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Fortinet FortiGate
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Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) Solutions (2nd), WAN Edge (1st)
Cisco Secure Firewall
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Cisco Security Portfolio (4th)
Palo Alto Networks K2-Series
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Featured Reviews

May 24, 2023
Provides solid protection against viruses, malware, and other threats
We use FortiGate for our firewall. We have a typical business environment that includes end-user workstations, an ERP, web hosting solutions, etc. It's around 600 endpoints.  FortiGate improved our security. It's one of the best hardware firewalls. We're secured against various outside threats.…
Jun 27, 2021
User friendly and easy to use GUI, but stability and scalability need improvement
We are currently using this solution as a VPN and an internet firewall in some locations. In our data center, we are still using FortiGate as an internet firewall but we are evaluating other options If you compare the ASA and the FirePOWER, the best feature with FirePOWER is easy to use GUI. It…
Apr 20, 2020
Good virtualization features, antivirus, and technical support
We are a solution provider and this is one of the firewalls that we provide to our customers The majority of our customers for Palo Alto products are in the banking industry. The most valuable features are the virtualization of the firewall and the antivirus. The ease of management and…

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"Fortinet FortiGate is scalable for our users. Right now, we have almost 70 users. We do not have any plan to increase our usage of FortiGate. For maintaining the firewall solution, one staff member is enough."
"I like Fortinet FortiGate's antispam filter, SPN, and clustering features."
"It enables our organization to become more productive. Also, it protects our NEtWare from viruses and malware."
"The product offers very good security."
"The web filtering facility and application control are the most valuable features from the point of view of our clients. The VPN feature is also quite popular amongst our clients. Two-factor authentication is one of the good features in Fortinet. These features are important for the current scenario of security. Security has become a necessity nowadays. With cyber-attacks becoming more common, protecting an organization's data is one of the major tasks. It is also very stable and scalable, and it is very straightforward to configure. Their technical support is also good."
"It blocks the vulnerabilities that can negatively impact us."
"The security fabric is excellent."
"I really like the captive portal feature for our guest network. It has nice VLAN features in terms of separating our network. The anti-virus is also good."
"The implementation is pretty straightforward."
"The ASDM (Adaptive Security Device Manager) which is the graphical user interface, works out, and Cisco keeps it current."
"Cisco ASA works very nicely from an administration perspective. The management of the device is very nice. The ASDM (Adaptive Security Device Manager) is the software that we use and it is very easy to configure using the GUI."
"The most valuable feature is IPS. It's a feature that's very interesting for tackling the most current attacks."
"The feature set is fine and is rarely a problem."
"The most valuable feature we have found to be the VPN because we use it often."
"The initial setup is easy."
"It provides security for our company and users."
"One of the most valuable features is Palo Alto's firewall management. We find it easier to manage the firewall centrally."
"Palo Alto has better and finer controls than, say, Cisco or Check Point."
"The IPS system is the best in the field."
"Palo Alto has a unique solution for DNS security, which is very good."
"This is a very reliable firewall and we have never had problems with it."
"The company is inventive and always adds a lot of great features."
"The most valuable feature of Palo Alto Networks K2-Series is the configuration, it is very clear."
"Everything I could possibly want has already been implanted in the new version."


