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Google Firebase vs SAP Business One on AWS comparison

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Executive Summary

We performed a comparison between Google Firebase and SAP Business One on AWS based on real PeerSpot user reviews.

Find out in this report how the two Infrastructure as a Service Clouds (IaaS) solutions compare in terms of features, pricing, service and support, easy of deployment, and ROI.

To learn more, read our detailed Google Firebase vs. SAP Business One on AWS report (Updated: July 2022).
632,611 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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Quotes From Members
We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use.
Here are some excerpts of what they said:
"Google Firebase is one I like a lot because it gives us a little bit more power and accessibility when it comes to publishing apps a lot quicker and for the needs that we have.""What I like most about Google Firebase is that it's one of the easier options to host a website or app quickly.""The most valuable features of Google Firebase have been Analytics, Remote Config, and Crashlytics. Additionally, a lot of companies have used push notifications which is important. There is little maintenance required.""If there's data added to the solution, there's a good record of it so it's easy to track everything.""The solution is stable.""I love Firebase's notifications, crash analytics, and bug tracking. It gives you detailed reporting about app usage and users.""This solution supports our real time database. We also use it for AB testing and for its Google Cloud functions. We make use of Crashlytics and reporting on details.""The most beautiful feature of Google Firebase is that it gives you a lot of functionalities out of the box, without you having to develop or having to complete a solution. For example, identity management is integrated, and security is out of the box, particularly security for the user and the ability of each user to see his data. I also like that Google Firebase has a really good performance and is comparable to MongoDB. It's on the same level, and sometimes, it's on an even higher level than MongoDB. Other functions that Google Firebase has that I find valuable include information dissemination, mail automation, and SMS, available out of the box. Another valuable feature of the solution is that it allows you to develop some functionalities on the server side, so you can write JavaScript functions on the server side and use those functions quite easily. Google Firebase gives you almost a full backend environment out of the box without you having to do any deployments or a lot of administration because all administration is given out of the box."

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"The most valuable features of SAP Business One on AWS are the CRM and the sales module.""The way we can make changes in new fields, or make new rules with our IT department, has been very useful.""Technical support from SAP is great.""Setting up Business One is straightforward. It took us about three months to deploy Business One on AWS.""SAP Business One on AWS has good documentation and has many services in the cloud."

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"The only thing that I won't do on Firebase is the hosting side of things for a progressive web app because it feels like you actually still need to download the app first before you can actually get into the functionality of the app.""There's always room for improvement in every product, and the major improvement that's needed in Google Firebase is its simplification, particularly for unsavvy users or non-technical users. If you're not tech-savvy, it would be very difficult for you to use the functions of the solution and understand its security rules. If you want even non-technical people to find it easy to use Google Firebase, it should be simplified because the difference between screen-derived management and code-derived management isn't complex, so simplification wouldn't be an issue.""The UI for the realtime database could be simplified.""Firebase's real-time information isn't technically real-time. It takes a while to upload user activity into the app. It's not as fast as Datadog, the other solution we use.""Google Firebase could improve the ability to create our own reports, other than what's available on the dashboard. For example, if we want to customize the report or export the data, this is a large task.""The solution needs to offer capabilities to work offline. Like Firestore, we should be able to do insertion, updating, and deletion offline.""The solution could improve by providing an improved SDK tool and automatic indexing for databases.""I would like to see faster data migration and some support for other languages in the next release."

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"I would like SAP to replace Business One's fixed Web client with a native Web solution. Right now, their remote access is based on RVP. We have to access the solution through a Windows-based client. It's not a native Web interface.""The solution has a feature that shows you the purchase order that you put on a project and requires you to approve it to be applied to the project, but it doesn't let you move the purchase order to another project. That would be a great feature to have, because if you don't approve it, you have to delete everything and make it again.""SAP Business One on AWS could improve by adding more functionality to the web client.""The look-and-feel of the system is quite outdated as compared to a lot of other products out there.""SAP Business One on AWS could improve by having more customization and more user-friendly automation."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
  • "The pricing component is a bit confusing when it comes to what exactly you'll pay for, but I wouldn't say it's expensive."
  • "The moment you go into volumes, then you work on a pay-per-volume basis."
  • "The price of Google Firebase is very good."
  • "We are using the free version of Google Firebase."
  • "Pricing for Google Firebase is not so expensive, and if you're a start-up with a small amount of data, it will be quite cheap, and there's even a free tier that you can use. If you're doing a pilot with a reasonable amount of data, for example, just a few gigabytes, it's still on the free tier. If you increase the amount of data, Google Firebase pricing is still reasonable."
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  • "Licenses are available on a monthly or yearly basis, and it costs about $1,200 per license, per user."
  • "The price of SAP Business One on AWS could be lower, it is expensive."
  • "The price of SAP Business One on AWS is reasonable for what we use it for."
  • "We have an annual cost for licensing and storage in AWS."
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    632,611 professionals have used our research since 2012.
    Questions from the Community
    Top Answer:I would recommend Google Firebase instead of Microsoft Azure, simply for the array of features that it has to offer. In particular, the Firebase library grants you access to a shared data structure… more »
    Top Answer:We like Google Firebase hosting and authentication and also the excellent cloud functionality. Our team found the flexibility of handling and dealing with the database through EDL to be very useful… more »
    Top Answer:This solution supports our real time database. We also use it for AB testing and for its Google Cloud functions. We make use of Crashlytics and reporting on details.
    Top Answer:Licenses are available on a monthly or yearly basis, and it costs about $1,200 per license, per user. Given what you're getting from the system, I think it's worth it.
    Top Answer:The look-and-feel of the system is quite outdated as compared to a lot of other products out there. They are more user-friendly, I would say. As someone who has not used accounting products before… more »
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    Google Firebase is a stable, reliable, and scalable mobile platform that enables you to quickly develop apps, accelerate them, and monitor their performance.

