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We performed a comparison between AgileBlue and SentinelOne Singularity Complete based on real PeerSpot user reviews.

Find out what your peers are saying about CrowdStrike, SentinelOne, Wazuh and others in Extended Detection and Response (XDR).
To learn more, read our detailed Extended Detection and Response (XDR) Report (Updated: May 2024).
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Quotes From Members
We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use.
Here are some excerpts of what they said:
"There is also one dashboard that shows us the status of many controls at once and the details I can get... It gives a great overview of many areas, such as files, emails, chats, and links. Even with the apps, it gives you a great overview. In one place you can see where you should look into things more deeply...""The attack simulation is excellent; initially, this feature wasn't very robust, but Microsoft improved what we could achieve with it. We can now customize our practice phishing emails and include our company logo, for example. Attack simulation also helps integrate with third-party solutions where applicable and provides an overview of our security architecture through testing. The summary includes areas for improvement in our protection and what steps we need to take to get there.""The solution is well integrated with applications. It is easy to maintain and administer.""Microsoft 365 Defender is simple to upgrade.""The visibility into threats is also very impressive because Microsoft helps you predict things and provides analytics to help you really improve your security. And all of this technology works across the domain, so it is pretty helpful in terms of threat analytics.""The advantage of Microsoft Defender XDR has over other XDRs in the market is that it's easy to use. You can quickly differentiate between alerts, incidents, devices, software, etc. It's easier to investigate an incident, and you have so many options. You can automate investigations and use playbooks. There's also the live response session, which is something you can't find in any other XDR.""It has great stability.""I like Defender XDR's automation capabilities. XDR isn't automated by default, but you can automate it to respond. If an attack is performed anywhere within the organization, you can isolate that instance from the network. This is what I can figure out for it. When integrated with Sentinel, you can set up playbooks to automate all the alerts gathered on Sentinel from different Microsoft solutions. Sentinel has a wider range of capabilities than XDR."

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"In addition to managing the SOC, they offer Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) capabilities for servers and systems. What stood out for us is the product's lightweight nature, unlike other EDRs we evaluated that tend to be system-intensive. This lightweight feature significantly piqued our interest and influenced our decision to use the solution. The solution is stable. I rate it a seven out of ten. The solution is scalable. I rate it an eight out of ten. The support team is remarkably prompt. They quickly resolve any issues we encounter. The initial setup was straightforward. With strong timings and BSLAs, AgileBlie stands out when compared to competitors."

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"SentinelOne's auto-rollback feature is the most valuable.""I appreciate the network control as well as the device control.""I work in vulnerability management, and for me, at the moment, its automation is most valuable. For the SOC team, incident visibility would be most valuable, but for me, it is automation.""The product can scale.""The visibility and, obviously, the protection aspects are second to none when it comes to speed. Another thing we fall back on is the option to roll back an endpoint if it is infected. There is a shadow copy so that if a PC downloads malicious content, we can roll it back to the state it was in before that package was imported.""I have found the activity timeline and threat analysis to be particularly useful.""The Storyline feature has significantly affected our incident response time. Originally, what would take us hours, now it takes us several minutes.""We find the solution to be scalable."

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"The Defender agent itself is more compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 11. Other than these two lines, there are so many compatibility issues. Security is not only about Microsoft. The core technical aspects of it are quite good, but it would be good if they can better support non-Microsoft solutions in terms of putting the agents directly into VMware and other virtualization solutions. There should be more emphasis on RHEL and other operating systems that we use, other than Windows, in the server category.""Microsoft frequently changes the names of its products, sometimes even renaming entire portals or features.""Microsoft Defender XDR is not a full-fledged EDR or XDR.""There are other SIEM solutions that are easier to use, mainly based on the creation of rules, use cases, and groups.""The console is missing some features that would be helpful for a managed services provider, like device and user management.""The advanced threat-hunting capabilities are phenomenal, and the security copilot enhances that, but some data elements could be better or have more context inside of the advanced tables themselves. The schemas feel a little limited to what they're building into the product. It's probably just a maturity thing. I imagine we'll see the features I want in the next year.""I'd like to see a wider solution that includes not only desktop devices but also other devices, such as servers, storage cabinets, switching equipment, et cetera.""The solution does not offer a unified response and standard data."

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"There is always room for improvement. There's potential for further enhancement in the capabilities of the EDR. However, there are positive changes we are satisfied with. They revamped the dashboard, addressing a previous issue."

