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Mindshare comparison

As of June 2024, in the Backup and Recovery category, the mindshare of Cohesity DataProtect is 4.2%, down from 4.9% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of Commvault Cloud is 8.8%, up from 5.6% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
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StewartSJ3 - PeerSpot reviewer
Aug 4, 2020
Has enabled us to not only backup more of our data at faster speeds, but also recover that data quicker
We have been able to not only backup more of our data at faster speeds, but also recover that data quicker. What used to take us hours to recover is now done in minutes. Since deploying Cohesity we've been able to help our end-users get their data back quicker than ever. This savings in time has increased their productivity and helped them avoid complete data loss. On top of this, the performance boost we've gained in using Views has made our file shares much quicker to access and use, not only for normal file explorer use but for applications that write to those Views as well.
Nov 24, 2021
Our customers don't have to manage their environments, which means that they have less work to do
Sometimes for customers, it is difficult because you can see all the features. Sometimes, it is difficult for them to use or understand it. Once they have had some training from Commvault or us, they are really happy with the solution. I would assess the Command Center as a very useful but sometimes difficult tool. It is multipurpose. It has all the features of logging and monitoring, especially for the actual setup. For us, it is easy because we work daily with it, but for customers who only use it once a week, they sometimes have some difficulties. Command Center is not user-friendly for beginners. This is also the reason why we propose to customers to use the Web Console. I know that some older customers are not yet really aware of this tool. However, from the moment that they start using the tool and search possibilities, they will then go to that Web Console instead of the Command Center. Ransomware is a major problem these days, and whatever improvements they can make to be more secure on this is always good. At this moment, they have a large install base and a very broad package for backup of applications, for OSs and Hyper-V, with a cloud integration. This will be a major part of their growth and change in the future. We would like the ability to restore to and from the cloud to on-prem. While they are already very big in this aspect, this could be an improvement over the next few years.

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"We are very satisfied with the product as a whole—all the backup functions, the data protection functions. We are very satisfied with those, and the product is very simple to use."
"I like that Cohesity offers the chance to have data on-premises and on the cloud. All the data is automatically sent to the cloud."
"The customer service and support are fast and professional."
"It works well with backup virtual machines and SQL services we have been using."
"By using their Helios Cloud service, you have all your clusters, no matter where they are located, in one web portal."
"Cohesity is a cost-effective storage designed for secondary or archival data. It also integrates well with a number of other systems, like VMware, Pure Storage, or AWS with its large array of APIs available to the user."
"The spin-up of a VM within a test environment for backup testing along with quick restores."
"The support is awesome. They are very fast, competent and friendly."
"The most valuable features of Commvault Hyperscale X are the full responsibilities inclined in conversion with high responsibility rates."
"Commvault is a stable solution for Red Hat Linux."
"It's very easy to set up the storage across all platforms. This allows us to be dynamic and change on-the-fly."
"It helped us reduce the number of servers that are required for a stable operation."
"The recovery features are useful. It is easy to recover data. If something happens, we can easily recover data. We have faced ransomware issues twice, and we recovered because of Commvault."
"The most valuable features of Commvault HyperScale X are all the general functions and the performance."
"It's easy to configure multiple jobs and media agent locations for each server. We do offsite backups for all of our servers, but we also do onsite hourly backups of them. That has benefited us several times when we had an incident and didn't want to roll back a server an entire day."
"It is just about as flexible as you can get; simple. You can put it anywhere you want. You can put it on-prem or in your cloud. I could see where a team that's looking for more of a follow the bouncy ball type of solution might get a little confused. "Oh, no. What do you mean I might have to do it this way or I can't do it that way?" Sometimes, people just want to be told what to do. For an enterprise environment, like we are at NDOT, everything we do is not standard. It is not industry standard; it is not normal. We have all kinds of one-offs. We do need flexibility in the solutions that we get. I will say that Metallic has been extremely flexible in that sense, where we are able to follow the bouncy ball if we wanted to. Obviously, we didn't. We did it our way and Metallic, as a whole solution, provided that to us with no issues."


