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As of July 2024, in the Data Warehouse category, the mindshare of Apache Hadoop is 5.5%, down from 6.5% compared to the previous year. The mindshare of Microsoft Analytics Platform System is 0.3%, down from 0.7% compared to the previous year. It is calculated based on PeerSpot user engagement data.
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Apr 11, 2024
Handles huge data volumes and create your own workflows and tables but you need to have deeper knowledge
We primarily use Kafka for intensive data streaming. For batch-based processing, we use Hadoop. Additionally, we have our own custom batch catalog that likely helps prepare data for further analysis or use. We have many projects where our main data storage is done in Hadoop only. All projects take data from Hadoop to provide data insights and reports. Hadoop YARN for resource management is a really good aspect. It is is very good for managing large data volumes. It allows us to monitor data processing effectively. We can see how much data there is, the consumption of RAM or ROM, and how resources are allocated. It's good for managing and previewing the scale of data processing.
MahmoudMohamed1 - PeerSpot reviewer
Dec 27, 2023
Offers smooth data integration between systems, but requires better real-time analytics capabilities
We mainly use it for high-level decision-making insights in the education industry. We also use it for operational reports and data integration between systems We leverage its capabilities for many applications. We can integrate with our databases, like Oracle, MySQL, or any other, using…

Quotes from Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:


"As compared to Hive on MapReduce, Impala on MPP returns results of SQL queries in a fairly short amount of time, and is relatively fast when reading data into other platforms like R."
"Hadoop is designed to be scalable, so I don't think that it has limitations in regards to scalability."
"It is a reliable product."
"It's open-source, so it's very cost-effective."
"They have integrated other tools as well, like Power BI and Oracle BI, both on Azure, for reporting. Oracle BI is difficult to integrate."
"​​Data ingestion: It has rapid speed, if Apache Accumulo is used."
"Hadoop File System is compatible with almost all the query engines."
"What I like about Apache Hadoop is that it's for big data, in particular big data analysis, and it's the easier solution. I like the data processing feature for AI/ML use cases the most because some solutions allow me to collect data from relational databases, while Hadoop provides me with more options for newer technologies."
"This solution will connect to any database, you can combine databases, and you can create a cube or tabular model."
"Helps our customers to discover trends, which provides useful information based on their business."
"Microsoft Analytics Platform System's most valuable feature is its ecosystems and seamless integration with other Microsoft reporting platforms and databases."
"The Cube Solution is quite different when compared to the rest of the competition and has unique functionality for advanced analytics."
"This is a well-integrated solution and that integration empowers results."
"It is closely integrated with other products in the MS portfolio."
"We leverage its capabilities for many applications. We can integrate with our databases, like Oracle, MySQL, or any other, using Microsoft Integration Services."
"I like that it's integrated with other Azure products."


"In certain cases, the configurations for dealing with data skewness do not make any sense."
"The integration with Apache Hadoop with lots of different techniques within your business can be a challenge."
"I think more of the solution needs to be focused around the panel processing and retrieval of data."
"The upgrade path should be improved because it is not as easy as it should be."
"What could be improved in Apache Hadoop is its user-friendliness. It's not that user-friendly, but maybe it's because I'm new to it. Sometimes it feels so tough to use, but it could be because of two aspects: one is my incompetency, for example, I don't know about all the features of Apache Hadoop, or maybe it's because of the limitations of the platform. For example, my team is maintaining the business glossary in Apache Atlas, but if you want to change any settings at the GUI level, an advanced level of coding or programming needs to be done in the back end, so it's not user-friendly."
"There are certain shortcomings when it comes to the product's technical support part, making it an area where improvements are required."
"Real-time data processing is weak. This solution is very difficult to run and implement."
"The price could be better. I think we would use it more, but the company didn't want to pay for it. Hortonworks doesn't exist anymore, and Cloudera killed the free version of Hadoop."
"I think the biggest problem with the product is that it does a data ingest model, which is very expensive."
"The flexibility of this solution needs to be improved because you cannot make changes at every one of the different steps."
"Machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities need to be more friendly for beginning users."
"Functionality needs to be more up-to-date with competing products."
"Releases of new products and functionality is never accompanied by associated documentation, training and resources that adequately explain the release."
"We need better real-time analytics capabilities. It's a bit challenging for us."
"The pricing model needs to be improved."
"Microsoft Analytics Platform System could have better support."

Pricing and Cost Advice

"This is a low cost and powerful solution."
"The price could be better. Hortonworks no longer exists, and Cloudera killed the free version of Hadoop."
"The price of Apache Hadoop could be less expensive."
"For any big enterprise the costs can be handled, and it is suitable for big enterprises because the scale of data is large. For medium and small enterprises, the tool is on the high-price side."
"It's reasonable, but there's room for improvement in cost-effectiveness."
"We don't directly pay for it. Our clients pay for it, and they usually don't complain about the price. So, it is probably acceptable."
"We just use the free version."
"If my company can use the cloud version of Apache Hadoop, particularly the cloud storage feature, it would be easier and would cost less because an on-premises deployment has a higher cost during storage, for example, though I don't know exactly how much Apache Hadoop costs."
"We are currently paying $200,000 a year for all the different parts of the suite during an ingest model Microsoft now charges us $700,000 a year."
"The initial price is lower than Oracle, but extensive use of SQL may lead to a higher total cost of ownership."
"Users have to pay extra for premium-level technical support."
"I rate Microsoft Analytics Platform System a seven out of ten for pricing."
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Questions from the Community

What do you like most about Apache Hadoop?
It's primarily open source. You can handle huge data volumes and create your own views, workflows, and tables. I can also use it for real-time data streaming.
What needs improvement with Apache Hadoop?
Since it is an open-source product, there won't be much support. So, you have to have deeper knowledge. You need to improvise based on that.
What do you like most about Microsoft Analytics Platform System?
We leverage its capabilities for many applications. We can integrate with our databases, like Oracle, MySQL, or any other, using Microsoft Integration Services.
What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Microsoft Analytics Platform System?
It's not too confusing. It's based on features, and we don't have to buy additional licenses.
What needs improvement with Microsoft Analytics Platform System?
We need better real-time analytics capabilities. It's a bit challenging for us. Moreover, there are some permission limitations.

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