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Software Defined Storage (SDS) (1st)
Dell PowerFlex
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Scale Computing HC3
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As of June 2024, in the HCI category, the mindshare of StarWind Virtual SAN is 2.3%, up from 1.4% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of Dell PowerFlex is 15.9%, up from 7.3% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of Scale Computing HC3 is 1.0%, down from 1.2% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
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Software Defined Storage (SDS)
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Featured Reviews

Mar 28, 2022
Hardware agnostic and easy to set up with great support
We are an SMB IT consulting company with an infrastructure department.  Before 2019, we had been deploying HP StoreVirtual VSA in order to deliver a typical 2-node hyper-converged cluster. Since the publishing of EOL/EOS for HP StoreVirtual we had been looking for a suitable replacement.  We looked…
Mar 13, 2023
Good integration, stable, and increased performance
The solution is a private cloud hyper-converged infrastructure that is scalable, with highly available computer workloads The solution has helped reduce our costs and increase our performance. The integration with AWS is a valuable feature. Compared to similar solutions, Dell PowerFlex is not…
Joel-Gonzalez - PeerSpot reviewer
Jul 28, 2023
A reliable stripped-down solution that comes with excellent support
We run all our VMs off of it, and we use Acronis Backup I like that Scale Computing HCR is slimmed down and gives me the features I need and not features that I don't need. The product could use a better control center. The dashboard gives you a lot of control, but it could still give you a…

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"The configuration is so much simpler than that of a traditional SAN with fewer points of failure to worry about."
"The management and monitoring have been very easy since the solution's dashboard is very simple and user-friendly."
"This was a great implementation for a small to mid-size business."
"We have experienced multiple hardware failures at one site and the fault-tolerant volume worked exactly as expected with zero downtime."
"It is extremely stable."
"Their support goes above and beyond with the integration of their software."
"Starwind support is excellent. They are very fast and have very good knowledge of Starwind and Hyper-V Cluster software."
"The management was very easy and I was able to find all that I need in the software dashboard."
"It has reduced downtime. Before, on our previous solution, we used to have downtime on some of the servers because of the sort of convention. But currently I've not experienced any downtime on any of the servers, and there is no more resource congestion."
"The support is highly responsive."
"Dell PowerFlex is a complete hyperconverge that makes automation easy to manage and extremely stable."
"The most valuable feature is the overall integration and just seeing the three different layers which make up the machine software. Altogether, it's something that I would say is much better than any other solution that I have experienced before."
"It is easy to use for management and operations teams because the tools are in one place."
"The most valuable feature of this solution is integration."
"The support team responds quickly."
"The catalog of APIs for automation has been most valuable, although they are quite limited."
"I like that Scale Computing HCR is slimmed down and gives me the features I need and not features that I don't need."
"I rate Scale Computing support 10 out of 10. They're accessible and responsive."
"The most valuable features are the appliance-type feel and that you don't need additional licenses as everything is built-in."
"The initial setup is pretty straightforward."
"The solution is scalable."
"The product's initial setup phase is too easy."
"The most valuable feature of the solution is the nice GUI."
"The most valuable feature of Scale Computing HC3 is if one of the devices fails, you won't even notice, the service maintains operation. The customers don't have to waste two, or three days on delays. Additionally, you do not have to waste time with recovery software, it is a lot easier."


"I would like them to invest time in reducing the complexity of the startup and shutdown procedure."
"If there are domain controllers inside the cluster, there needs to be some sort of logic allowing them to boot independently so all the rest of the domain clients can gain the authority they need to come online."
"With data verification, I would like to know how does the solution perform validation of data being synced between two VSANs."
"There needs to be more visibility on how long the cloud replication will take as there is no current ETA."
"I think the setup could be streamlined a bit."
"They need to improve the speed of the interfaces, thus allowing for better traffic on the network."
"StarWind currently has a Windows native application that it uses for management. There is not a web-based GUI at this time."
"For the StarWind VSA vSphere solution, I would like to see a simpler and automated virtual machine installation process in terms of network settings."
"Including instrumentation would be a helpful improvement."
"The support of containers needs to be improved. At present, it is limited to VMware. There needs to be direct communication with the hardware rather than through a hypervisor."
"Licensing restrictions can be frustrating."
"Exporting data from the dashboard is not very user-friendly. It's just designed in a way that it's going to cover let's say 90%, 80%, of the end-users needs. If you need more sophisticated reporting it's not easy to have."
"They need to work on improving the overhead for protecting the data."
"We're also running Hyper-V virtual machines. But we recently discovered that migration of the Hyper-V virtual machines is a bit challenging. Maybe if Dell EMC can come out with a tool that will make it very easy for us to migrate the Microsoft Hyper-V machine, that may be an improvement."
"Needs some more monitoring tools."
"I think there might be some room for improvement when it comes to pricing, because although I know how to convert customers, at the end of day, it's quite expensive. Sometimes your feature architecture is still coming out much cheaper than hardware costs for your infrastructure."
"Scale Computing HC3 said in an announcement they were going to integrate with a backup service which would be good. If they could do this it would be beneficial."
"I've had so many issues with the sales team when I was looking to make some improvements, and improve the performance. They would create so many excuses to force me to buy new nodes all the time and not let me add more memory to each node."
"The product struggles to cope with bigger workloads. In the next release, I'd like some backup solutions to be added."
"The snapshot technology takes up 500 times more space compared to other solutions."
"Scale HC3 improvements would involve literally fixing up the replication."
"I would like bigger clusters with more than eight nodes."
"The product could use a better control center."
"On the fly, you cannot do anything on Scale Computing HC3, though it is a very rarely needed area."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"Once you buy the license, you are free to build your own hardware solution based on your needs."
"Cost is affordable and licensing is smooth."
"There are two tiers of support and in my opinion, support is worth the cost."
"The pricing is excellent. It will run on anything. You don't have to buy a $100,000 server, with hardware you don't need. You just pay for the license and you're good to go."
"The free version is great to use for labs or test environments."
"When we did all the analysis for StarWind, it was approximately 20 percent less than any of the other solutions that we looked at."
"We evaluated other options and this one was the most cost-effective."
"The setup cost is very low. The pricing is great."
"The cost of this solution is fair."
"The price could be improved."
"The solution is expensive and I give the cost a two out of ten."
"The price of the solution is fair, it is priced in the average range amongst competitors."
"The solution's price is medium."
"The pricing for this solution is good."
"The product is expensive."
"We have a good contact in Dell and he prepared all the information and provided everything to us."
"The product is worth the money, but I would not say it's very cheap or very expensive."
"I give the pricing a nine out of ten."
"I pay for Scale Computing HC3 and it includes customer service for one year. We paid for an additional year for customer service but that includes the updates and everything for the software. Additionally, the licensing is for Windows, which is the same for everybody."
"rate HC3's pricing a five out of ten since it is affordable."
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