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We performed a comparison between Fortinet FortiManager and Infoblox Advanced DNS Protection based on real PeerSpot user reviews.

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We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use.
Here are some excerpts of what they said:
"Fortinet FortiManager allows you to manage multiple FortiGate devices from a single console, and this is a valuable product feature.""FortiManager's most valuable feature is central management.""It is easy to set up the solution.""The solution brings device management into one single pane of glass and is a pretty good product.""Technical support is great. When we have sent urgent tickets and they do reply back within fifteen minutes.""I like the rapid deployment feature. I also like that it's easy to troubleshoot. FortiManager is amazing because we can have a centralized policy. All our devices are integrated, and we can also engage in troubleshooting. We can use it for different deployments. One fantastic feature is the ability to create a version and deploy it immediately.""FortiManager enables us to set unified firewall policies from one centralized dashboard, reducing human error. If you do not have a central dashboard, there's a chance you might set a policy on one firewall and forget to do it for another.""The integration is quite good."

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"The main advantages with Infoblox Advanced DNS Protection are the dashboards, the reporting system, and they have the GUI interface.""I like that Infoblox Advanced DNS Protection is one hundred percent good, performance-wise.""Infoblox Advanced DNS Protection allows us to manage our overall addresses and IT in one location. Many companies are using this solution, it is very popular.""The most valuable feature of Infoblox Advanced DNS Protection is its performance and visibility.""The most valuable features of Infoblox Advanced DNS Protection are the services, DHCP, and debugging. Additionally, we can use APIs and ansible scripts.""It is a stable solution.""The solution helps to identify and mitigate DNS attacks."

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"Areas for improvement in Fortinet FortiManager are scalability and stability.""FortiManager could be more user-friendly.""Wizards could be improved in pushing policies.""When we have a specific configuration pushed it does take some time to be deployed on the actual firewall.""It requires a lot of resources. This is the main challenge.""It would be better if it were easier to run a routing protocol. In the next release, I would like them to enhance some features in the GUI rather than CLI or OSP. For example, whenever a customer generates an ISP directly on the firewall, it's complicated to configure the routing protocol.""When I started, it was a bit difficult, however, now it's okay. It can be a bit complex for basic users.""Their EDR products could be better. They need to dedicate more R&D to that area."

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"There is a steep learning curve to be able to use Infoblox Advanced DNS Protection well.""Infoblox Advanced DNS Protection could be more user-friendly because you need knowledge if you want to use it. To handle the solution, you need to be a subject matter expert, so this is one area for improvement.""They are not supporting high query logging. They have a very limited size for the syslog, so they are usually asking for external storage, external network, and integration in order to keep the syslog. If you are considering the high volume traffic of the carrier-grade, then the syslog will hold for around five to 10 minutes. This is not enough time and it is being rotated. This is the main issue and the main limitation that we face with them that they need to work on.""Infoblox lacks an extensive product portfolio.""The price could be reduced to improve the solution.""They should release frequent updates for its on-premises version.""The service monitoring information could be simplified of this appliance and the information displayed on the dashboards could be improved. I have not found one dashboard to be perfect. For example, in Splunk, I can create a dashboard in Grafana. However, in Grafana, it takes a very long time to create them. There should be another API to do it better."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
  • "This is an affordable solution, and its licensing model is based on the number of devices."
  • "For us, it is a little bit expensive."
  • "For the licensing fee, we paid around 10,000 to 15,000 euros."
  • "The solution requires you to have a license for every device, as well as for any advanced features being used, which makes it costly for high-volume users. However, for a large-scale environment with a lot of customers we have found it to be a worthwhile investment."
  • "The price point is very good."
  • "FortiManager is reasonably priced - I pay around US$40,0000 per year, which covers fifty locations."
  • "The pricing is based on a licensing model by feature."
  • "Pricing could improve a little bit so I rate it a seven out of ten."
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  • "The price of Infoblox Advanced DNS Protection could be reduced, it is expensive."
  • "The solution is expensive."
  • "I am not sure about the price of the solution, but I heard it is expensive."
  • "There are no additional costs to the standard licensing price of the solution."
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    744,865 professionals have used our research since 2012.
    Questions from the Community
    Top Answer:The solution is competitive. It's neither cheap nor expensive. The solution can be paid annually. If you use a cloud, you will have to pay for subscription charges.
    Top Answer:I cannot comment on what needs to be improved, although there are always potential areas for improvement in every product. The Fortinet team is always very responsive and resolves issues quickly. For… more »
    Top Answer:The solution helps to identify and mitigate DNS attacks.
    Top Answer:There are no additional costs to the standard licensing price of the solution.
    Top Answer:Infoblox lacks an extensive product portfolio. If we go for an additional solution, scaling up and meeting a customer's requirements becomes difficult. In general, I would like a bigger product… more »
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    Infoblox Secure DNS
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    Networks are constantly evolving due to threats, organizational growth, or new regulatory/business requirements. Traditional management products focus on mitigating company-wide threats through firewall policies, firmware updates, and keeping content security current. FortiManager offers the features to contain threats as well as providing flexibility to evolve along with your ever-changing network.

    Infoblox Advanced DNS Protection (ADP) effectively shields you from the widest range of DNS DDoS attacks, ensuring that you can maintain service uptime for your organization. Minimizing disruptions caused by DDoS and other DNS-based attacks is a key business imperative because DNS provides mission-critical network connectivity. If your DNS is down, your business is down. With ADP you can maintain DNS integrity and stop external and internal DNS DDoS attacks that can take your business offline. ADP eliminates such threats as volumetric attacks, DNS hijacking, cache poisoning and other DNS-specific exploits. A proven solution, it ensures that your customers can always reach your website and other external systems, and it keeps your business up and running 24×7 to maintain customer trust and confidence.

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    Black Gold Regional Schools, Amadeus Hospitality, Jefferson County, Chunghwa Telecom, City of Boroondara, Dimension Data
    Colruyt Group, Council Rock School District, Danone, GlaxoSmithKline, The Hershey Company 
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    Large Enterprise55%
    Small Business19%
    Midsize Enterprise16%
    Large Enterprise65%
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    Network Management Applications
    November 2023
    Find out what your peers are saying about Cisco, Fortinet, Broadcom and others in Network Management Applications. Updated: November 2023.
    744,865 professionals have used our research since 2012.

    Fortinet FortiManager is ranked 3rd in Network Management Applications with 42 reviews while Infoblox Advanced DNS Protection is ranked 2nd in Domain Name System (DNS) Security with 7 reviews. Fortinet FortiManager is rated 8.0, while Infoblox Advanced DNS Protection is rated 8.2. The top reviewer of Fortinet FortiManager writes "Easy to set up, quick response to threats, and collaborates well with other Fortinet products". On the other hand, the top reviewer of Infoblox Advanced DNS Protection writes "Dashboards, reporting system, and GUI are good, but support and stability are bad". Fortinet FortiManager is most compared with Fortinet FortiGate Cloud, Fortinet FortiOS, Cisco DNA Center, Zabbix and SolarWinds Network Topology Mapper, whereas Infoblox Advanced DNS Protection is most compared with Cisco Umbrella, F5 BIG-IP DNS, Zscaler Internet Access and EfficientIP DNS Guardian.

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