"The stability could be a bit better."
"The integration with third-party tools may be something that they should work on."
"From a reporting perspective, there's room for improvement. They're providing FortiAnalyzer through which one can get some enhancements, but the visibility and reporting still need slight improvement."
"There were quite a few problems with the stability of the system."
"There are some tiny bugs that sometimes affect the operations. In the past revision of it, there was a bug. Because of the bug, we had to downgrade the version. It happened only with the last revision."
"The cloud features and integration could be improved."
"The documentation available for Fortinet FortiGate should be improved"
"At first glance, the interface for the device is very confusing."
"The relatively new Firepower Threat Defense image (mix of ASA and Sourcefire network security) fills a lot of gaps and features that were missing on ASA."
"Implementations require the use of a console. It would help if the console was embedded."
"FMC could be improved because management with FMC is quite difficult compared to using Firepower web-based management."
"Our latest experience with a code upgrade included a number of bugs and issues that we ran into. So more testing with their code, before it hits us, would help."
"I wish the Cisco interface was not so granular. Check Point was easier to create specific rules than with ASAv."
"We're getting support but there's a big delay until we get a response from their technical team. They're in the USA and we're in Africa, so that's the difficulty. When they're in the office, they respond."
"It would be better if we could manage all of our firewalls as a set rather than individually. I would like to see a single pane of glass type of option. We also use another vendor's firewalls and they have a centralized management infrastructure that we have implemented. This infrastructure is a bit easier to manage."
"The one thing that the ASAs don't have is a central management point. We have a lot of our environments on FTD right now. So, we are using a Firewall Management Center (FMC) to manage all those. The ASAs don't really have that, but they are easy to use if you physically go into them and manage them."
"Higher levels of support are excellent but new users may need additional options."
"The reporting functionality in GlobalProtect needs to be improved."
"If we have issues, they take anywhere from two days to a week to respond. I even wrote to their CEO because there was no response. When it comes to support, this is the worst company."
"Palo Alto doesn't have extended visibility to the end point in their firewalls."
"They could improve by providing more features in the solution."
"They should implement the features that the other firewalls have."
"The password function of the solution could be improved. Additionally, some of the processes take too long to complete."
"I would like to see the threat intelligence capability integrated with other vendors such as Cisco and Forcepoint."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"The price is fair compared to the other competitors."
"While Fortinet FortiGate has a higher price point compared to Sophos XG, its user-friendly interface justifies the cost."
"Fortinet is competitive price-wise."
"For our organization, the licensing costs are approximately $7,000 per year."
"We purchased a five-year bundle package, which worked out cheaper than competing solutions."
"The price range is quite acceptable and normal."
"Licensing for Fortinet FortiGate is on a yearly basis. Pricing for it is a bit high. It could be cheaper."
"The price of Fortinet FortiGate is better than Cisco, Check Point, and Palo Alto. In terms of pricing, it's probably a better-priced firewall solution overall."
"We've gone to all smart licensing, so that works well."
"Cisco's prices are more or less comparable to those of other products."
"Once you know what the product is, it is not that bad. Yes, it is expensive. When you try to get a license, it is like, "Well, I don't know which one of these I need. And, if I don't buy it now, then I will probably be back later. Now, I have to justify the money." Typically, you end up just buying everything that you don't use most of the time. It is one of those solutions where you get what you pay for. If you don't know what you need, just buy everything. We have additional licenses that we don't use."
"Acquiring licensing for Cisco Secure Firewall can be a bit cumbersome, therefore a more straightforward licensing process would be preferable."
"Pricing is high."
"We have a perpetual license for all of our firewalls. For some of the features, we purchase them on demand. The pricing is decent but it could always be cheaper, we would be happier."
"We bought a three-year license as a part of the enterprise agreement, which includes help with implementation and troubleshooting. We have a big data center with many applications, so implementation was not straightforward. We had to put effort into it. It wasn't an easy or straightforward implementation. The support that we got from Cisco engineers with the three-year premium license was helpful. The enterprise agreement helped to consume the licenses in a practical and faster way and streamline the implementation."
"We sell Cisco ASA Firewall as a bundle — the price is very cheap. If a customer were to go for renewal direct from Cisco, then the price would be quite high."
"The pricing is expensive."
"The price of this solution is too high."
"Products by the leader in the field are justifiably a bit more expensive compared to other vendors."
"When comparing Palo Alto Networks K2-Series with other solutions it is on the higher end of the price scale."
"The overall price of Palo Alto Networks K2-Series could be reduced."
"The price of the solution is expensive."
"If you compare K2-Series' quality with its price, I think it is reasonable."
"Palo Alto Networks K2-Series is an expensive solution, the price could be reduced. They are more expensive than some of their competitors."
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Comparison Review

it_user206346 - PeerSpot reviewer
Mar 11, 2015
Cisco ASA vs. Palo Alto Networks
Cisco ASA vs. Palo Alto: Management Goodies You often have comparisons of both firewalls concerning security components. Of course, a firewall must block attacks, scan for viruses, build VPNs, etc. However, in this post I am discussing the advantages and disadvantages from both vendors concerning…

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