    With Google Firebase You Can

    • Build and run successful apps
    • Scale globally
    • Monitor app quality and performance with little effort
    • Boost user engagement

    Google Firebase Features:

    • Crashlytic
    • Automatic updates
    • Fast and easy deployment
    • Access to Cloud Firestore
    • Multi-platform sign-in authentication
    • Flexible drop-in UI
    • Real-time database
    • Remote configuration
    • Firebase machine learning
    • Cloud messaging
    • Advanced message targeting
    • Push messages
    • Error monitoring

    SDKs supported by Google Firebase:

    • Web SDK
    • iOS SDK
    • Android SDK
    • Admin SDK

    Benefits of Google Firebase:

    • Fast implementation: Google Firebase makes it possible for you to set up your authentication system quickly, using minimal code.
    • Comprehensive security: With Google Firebase, your systems remain secured; It is backed by Google Sign-in, Chrome Password Manager, and also Smart Lock.
    • Machine learning capabilities: Firebase offers machine learning capabilities that help you deploy and train custom models.
    • Eliminate the need to manage servers: Because Google Firebase offers cloud functions, it enables you to run your mobile backend code without having to also manage your servers.
    • Authentication for any platform: Google’s Firebase authentication makes the sign-in process easier by providing an end-to-end identity solution that works with any platform.
    • Customized notifications: With cloud messaging, you can customize alerts, defining how and when they are sent, what sounds they should make, and can also select the expiration date for each message. In addition, it gives you the ability to track custom conversion events.
    • Fast and secure web hosting: Firebase makes it possible for you to have easy and secure web hosting with fast content delivery. Firebase hosting also provides free SSL certificates.
    • Cloud storage: With Google Firebase you have access to cloud storage that supports robust uploads and downloads, can handle user-generated content, and provides simple and intuitive access control.
    • Developer-friendly: Developers prefer to use Firebase because it lets them focus on creating frontend code for mobile applications rather than having to concentrate on backend code.

    Reviews from Real Users

    PeerSpot user Nilakshi S., technical team lead at AuthentiCode says, “The solution is very stable and very reliable. There aren't any bugs or glitches.”

    "What I like most about Google Firebase is that it's one of the easier options to host a website or app quickly," says Craig F., application development manager at a financial services firm.

    A senior developer at a consultancy says, “The documentation for Google Firebase is great. Also, what I like about it is the integration to Android, which is the reason I went with Firebase.”

    Small businesses can now access all the benefits of the SAP Business One solution on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud without needing to make long-term commitments or costly capital expenditures for the required IT infrastructure.

    AWS and SAP have worked together to test and certify the SAP Business One solution on the AWS cloud. Both SAP Business One, version for Microsoft SQL Server and SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA have been certified on the AWS cloud platform.

    Learn more about Google Firebase
    Learn more about SAP Business One on AWS
    Sample Customers
    Fabulous, Pic Collage, Shazam, SkyScanner
    Comba Telecom, Exeter Family Friendly, GranBio, Kim Tech Ceong, Wego, Blue Ocean Systems, Whitebox Retail Logistics
    Top Industries
    Computer Software Company25%
    Financial Services Firm25%
    Comms Service Provider29%
    Computer Software Company14%
    Educational Organization7%
    Computer Software Company23%
    Comms Service Provider22%
    Manufacturing Company8%
    Media Company7%
    Company Size
    Small Business60%
    Midsize Enterprise27%
    Large Enterprise13%
    Small Business21%
    Midsize Enterprise21%
    Large Enterprise58%
    Small Business33%
    Midsize Enterprise44%
    Large Enterprise22%
    Small Business27%
    Midsize Enterprise17%
    Large Enterprise56%
    Buyer's Guide
    Google Firebase vs. SAP Business One on AWS
    July 2022
    Find out what your peers are saying about Google Firebase vs. SAP Business One on AWS and other solutions. Updated: July 2022.
    632,611 professionals have used our research since 2012.

    Google Firebase is ranked 6th in Infrastructure as a Service Clouds (IaaS) with 8 reviews while SAP Business One on AWS is ranked 4th in Cloud ERP with 5 reviews. Google Firebase is rated 8.0, while SAP Business One on AWS is rated 9.0. The top reviewer of Google Firebase writes "Stable and has a lot of functionalities out of the box; with reasonable pricing and self-explanatory documentation". On the other hand, the top reviewer of SAP Business One on AWS writes "Valuable project features that include adding new fields and rules to customize the solution to our business". Google Firebase is most compared with Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Oracle Cloud, Alibaba Cloud and DigitalOcean, whereas SAP Business One on AWS is most compared with Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, Oracle Cloud and Alibaba Cloud. See our Google Firebase vs. SAP Business One on AWS report.

    We monitor all Infrastructure as a Service Clouds (IaaS) reviews to prevent fraudulent reviews and keep review quality high. We do not post reviews by company employees or direct competitors. We validate each review for authenticity via cross-reference with LinkedIn, and personal follow-up with the reviewer when necessary.