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As of June 2024, in the Project Management Software category, the mindshare of Asana is 6.6%, down from 14.7% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of Miro is 0.8%, up from 0.0% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
Project Management Software
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Visual Collaboration Platforms

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Aug 16, 2023
A project management tracking system for medium and big enterprises
In my company, we use Asana for project management tracking Asana helps us in our company to split tasks and assign them to different people. Asana allows each one to individually update the task completed, which can be tracked and visible to all the teams in the company. The most valuable…
Nitanshi Gupta - PeerSpot reviewer
Mar 14, 2023
Easy integrations, in-built templates, and lots of training videos
The solution has many valuable aspects, including: * Easy to build flowcharts with just drag and drop capabilities * Integrations with so many other tools make this platform highly useful * Prebuilt templates * Ability to share files through various channels and formats * Easy flowing. Much better that Mural where the user experience was a bit clunky * Ability for multiple people top work on the same board at the same time -- hence very useful for team brainstorming sessions * Competitive pricing * Lot of training videos available * Easy to scale * Ease of integration with other platforms

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"The initial setup was straightforward."
"It is very good for managing the timeline. I'm a quality manager, and I have different testing projects running with different work breakdown structures. Asana makes it very easy to implement and monitor the plans. It is easy to move the tasks and complete them, break them down, and assign them to people."
"I love the way it monitors all of the current and past projects, and it sends notifications to keep everything on the track."
"It is pretty comprehensive when it comes to the different views that it gives you. It gives you a Gantt chart view, calendar view, board view, and list view. It is kind of helpful to have different types of views and see how it views your different tasks. I appreciate being able to do that. The biggest thing is that it is extremely user friendly. Asana is pretty intuitive. Someone who is not tech-savvy can kind of catch on quickly. It is better than other tools like Smartsheet. Some of the other tools like Microsoft Project and Excel are great tools, but you have to invest a lot of time to learn them, which is not the case with Asana."
"The solution appears to be quite stable."
"The ability to build subtasks and break things down off of our major tasks has been very valuable. It is very stable and extremely scalable. The initial setup is very simple."
"Asana, despite its compact size, proves to be incredibly valuable. When initiating a project, it offers the ability to generate a personalized form for clients. In this particular context, my clients include the customer success team and solution architects. This feature allows me to provide them with a convenient means to submit their requests, resembling a ticketing system geared towards internal operations. Moreover, it enables efficient allocation within my team. For instance, if a question pertains to customer success, I can assign it to the CSOps manager and the team. Similarly, if it relates to a specific channel, it can be allocated accordingly."
"This solution is easier and faster to use compared to Jira. It's not very structured and you can add sub-tasks and issues easily."
"The solution's UI is very user-friendly, and it is not that hard to define the shapes you are looking for or to import them."
"Online Collaboration made it easy to brainstorm."
"It is a versatile tool suitable for various tasks, including process modeling."
"As a consultant managing multiple projects, I find Miro's collaboration features highly beneficial."
"Miro significantly enhances brainstorming sessions."
"Integrations with so many other tools make this platform highly useful."
"The product's initial setup phase is simple and straightforward."


"This solution has a learning curve, where it is initially difficult to use."
"We don't get enough notifications."
"Currently, there are only a few available options, but it would be helpful to have more control over the notifications received."
"Some updates are outdated, and their functionalities can affect the end outcomes."
"It's hard to integrate Asana into other parts of the company workflow, so integration is an area for improvement."
"The documentation for integration could be improved. We require more information to facilitate the integrations."
"In some instances, there were subtasks where more than one person needed to review it, but I could only assign it to one person. I would have to create a subtask under a subtask and then assign it to other people. This could be improved."
"The documentation could be enhanced by incorporating more visually informative videos that demonstrate how to accomplish specific tasks. While Asana's community support is valuable for answering questions, finding precise answers often requires sifting through multiple posts. Having concise and explanatory videos would greatly improve the user experience. When searching on platforms like Google, there are many individuals sharing their approaches to using Asana. However, the information provided is often not directly applicable to one's specific needs. Therefore, it would be advantageous to have comprehensive video tutorials that address common user queries. This would provide a more efficient and intuitive way of accessing information, especially when it comes to learning how to navigate and utilize Asana's features effectively."
"The solution could be available on mobile."
"It should have a desktop version."
"I would like to see enhancements in Miro, especially when working with tables like Excel."
"Maybe at some point, Miro should be able to use AI to provide analysis from the brainstorming sessions or files fed into it."
"When I imported an image to Miro, my friend saw it differently from what I saw when I changed the size of it."
"The product subscription is very expensive. The pricing could be better."
"I don't see the need to have updates in the product every other month or every other day."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"I can describe Asana's pricing as a sweet spot since it is neither very high nor very low, especially regarding the value Asana adds to its products...In our company, we use 50 percent of the features provided by Asana, because of which we only pay 50 percent of Asana's total cost."
"We paid a monthly licensing fee for the product."
"Asana has two different types of structures: company vs workspace. Company is really best if all the users you plan to assign work to are all internal (have the same corporate domain in their user ID email address). Once one person signs up (even for a free account) with a corporate email address, Asana will automatically relate that person to that company, if it already exists. If you plan to use it for external collaboration as well as internal, then creating a workspace is a better approach."
"The cost is $25 US per unit per month."
"The solution's free version can be used for basic functions."
"For what it brings to the table, I think Asana is fairly affordable. I would like to see the portfolio feature in our pricing plan, but other than that, it's definitely pretty good."
"It has a free version."
"There is a free version of Asana, but we use the paid version to receive all the features we want. The overall price is reasonable."
"The product's price is low. Monthly and yearly subscriptions are available when it comes to the licensing part of the product."
"The product costs approximately $300 per user."
"The initial cost of Miro was a bit high for me as a small company. However, considering its many benefits and the number of projects I have, it's reasonable and worth the investment."
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Questions from the Community

What do you like most about Asana?
The solution's user interface is very good.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Asana?
Currently, I'm using Asana for free. The solution's free version can be used for basic functions. When my colleagues start using it, I will contact Asana and find the most efficient plan for us.
Which would you choose - Miro or Figma?
Windows Server integrates well with all Microsoft and many other mainstream solutions. Building a Failover Cluster is comparatively much easier in Windows Server than with other solutions. We reall...
What do you like most about Miro?
Integrations with so many other tools make this platform highly useful.



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