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We performed a comparison between HubStor and Metallic based on real PeerSpot user reviews.

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  • "It is not the cheapest solution. I think the pricing is fair for mid-side customers. It is between all the other options."
  • "Hands down, Metallic provides us with more predictable costs for our backup requirements. You are getting what you pay for. If they are charging you X amount of dollars at that point, that is what you are going to pay. So far, I have not seen any hidden costs or any kind of gotchas. It is pretty cut-and-dry. They will let you know, "Hey, you are going to use our storage and it will cost you this much. You are going to use your storage, then we are going to charge you this much to backup.""
  • "We like that there is no extra cost for SharePoint, Teams, or OneDrive. It is all mimicking Microsoft's model. Every user has one terabyte of space. When users start using OneDrive, everybody has one terabyte that will be backed up included in the price."
  • "Metallic is an affordable solution."
  • "The solution is licensed based on the number of objects that we're going to back up, and that's a known quantity. As a result, we get predictable costs for our backup requirements."
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    657,849 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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    Top Answer:Integration with Active Directory and the Azure platform make it a complete solution.
    Top Answer:I looked at this at the beginning of the year and I don't remember what the prices were for all the other services, but I thought that Metallic's was fair. It was also highly rated, which was even… more »
    Top Answer:There is room for improvement in the Knowledge Base and error reporting. I would like to see best practices in the Knowledge Base, and have the ability to diagnose errors without contacting support.
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    HubStor is a SaaS cloud data platform that unifies backup and archive as a service, helping organizations protect their data, simplify their IT infrastructure, and achieve compliance. HubStor uniquely converges data protection, archival, cloud storage, and content indexing as a simple and reliable software service running in any major cloud region around the world.

    Metallic is an integral component of Commvault’s robust Intelligent Data Services Platform. Metallic allows enterprise organizations to preemptively clarify and easily administer the intricacies of enterprise data. Metallic is a flexible, durable SaaS product that integrates effectively with most of today’s popular solutions, such as Microsoft, Google, AWS, Oracle, Splunk, VMware, and more. Metallic is very user-friendly; users do not have to be tech-savvy to use this solution, and is very cost-effective. Metallic offers automatic upgrades, super-easy deployments, no hardware costs, and very flexible subscription options. Metallic successfully achieves enterprise-grade cutting-edge data protection made effortless as a SaaS solution.

    Metallic Features

    • Excellent Coverage: Metallic offers complete coverage across on-premises, cloud, and SaaS/BaaS workflows.

    • Flexibility: Recovery is super flexible with granular search and restore options (out-of-place and point-in-time)
    • Scalability: Seamlessly scale from 1TB to 10k+TB

    • Easy Deployment: Metallic offers quick and easy deployment; the solution can be working effectively in minutes.

    • Cost-effective: Metallic is a SaaS solution; there are no infrastructure, hardware, or network costs. Zero capital investment is needed and it is maintenance-free.

    • Security: Full visibility and immediate insights regarding any potential at-risk files, suspicious activity, and any other anomalous behaviors.

    • Data Backups: Metallic offers daily seamless automated backups and also provides data isolation for highly available air-gapped immutable backups.

    Metallic also provides excellent backup for Microsoft 365, Vmware, and Kubernetes in addition to endpoint and object and file backup. Metallic can act effectively as a BaaS for cloud environments, protecting Azure VM, VMware, Kubernetes, and more. Metallic has the capability to guard against deletion and corruption across all of Microsoft 365. Metallic also provides an excellent endpoint and object and file backup to maintain speed, productivity, and performance to keep an organization's network running smoothly.

    Reviews from Real Users

    Nav., ICT Consultant at U.K. Local Government, shares, "Restoring is very fast. In testing, I did a restore for a single item from a mailbox. Within a minute, I had the message back in my mailbox. So, it didn't take hours or days. Obviously, there will be a limit. If we suddenly go into DR and have to restore five terabytes of emails for people, then it will take a couple of days, which would be acceptable. For general usage, where we have to do the odd restore, we have never had issues. It happens within minutes."

    Modi S., VP of Technologies at MindU, relates, “Quick backups and restores of data are the most valuable features. It is important that it is an easy solution to integrate with the SAML authentication of the tenant, so we can have the users log into the systems and do their own restores if needed. Metallic's backup & granular recovery of data for Office 365 works great. We have tested it many times for production reasons. We have done some tests and have always managed to do the recovery as we wanted and without any issues.

    Jeffrey D., Systems Team Supervisor at the State of Nevada, tells us, "It is just about as flexible as you can get; simple. You can put it anywhere you want. You can put it on-prem or in your cloud. I could see where a team that's looking for more of a follow the bouncy ball type of solution might get a little confused. "Oh, no. What do you mean I might have to do it this way or I can't do it that way?" Sometimes, people just want to be told what to do. For an enterprise environment, like we are at NDOT, everything we do is not standard. It is not industry standard; it is not normal. We have all kinds of one-offs. We do need flexibility in the solutions that we get. I will say that Metallic has been extremely flexible in that sense, where we are able to follow the bouncy ball if we wanted to. Obviously, we didn't. We did it our way and Metallic, as a whole solution, provided that to us with no issues."

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    Buyer's Guide
    SaaS Backup
    November 2022
    Find out what your peers are saying about Metallic, Druva, Veritas and others in SaaS Backup. Updated: November 2022.
    657,849 professionals have used our research since 2012.

    HubStor is ranked 15th in SaaS Backup while Metallic is ranked 1st in SaaS Backup with 6 reviews. HubStor is rated 0.0, while Metallic is rated 9.6. On the other hand, the top reviewer of Metallic writes "A simple, flexible, set-and-forget SaaS solution". HubStor is most compared with , whereas Metallic is most compared with Veeam Backup & Replication, Veeam Backup for Office 365, Commvault Complete Data Protection, AvePoint Cloud Backup and Druva inSync.

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