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As of June 2024, in the Cloud Backup category, the mindshare of AWS Backup is 4.3%, up from 3.1% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of Commvault Cloud is 14.9%, up from 9.0% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
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Aditya Mehta - PeerSpot reviewer
Sep 28, 2023
Straightforward to set up and easy to use
If AWS could also add some hybrid cloud features to AWS Backup, that would be a significant improvement. For example, currently, AWS Backup only backs up to the S3 and Amazon Cloud, and you can only restore from the Amazon Cloud only. However, some people have hybrid environments. They have some workloads on-premises and some workloads in the cloud. So if AWS Backup could work in a way where we could back up on-premises to the Amazon Cloud, and then if something goes wrong on-premises, we could restore it in the cloud and make it work there, that would be a valuable feature. So, a hybrid cloud flow feature would be beneficial.
Michael L. Mathews - PeerSpot reviewer
Nov 2, 2023
We can easily find and restore files, save backup time, and limit exposure
On a scale of one to ten, with ten being the easiest, Commvault Backup & Recovery is a ten for monitoring and managing our environment. It is so transparent and easy to use that nobody realizes we are using it, which is a plus. I love Commvault's automated policies. The Threat Scan feature works great. Commvault provides excellent visibility across our organization's data. The most critical function we have is Commvault's platform which offers recovery on cloud, on-premises, and SaaS workloads. Commvault's risk analysis is excellent. In all the years we've spent millions of dollars on technology, no one has ever suggested that we don't need Commvault or that they don't like it. It's that good, and it's transparent at the same time. With other systems, people will ask why we're using them and if we can get rid of them or scale back on them. But that never happens with Commvault. Risk analysis is excellent for helping to limit exposure and ensure compliance. This is one of the first questions that comes up when applying for cybersecurity insurance: do we have the capability, and how well does it work? With Commvault, we can answer this question by showing how Commvault has been tested by cybersecurity insurance companies in the past three years. Commvault reduced our backup time by 50 percent. Our backup time decreased, while our data volume increased significantly. This improvement is due to a combination of our improved internet connection or switching and Commvault's technology. What used to take 8 hours five years ago now takes only one hour. Commvault reduced our RPO and our organization's threat detection time.

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"What I like about AWS Backup is its simple approach to a complex problem."
"I rate the tool's stability a nine out of ten."
"It is an easy-to-use solution."
"The advantage that AWS Backup has over competitors is that it's very simple."
"The most valuable feature is the daily incremental site backup."
"The most valuable features of AWS Backup are point-in-time recovery and support resources."
"The solution's most valuable features are its backup capability and tight integration with other AWS services."
"It provides an easy data migration process from on-premise to cloud."
"The product is user-friendly."
"All workloads can be integrated with Commvault. If we use a new technology, Commvault integrates with it. Commvault is a data management solution with support for building the DR side of things. With Commvault we can rapidly back up and restore any application we add to our environment."
"Backup and archive with a single window, with a single backup job. You only need to type "c"."
"It integrates redundant storage and preserves jams in a storage area, providing up to 70% compression rate."
"With the use of the cloud, the solution is easy to learn."
"The solution also provides me with a complete view of our data. I write scripts to report information from the Command Center daily. I report it in HTML and have the status of the last day for the whole environment."
"We use the solution for cloud and data backup."
"The most important feature is that everything can be controlled using a single console."


"The service disconnects a lot."
"There are some limitations to partial backup in AWS Backup."
"The tool is a good fit if your environment is VM-specific. However, it might not be the most suitable option if you have physical servers or an on-premise setup."
"When it comes to encrypting data, it is not so convenient."
"Only the price could be improved."
"Its cost could be better than a few of its competitors."
"AWS Backup could improve because you cannot use Glacier or anything but EFS."
"The solution's reporting features and restore features can be improved."
"Could be easier to implement."
"When you deploy Complete Data Protection for past services, it's more complicated because you cannot directly back up from the previous service host. We have to build a proxy server, like a middleware, to directly access the past database server. It's complex and hard for beginners to figure out."
"Our main pain point is that some of our hardware is old. For example, the SSD disks for our application database are slow. It's hard to avoid a slowdown in our environment because the size of our backups is growing every year. If you're growing and don't upgrade the environment, you will see slower backups and restores. You must enhance the environment if you are growing."
"This product is overly complex to operate and run."
"There are many settings that have to be done on your own. It would benefit from a better interface."
"Endpoint backup."
"The solution needs better Office 365 data backup management."
"I just wanted to compare the features, which are there in EMC NetWorker, which are not available in Commvault. We have things using Networker."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"The product is inexpensive."
"There are no licensing costs for AWS Backup. You pay only for the amount of backup storage you use and then the data transferred between regions. Overall AWS Backup is priced reasonably."
"The pricing is okay."
"AWS Backup is a very cheap solution."
"The clients pay for the whole AWS bundle. It is an affordable solution."
"The solution's price is reasonable."
"The pricing is decent."
"It's a myth that Cloud is cheap. Cloud is cheap initially, but the cost over time can be equal to your own infrastructure if you consume a lot."
"There is a bit of cost involved with signing up the entire solution. It's not a cheap solution."
"You have to pay for the licenses and the hardware you need for the Commvault environment. If you don't have all the hardware, you have to buy it, which can cost a few million. In the end, it's vital to protect our data, so the price isn't an issue."
"The price could always be lower."
"It is quite expensive when compared to other applications in the market. Its license is completely based on workload capacity. If I buy a license for 100 terabytes, I can back up anything. I can back up any platform, technology, or application, which is an advantage. Previously, we had to buy an agent for a particular application, and the cost was different for each agent. Now, the cost is completely based on the storage capacity. The license for one terabyte can cost around $1,700 for backing up anything from your environment."
"The cost for Commvault is very expensive, even support is very expensive. The full cost of the solution is 50,000 INR per year, which includes 20 VM backups, server data backup, and 200 desktop and laptop agent licenses."
"The cost of an integrator license is moderate and its features cover most customers."
"The complete license gives us options for all the features. Commvault does not license based on storage or the management components. It can integrate with any storage vendor. That means that when we are out of storage and need more, we can integrate without additional licensing. In my opinion, Commvault needs to reduce the licensing cost by 20 to 40 percent to make it cost-efficient."
"The license for Commvault HyperScale X is paid annually."
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Questions from the Community

What do you like most about AWS Backup?
The solution's most valuable features are its backup capability and tight integration with other AWS services.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for AWS Backup?
AWS Backup is free of cost, but we need to pay for the backup storage being used.
What needs improvement with AWS Backup?
There are some limitations to partial backup in AWS Backup. If we have five volumes attached to EC2 and want to take backup for only three volumes and skip two volumes, it is not feasible in AWS Ba...
What do you like most about Commvault?
The convenience of backing up and restoring simultaneously is very valuable.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Commvault?
The tool is affordable. I rate the pricing a six out of ten. Implementation requires additional costs because we need Commvault Professional Services.
What needs improvement with Commvault?
Data center backup must be improved. We also want the product to provide us with a cloud-based backup. If we use Microsoft Exchange Online for email services, we want to know how to get a backup in...

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