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"SentinelOne is making a lot of moves to acquire various companies, but the roadmap isn't clear, and it is still uncertain how the new acquisitions will integrate. For example, SentinelOne recently acquired a mobile security solution, but there is no real integration between the platforms.""The documentation provided for implementation is not adequate and has caused us challenges.""The way Singularity Complete handles blocking external mass storage is annoying because it is so difficult to unblock single endpoints.""Singularity's reporting isn't that great. The dashboards could be more customizable. It could be better integrated with other tools. SIEM tools provide better feeds. Singularity is a separate product altogether. It does not give enough information to integrate with different solutions to correlate better.""There is not much flexibility in terms of policy fine-tuning. We can turn it off or turn it on, but, there's nothing much else to do. Everything is predefined. It's good in a way, but you don't get much flexibility if you want to do something particular.""It would help if they could get all the relevant threat information, the related events, in one place. Currently, we need to go to a number of places and do research. If they could have it all in one place, that would help investigations.""They need to improve how we install the software.""Since SentinelOne Hologram was an Attivo Networks product acquired by Microsoft, I have to install a different agent on endpoints for that product. It would be better if the same SentinelOne agent could be used for both the EDR and deception technology."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
  • "The solutions price is fair for what they offer."
  • "The price could be better. Normally, the costs depend on the country you're located in for the license. When we were in the initial stage, we went with the E5 license they call premium standard. It cost us around $5.20 per month for four users."
  • "The price of the solution is high compared to others and we have lost some customers because of it."
  • "Microsoft is not competitive with the pricing of the solution. The competitors are able to offer lower discounts. The price of the solution is higher."
  • "We have a lot of problems in Latin America regarding the price of Microsoft 365 Defender, because the relationship between dollars and the money of the different countries, it's is a lot. Many customers that have small businesses say that they would like the solution but it is too expensive. However, large companies do not find the cost an issue."
  • "The most valuable licensing option is expensive, so pricing could be improved. Licensing options for this solution also need to be consolidated, because they frequently change."
  • "Microsoft should provide lower-level licensing options. They should do it in such a way that even an individual could purchase a license, and it should be entirely flexible."
  • "They have moved from a licensing model to pay-per-use... The question is: What happens if, for any reason, there's not enough budget to accept this model? That could be a great problem."
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  • "The solution’s pricing is reasonable. There are no hidden costs or additional fees involved."
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  • "The price is competitive, if you compare it with other solutions on the market."
  • "Spend money on the security for the endpoint."
  • "The price for it is very competitive compared to other Next Gen EPP."
  • "The per-seat cost is low, but you have to commit to a certain number of licenses for a year."
  • "The larger count you have, the deeper discount you will receive in your contract."
  • "Our licensing fees are about $5 USD per endpoint, per month."
  • "USD$6 per end point which decreases as end points increase."
  • "Pricing is a bit of a pain point. That's where we have not been able to convince all of our customers to use SentinelOne. The pricing is still on the higher side. It's almost double the price, if not more, of a normal antivirus, such as NOD32, Kaspersky, or Symantec."
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    771,740 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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    Top Answer:The solution’s pricing is reasonable. There are no hidden costs or additional fees involved.
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    Also Known As
    Microsoft 365 Defender, Microsoft Threat Protection, MS 365 Defender
    Sentinel Labs, SentinelOne Singularity
    Learn More

    Microsoft Defender XDR is a comprehensive security solution designed to protect against threats in the Microsoft 365 environment. 

    It offers robust security measures, comprehensive threat detection capabilities, and an efficient incident response system. With seamless integration with other Microsoft products and a user-friendly interface, it simplifies security management tasks. 

    Users have found it effective in detecting and preventing various types of attacks, such as phishing attempts, malware infections, and data breaches.

    Watch the Microsoft demo video here: Microsoft Defender XDR demo video.

    AgileBlue is a proven SOC | XDR platform that detects cyberattacks to cloud, network and endpoints, so you can rest easy.

    SentinelOne is a leading comprehensive enterprise-level autonomous security solution that is very popular in today’s marketplace. SentinelOne will ensure that today’s aggressive dynamic enterprises are able to defend themselves more rapidly, at any scale, and with improved precision, by providing comprehensive, thorough security across the entire organizational threat surface.

    SentinelOne makes keeping your infrastructure safe and secure easy and affordable. They offer several tiered levels of security and varied payment options. SentinelOne works well with Linux, Windows, and MacOS, and can successfully support legacy infrastructures as well as the newer popular environments, including the latest operating systems. The single pane of glass management will save time and money by reducing manpower and ensuring comprehensive security protection of all your endpoints locally and worldwide.

    SentinelOne offers intensive training and support to meet every organization’s unique business needs.

