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As of July 2024, in the Disaster Recovery (DR) Software category, the mindshare of BDRSuite is 1.9%, up from 1.0% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of Dell RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines is 4.8%, up from 3.4% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
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May 31, 2024
Managing backup jobs is straightforward, can instantly recover data, and schedule incremental backups
BDRSuite emphasizes data protection with policies that initially seemed tight. While I felt secure upon initial setup, I haven't reviewed them since joining and haven't received any update notifications. Some policies I apply directly to my servers and where we store all of our data are also protected from our firewalls. The ability to instantly recover is essential for our organization. BDRSuite gives me peace of mind by allowing for very fast data recovery. While I haven't had to use it for a real incident, my initial tests showed a smooth process. Since I back up entire virtual machines, recovery involves starting the virtual machine and the cap server, getting me up and running quickly. This is essential because my backups are complete mirrors of the machines, eliminating the need for lengthy restorations. While BDRSuite's ability to create multiple restore points for granular data recovery is a valuable feature, it's not crucial for me since I primarily focus on full server recoveries. Some clients might leverage this for individual files and folders, but my recovery needs are more about bringing the entire machine back online. Granular recovery isn't a key selling point for me because my use case revolves around full system restoration. Incremental backups are a great fit for our system! We back up some machines every two hours and others every twelve, depending on the customer's needs. This method minimizes storage space on our backup servers since only changed data is copied each time. The backup and replication scheduling in BDRSuite is very flexible. I can set up automatic backups every 4 or 12 hours, or even create custom schedules to fit my specific needs. This has been a big advantage for my technicians who handle the scheduling. Managing backup jobs in BDRSuite is straightforward. Deleting them is simple - just navigate to the job and delete it. However, creating a new backup job requires more effort. You'll need to configure details like scheduling, data selection, backup method, and storage location. Overall, creating backups is considered medium difficulty, while deleting them is easy. The Download VM option is easy to use.
Aug 4, 2022
It replicates workloads fast, but it wastes resources
There is a problem with the solution's architecture. First of all, it requires double the resources on the virtual environment to set up one environment. You set up a cluster of virtual machines per site, so you are doubling the resources you need. While it wastes resources, it also provides a strategy to do high availability. It also lacks backward compatibility with some of the old vCenter servers. When you get an issue, they want you to upgrade up to the latest edition. However, when I have an old vCenter server, I should be able to use whatever version we have to do the replication. It also has a security vulnerability because it requires several ports to be open in the customer environment. These ports are open on the firewall. It also lacks a reporting mechanism to show a customer, the number of machines you've backed up and the difference. It's essential for a customer to know what is happening.

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"The compression, encryption, and deduplication features all work fine."
"The product is very reliable and works well out of the box; many of our customers are buying it."
"The ability to map a drive and restore a separate file is most valuable. The restoration activity is good."
"The initial setup is easy and very nice."
"Moving to cloud backups eliminated the need for clients to change USB drives or worry about drives being stored offsite."
"If we do a backup of a machine at some point and the server crashes, then we can restore this machine to a different server with the same settings and setup. We will just have to tweak one or two things, like the IP. Then, it is ready to go."
"I back up one particular server with close to 1.2 TB, and the way the software compresses it is close to 600 or 700 TB. Vembu compresses it to close to 450 gigabytes, that's gigabytes. So that’s really amazing, the way in which the backup compression happens."
"It's easy to restore."
"Continuous replication with lower RTO and RPO is the most innovative feature. Its tight integration with VMware for VMware VMs is also valuable."
"It is a point-in-time restore, which is quite handy."
"RecoverPoint replicates workloads fast."
"Point-in-time recovery and ease of deployment are valuable."
"The installation is straightforward if the version you have is compatible with your infrastructure."
"The solution is quite stable. We haven't experienced any kind of bug or glitch. We haven't experienced crashes."
"One of the standout features of Dell RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines is its real-time data protection capability."
"The most valuable features are the data center recovery administration and the time of recovery."


