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HCL Digital Commerce vs Softline eCommerce Solution comparison

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Here are some excerpts of what they said:
"The most valuable solution is that it allows you to adapt it according to the customer's needs."

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"What we really appreciated is that they basically tailored their widget for us. They showed us their possibilities. They had some kind of widget, and we just asked them if it is possible to change the design, and they basically really tailored the design to our needs. That was great. Their team was very nice, and we really appreciated that they were prompt with any replies and any feedback. For example, we ran an AB test, and we saw that something could be changed. They fixed it in a couple of days, and we could go ahead without waiting. That was really amazing.""We use Softline eCommerce in some of European countries and also a few Asian countries. They provide us with their services and local support in those regions. This is really important because our goal is to be as local as possible. We are trying to be local with our websites and products. We also want customers to have that same experience during their purchases. For example, if a user is from Thailand and goes to our website, then we want them to have the same experience when they go to the checkout. If they experience any issues, then they can contact the customer support team.""We are still doing more tests to see if we can use Softline eCommerce across the whole business. We are adopting Softline solutions in more countries now, i.e., Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and the Balkans. All these regions are now using Softline eCommerce. So, it has really helped us to increase our sales.""We can customize shopping carts according to our needs. We constantly review with Softline the features and shopping cart templates that we need. Softline eCommerce is flexible and can provide additional features, e.g., the design of the shopping cart, disclaimers, and some customized emails to clients.""I often communicate with Allsoft managers. The speed of their reaction is very important for me. They always respond very quickly and help with any questions.""The most valuable feature is the local support, meaning the support of local payment methods. For example, in Russia, they support online banks and some other simple types of online banking. In the Czech Republic they can do a wire transfer. And their cart schemes are pretty local. These features enable us to create a local experience where our customers can pay with the payment methods they are used to. Payment methods are a very local thing.""The technology is very simple to use."

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"The product catalog is an area that needs improvement."

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"There is also room for improvement in the preparation they do for projects, their 'homework.' They need to be better at gathering as much information as possible regarding the project before the start, so we can eliminate troubles during the implementation and later stages.""Scalability is average; it's not really good. There are some limitations: They don't have a solution that can be used worldwide nor do they provide a self-service for users or customers.""We get support from them to implement different scenarios. Some technical things that our sales operations team work on should be done a bit faster as well as the analytical part.""The work done by the legal team is an area that can be improved.""They should provide more training once the client comes onboard, or have something more scripted. With most companies, once you are onboard, then you know the process and what happens next. Currently, Softline's process is customized. While I know what they are going to deliver, I don't know how it will be done. It's just about getting it more streamlined on their side with their customer service.""Some unification of their systems could be beneficial, e.g., having some default complex systems that could serve other systems and databases systems. This improvement is connected with their technical part, like backend systems, databases, and reporting, because there are some items that could be improved in their technical part.""Our previous partner had a really good admin panel. We could apply some settings on our own without any additional help from our partner. For example, we could change the design, settings, and the fields that show up on the widget, whereas with Softline, we cannot do that. Everything is on their end. It would be good if they provide some tools in the admin panel to make some minor changes. They should also allow us to customize the widget, at least the color. In this aspect, we are currently limited. We cannot really change the design, and the widget is just the way it was developed. The admin panel is also a bit confusing. Our previous partner had a really intuitive and user-friendly admin panel. We could easily find everything. Softline's admin panel is a bit complicated. So, it took us time. I think they plan to improve it, and they might apply some changes in the future.""I would like to get an advanced level of sales analytics for free. However, it is provided only for money."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
  • "For our companies and our users, the price is quite high."
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  • "Softline's pricing is above average because of all the things that I mentioned: a more localized solution and closer cooperation with us. They give us a team that is more or less dedicated to us. Those developers are mainly working on our tasks."
  • "Softline eCommerce has helped to increase our eCommerce sales."
  • "We are satisfied with their prices at the moment."
  • "In terms of licensing, it was definitely the best price on the Russian market and everything is pretty simple."
  • "For us, its pricing was really nice. It was more or less the same one as everyone else. I don't know what they offer to others, but for us, the offer was perfect."
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    The work done by the legal team is an area that can be improved.
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    IBM Digital Commerce provides advanced commerce capabilities to help you quickly and easily create an engaging brand experience across every customer touch point. Using IBM, you can improve your business with personalized customer engagement, optimized shopping and order management and fulfillment across channels. This helps you accelerate time to market, improve customer engagement and drive revenue growth.

    Softline Ecommerce is a part of Softline Group, a leading global IT company. 

    Our All-in-One Ecommerce Solution for Digital Sales helps businesses to increase their revenue in online sales in Europe, Asia and Latin America. 

    We take care of payment processing in local currency & invoicing, tax management & compliance, protect transactions with AI-based fraud systems.

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    Find out what your peers are saying about SAP, Salesforce, Adobe and others in eCommerce Platforms. Updated: January 2022.
    565,689 professionals have used our research since 2012.

    HCL Digital Commerce is ranked 13th in eCommerce Platforms with 1 review while Softline eCommerce Solution is ranked 4th in eCommerce Platforms with 7 reviews. HCL Digital Commerce is rated 0.0, while Softline eCommerce Solution is rated 8.4. The top reviewer of HCL Digital Commerce writes "Adaptable, stable with good support, but the integration needs improvement". On the other hand, the top reviewer of Softline eCommerce Solution writes "We can customize shopping carts according to our needs". HCL Digital Commerce is most compared with Magento, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, SAP Hybris Commerce, Oracle ATG and Shopify, whereas Softline eCommerce Solution is most compared with Shopify.

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