    SentinelOne's levels of services and support include, but are not limited to:

    SentinelOne GO is a guided 90-day onboarding service to ensure successful deployment and success. It assists with the deployment planning and overview, initial user setup, and product overviews. It provides ongoing training and advisory meetings, ensuring that everything is set up correctly and that your team understands the appropriate protocols to ensure success.

    SentinelOne offers multi-tiered support based on your organizational needs from small business to enterprise, using their Designed Technical Account Management (TAM). They have support for every business level: Standard, Enterprise, and Enterprise Pro. SentinelOne is always available to ensure that you and your organization work together to minimize the risk of downtime and any threat exposure.

    Threat Hunting & Response Services

    Support for threat hunting and response include Watch Tower, Watch Tower Pro, Vigilance Respond, and Vigilance Respond Pro. Each of these services builds on the other, progressively adding features based on your organizational needs.

    Watch Tower: This is the entry-level plan and includes: Active campaign hunting and cyber crime alerts and course correction for potential threats, access to the Monthly Hunting & Intelligence Digest.

    Watch Tower Pro: Includes everything in WatchTower and customized threat hunting for all current & historical threats, unlimited access to Signal Hunting Library of Pre-Built Queries, Incident-Based Triage and Hunting, continuous customer service, followup and reporting, a Security Assessment, and quarterly Cadence meetings.

    Vigilance Respond: Includes all of the features of Watch Tower in addition to a security assessment and Cadence meetings, which are on-demand. Provides the features of Watch Tower Pro in addition to 24x7x365 monitoring, triage, and response.

    Vigilance Respond Pro: Includes all of the features of the above options, including a security assessment and quarterly cadence meeting as well as a complete digital forensic investigation and malware analysis.

    Reviews from Real Users

    Jeff D. who is an Operations Manager at Proton Dealership IT, tells us that "The detection rate for Sentinel One has been excellent and we have been able to resolve many potential threats with zero client impact. The ability to deploy via our RMM allows us to quickly secure new clients and provides peace of mind."

    "The most valuable feature varies from client to client but having absolute clarity of what happened and the autonomous actions of SentinelOne are what most people find the most assuring." relates Rae J., Director IR and MDR at a tech services company.

    Sample Customers
    Accenture, Deloitte, ExxonMobil, General Electric, IBM, Johnson & Johnson and many others.
    Information Not Available
    Havas, Flex, Estee Lauder, McKesson, Norfolk Southern, JetBlue, Norwegian airlines, TGI Friday, AVX, Fim Bank
    Top Industries
    Manufacturing Company18%
    Computer Software Company15%
    Financial Services Firm13%
    Computer Software Company17%
    Financial Services Firm10%
    Manufacturing Company8%
    No Data Available
    Manufacturing Company16%
    Computer Software Company11%
    Financial Services Firm9%
    Comms Service Provider7%
    Computer Software Company18%
    Manufacturing Company7%
    Financial Services Firm6%
    Company Size
    Small Business40%
    Midsize Enterprise24%
    Large Enterprise35%
    Small Business26%
    Midsize Enterprise17%
    Large Enterprise57%
    No Data Available
    Small Business40%
    Midsize Enterprise24%
    Large Enterprise36%
    Small Business35%
    Midsize Enterprise19%
    Large Enterprise46%
    Buyer's Guide
    Extended Detection and Response (XDR)
    May 2024
    Find out what your peers are saying about CrowdStrike, SentinelOne, Wazuh and others in Extended Detection and Response (XDR). Updated: May 2024.
    771,740 professionals have used our research since 2012.

    AgileBlue is ranked 25th in Extended Detection and Response (XDR) with 1 review while SentinelOne Singularity Complete is ranked 2nd in Extended Detection and Response (XDR) with 177 reviews. AgileBlue is rated 8.0, while SentinelOne Singularity Complete is rated 8.8. The top reviewer of AgileBlue writes "A Lightweight Solution Offering a Seamless Experience". On the other hand, the top reviewer of SentinelOne Singularity Complete writes "Provides peace of mind and is good at ingesting data and correlating". AgileBlue is most compared with CrowdStrike Falcon, whereas SentinelOne Singularity Complete is most compared with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, CrowdStrike Falcon, Darktrace, ThreatLocker Protect and Datto Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR).

    See our list of best Extended Detection and Response (XDR) vendors.

    We monitor all Extended Detection and Response (XDR) reviews to prevent fraudulent reviews and keep review quality high. We do not post reviews by company employees or direct competitors. We validate each review for authenticity via cross-reference with LinkedIn, and personal follow-up with the reviewer when necessary.