"The reports are at a basic level and there is room for improvement there. It only has historical reports and VM backup job-level reports."
"Scheduling backups is challenging due to the poor quality of the UI."
"They need to improve their marketing because not many people are aware of it. People ask me what is Vembu, and I have to explain to them it is a good tool for backup and other things."
"The solution's UI and integrations could be better."
"They can work on their cloud solution. In these days, the data becomes too much and you have to back up a lot of data to the site. They could offer cheaper storage to their clients with the cloud, making this a single source of truth solution. In our project, we are using two service providers: One who offers our storage and another who offers the software. If they work on their cloud solution and can offer their clients lower prices for this type of storage, this would be a really good improvement."
"The product is co-branded, not white-labeled."
"It is very easy, unless you know exactly what you're doing, to corrupt the virtual machines and they get locked up. Just brief detail: When you are creating a system, if you don't have absolutely every other little background processes in place, it creates Snapshots of the virtual machines. Once it does that, it then won't be able to have a backup. From that point on you have to destroy the virtual machine, which is completely counterproductive on a large system. There is a fundamental flaw in the setup that can be very dangerous, potentially."
"The initial setup process can be more simplistic and quicker."
"It should have features for recovering a group of virtual machines and full-scale security. For recovering all the VMs at once, they don't have a GUI option, and we have to use the command line."
"The solution is not easy to use. It's actually quite hard. If it could be simplified it might be better for the end user."
"The solution could improve by being more easier to use. However, once you have used it for a while it becomes easier. Additionally, there could be better support and compatibility with management by having a command-line interface. This would be beneficial for the customers."
"It can have better integration. It would be good if, in addition to VMware VM, it can also support other hypervisors. I also want to see support for Oracle databases. As of now, it supports only SQL and Exchange. It would be good to also support other databases."
"It would be good to have a critical application on the customer side."
"I would like to have the HTML 5 interface working because it is currently not functioning with the VMware environment."
"The configuration process seems a bit challenging, and the installation takes a bit longer than expected."
"In the next release of this software, I would like to see options that help to decrease the bandwidth required, such as compressing the data."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"I selected this solution because it was the only one I could find for the cost that did what I needed it to do. I haven't found a competitor who does as good a job for the money."
"Take a look at the pricing and licensing closely. When we installed the BDR disaster recovery server, which is the duplication of the backup data on one server onto a second one where the backup data resides, it was not clear that this DR server needed two other licenses. These licenses were to back up the copy of the first backup server that had two licenses for the two physical host that it was backing up in the first place. Moving files around to a second DR server, why would I need an extra two licenses? I don't know if it's to make money, but it was not very obvious and I had to abort the project from there because I didn't plan to pay for extra licenses to copy data of the first two physical servers. I also didn't understand why it was needed. Hopefully, they will improve the explanation in the documentation for this."
"For our needs, the price of the backup system is not too much... We checked out Veeam and Acronis but both were very expensive compared to Vembu."
"It is very cost efficient, effective. I’d say it's one-third the cost of Veritas when compared to the server backups. I even tried image backups on Acronis, but Acronis is very expensive. So these are some of the key reasons why I opted for it."
"It's more affordable than Veeam, so smaller companies can afford to have a solution like this in place, which is very nice."
"I think it is a good value for the price."
"For our company, the current price of Vembu against Veeam is a few times cheaper. In our infrastructure, if we picked Veeam, we would have to pay about $20,000 per year. Now, we are currently paying about $2,000 per year for Vembu. You can do the math. The price is great."
"The license is per unit and is expensive."
"This is not a very cheap solution and compared to others, it is expensive."
"This is an expensive product."
"It was a part of a backup solution. So, it was free for us."
"There is a license required for this solution and the pricing depends on how many virtual machines you have."
"Pricing-wise, it is pretty much fair for any customer who only has a VMware environment. Licensing is based on the number of VMs that you want to protect at any given point in time. Licensing is not based on size."
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Questions from the Community

What do you like most about BDRSuite?
The best part of BDRSuite is how user-friendly it is and how it does not require any maintenance after the initial setup.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for BDRSuite?
The price for BDRSuite is justified. BDRSuite is affordable and a good fit for small businesses.
What needs improvement with BDRSuite?
Our initial experience with BDRSuite highlighted the need for improved user onboarding materials. Technicians encountered difficulties learning the software, extending the initial setup time. Addit...
What do you like most about Dell EMC RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines?
One of the standout features of Dell RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines is its real-time data protection capability.
What needs improvement with Dell EMC RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines?
While Dell RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines offers a solid solution for our local and remote data protection needs, there are a couple of areas that could be improved. The configuration process se...

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