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Email Security (3rd), Anti-Malware Tools (11th)

Featured Reviews

Oct 3, 2023
The solution did a great job of blocking EXEs and phishing emails
All our Office 365 emails will first go through Barracuda. It checks for any EXEs and the like, checking the email contents to allow or stop those. We also use the solution for archiving and backups From a security point of view, Barracuda Email Security improved our mail environment. Other than…
Luis Bastida - PeerSpot reviewer
Apr 3, 2023
Excellent support, good functionality, and useful protection against online threats
I primarily use the solution for online protection. It protects us from malware and spam, among other threats. I can employ my own policies, for example, attached files and email, and I can apply security to them and analyze threats that may come in. I put together the best configurations to help…

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"The solution is scalable."
"Barracuda is good at keeping the garbage from reaching your inbox."
"The most valuable feature of the Barracuda Email Security Gateway is the cloud ATP functionality not available on the on-premise version. Most of the zero-day attacks can be mitigated with ATP. Additionally, the reporting functionality is good."
"It not only tackles spam effectively but also incorporates advanced features like ATP and active features which ensures a comprehensive and adaptable email security solution tailored to their heterogeneous environment."
"The most valuable feature of the Barracuda Email Security Gateway is the ATP."
"Customer support is the solution's strongest point."
"This solution has helped to significantly reduce the amount of junk email that we receive."
"The link protection and anti-phishing features are great."
"The initial setup of Microsoft Exchange Online Protection was easy."
"It's all running in the backend, so it doesn't affect the app functionality."
"It has a really nice web-based administration console."
"Microsoft Exchange Online Protection has features like DLP (data loss protection), Safe Attachment, and Safe Links."
"It offers great security against malware and other threats."
"You can use the product to create special accounts."
"The most valuable feature is the ease of administration. Other solutions require complex administration, but Microsoft Exchange Online Protection is easier."
"The product protects against malware."


"The reporting can be improved."
"Few customers require an on-premises fabric ATP box for attack detection and response."
"Barracuda Email Security Gateway can improve reporting and anti-spam. The anti-spam engine is not working well. We are seeing a lot of problems where spam is going through the gateway. Additionally, access privilege should be given to the IT support, because they don't have a lot of privileges. We are forced to give our IT support administrative access in order to clear and deliver emails and this should not be happening."
"Some customers experience issues with integration."
"The pricing needs improvement."
"The DMARC security is somewhat weak and could be strengthened."
"The reports are standard, and it would be nice to be able to customize them."
"I have noticed that it takes a little time to get familiar with after deploying and some tweaks need to be done as things come up."
"Some features, like encryption, are not available."
"The security compliance features need to be improved. Sometimes, a client's mailbox becomes full because of retained information and not because of mail. I would like to see improvement in block rules as well."
"When the product is being updated, it changes some of the setups. The support team is also not good."
"The tool is not 100% stable."
"The tool's classification for bulk email is cumbersome."
"The biggest issue that I experience is that Microsoft keeps moving things around, and it's very inconsistent as to where you find the information when you're trying to work on different pieces."
"I would like to get reports about vulnerable connections from our clients with information about domains, public IPs, etc. That would be highly useful."
"Performance and speed should continue to be improved."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"The price of the solution should be reduced. The price in the USA is less than where we are. Our local distributor of the solution is manipulating the market."
"The price of Barracuda Email Security Gateway is approximately $17 per user annually."
"There is an annual license required for this solution."
"Barracuda Email Security Gateway is a cost-effective solution."
"e solution's pricing is exceedingly high, and it continues to increase."
"The licensing fees are part of a bundled support package that we pay for."
"The solution is priced low. We have received a good price discount here in Sri Lanka. There are additional licenses we have to purchase a license for the ATP."
"It is an expensive solution and I would rate it 5 out of 10."
"The price of Microsoft Exchange Online Protection is reasonable."
"Microsoft Exchange Online Protection is a good solution at an affordable price. It is a good investment."
"Microsoft Exchange Online Protection's pricing is a little bit more because its price has recently increased."
"The solution is expensive but is backed by Microsoft's reputation."
"The solution is priced high and could be less expensive compared to other solutions."
"The pricing for the solution depends on what you are trying to achieve with the use of the product, but I know that it is not a cheaply priced product. Yearly payments have to be made towards the licensing fees of the solution."
"The product is bundled with Microsoft 365."
"It is a low-price solution."
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Questions from the Community

What do you like most about Barracuda Email Security Gateway?
Barracuda Email Security Gateway is very simple to use.
What needs improvement with Barracuda Email Security Gateway?
Barracuda Email Security Gateway should include ATP in the next release.
What do you like most about Microsoft Exchange Online Protection?
The initial setup was easy. The configuration process is very straightforward.
What needs improvement with Microsoft Exchange Online Protection?
We face challenges with reporting features and the lack of a proper dashboard in Microsoft's portal. There's no graphical interface, which other products offer. The reporting features need improvem...
What is your primary use case for Microsoft Exchange Online Protection?
The main use case is to block suspicious links in emails. However, some functionalities like SIPP attachment are not available in the basic EOP. Alos, complete phishing protection is also not avail...

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Barracuda Spam and Virus Firewall, Barracuda Sentinel
Microsoft EOP, MS Exchange Online Protection



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