
    566,121 professionals have used our research since 2012.

    IBM Rational System Architect is ranked 11th in Architecture Management with 1 review while Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect is ranked 1st in Architecture Management with 36 reviews. IBM Rational System Architect is rated 8.0, while Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect is rated 8.0. The top reviewer of IBM Rational System Architect writes "Stable with good customization of the meta-model and good reporting". On the other hand, the top reviewer of Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect writes "Great pricing with an easy initial setup and a comprehensive toolkit". IBM Rational System Architect is most compared with ARIS BPA, UNICOM System Architect, SAP PowerDesigner, erwin Evolve and MEGA HOPEX, whereas Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect is most compared with Visual Paradigm, No Magic MagicDraw, Visio, ARIS BPA and iServer.

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