"We have Oracle databases running on Linux servers in our environment and we have found the Oracle backups were quite complex to setup."
"The solution's dashboard or UI can be enhanced and made more user-friendly than its competitors."
"There is limited support for legacy systems, which is something that could be improved."
"We are waiting on the AIX agent to be released."
"This solution is only compatible with a limited number of storage arrays, including Pure and Cisco Hyperflex."
"Cohesity cluster upgrades have not been as easy as a single button click. They are a manual process that requires upgrading each node into a cluster individually."
"I think Cohesity could add more platform support. For example, they could improve integration with DB2 or make the integration S3 object storage a little tighter. Some of that stuff could use some work, but overall, it's a relatively comprehensive platform."
"The support team could do a better job. Sometimes finding the correct person is cumbersome and time consuming."
"Commvault has two management dashboards. The first is the CommCell Console, which is Java-based, and the second is Command Center. We don't always find all the features we need in the Command Center and we need to go through the Java console, and sometimes features are only on the Java console."
"I would like to have a manager-level dashboard to review the backups. This is not from an administrative perspective where you can see the details of the execution. Rather, it would only show the percentage of completeness for each one."
"They reply to the support portal weekly, but there are some delays."
"They need to integrate configuration screens or videos (free training courses, webinars, demos) so that engineers with little experience can fully exploit the features that are offered or managed within the license that was acquired, and thus have better quality and completely satisfactory experience."
"The initial setup was complicated."
"Sometimes the web page doesn't work. I don't know if it's an outage or if there is maintenance going on in the background. From time to time, Commvault will suddenly stop taking backups for some intervals."
"The product's migration process and stability need improvement."
"Commvault could benefit from increased automation to streamline processes and enhance predictability."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"Sizing is important and it is easy to overestimate."
"If SQL is in heavy use at your location, I would highly recommend narrowing your PoC testing to Cohesity and Rubrik. They will be competitive on pricing with each other, so really put them through the paces."
"The tool's licensing costs are yearly. It is cheaper than other backup solutions."
"Pricing, setup costs, etc. are pretty typical. The initial cost for Cohesity was less than other products the we evaluated. Cohesity's pricing does offer benefits as DR target costs are less than other solutions. You are not charged for DataProtect licensing for target DR data consumption."
"Ensure that you understand the per TB licensing model. Also, Exchange backups are not native to Cohesity and require Kroll."
"The pricing model is impressive and very effective."
"The solution's pricing is in the mid-range, where it's neither costly nor cheap."
"Licensing is per node and per protected terabyte. You will also pay 10-15% annually for support."
"If budget allows using the per socket license and not the agent based with per GB counter for Dedup is the way to go."
"We work with Commvault and a partner on our environment needs according to capacity, licensing, pricing, components, modules, etc. Additional costs depend on your backup needs."
"One of the most interesting aspects is that the licensing model can be modified. We're paying for our licensing by the client, as opposed to the size of the footprint of the backup, which decreased our cost by about 20 percent."
"It would not be affordable for small to medium size organizations."
"In my experience, compared to solutions like Veritas and Veeam, while they do have their technical pluses and minuses, Commvault can save you on average forty percent initially, and then twenty to twenty-five percent annually."
"The solution is expensive. However, there are no additional costs involved. I rate the pricing a five out of ten."
"It is a bit more than other products, but when you consider the time savings, it is saving money."
"There is a bit of cost involved with signing up the entire solution. It's not a cheap solution."
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Questions from the Community

What do you like most about Cohesity DataProtect?
Several features enable us to perform fast recovery, such as instant fast recovery. All our virtual machines protected with the product can be quickly restored to another healthy environment with m...
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Cohesity DataProtect?
Typically on-premises nodes/clusters are deployed for primary backup (to enable instant mass restore) so price will be dependent on chosen OEM and capacity required. MSPs like us utilise PPU licens...
What needs improvement with Cohesity DataProtect?
There is room for improvement in terms of price. In future releases, I would like to see a more comprehensive cyber resilience capability.
What do you like most about Commvault?
The convenience of backing up and restoring simultaneously is very valuable.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Commvault?
The tool is affordable. I rate the pricing a six out of ten. Implementation requires additional costs because we need Commvault Professional Services.
What needs improvement with Commvault?
Data center backup must be improved. We also want the product to provide us with a cloud-based backup. If we use Microsoft Exchange Online for email services, we want to know how to get a backup in...

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