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Acronis Cyber Protect
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ConnectWise BCDR
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Disaster Recovery (DR) Software (44th), SaaS Backup (52nd), MSP Backup (21st)

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Ahmed Yaser Ibrahim - PeerSpot reviewer
Feb 6, 2023
A single solution protecting all platforms, that is highly secure, and easy to deploy
The pricing is significantly higher than it was last year, which is understandable since they have introduced new technology, such as transitioning from backup to cybersecurity. This has required a large investment in development, so it is reasonable for Acronis to raise the price. However, existing customers may be taken aback by the sudden price increase when they renew their accounts or licenses. Talking about the Acronis Service Provider platform, I wish Acronis had a feature that would allow me to set an expiry date for created customers and issued licenses on both the "Per Workload" and "Per Gigabyte" options. This way, I could receive a reminder when a customer's subscription is about to expire without the need to integrate third-party tools. Unfortunately, this is not available in the service provider portal. This would be extremely helpful for service providers and should be included in the future. Since Acronis stopped selling perpetual licenses, Acronis should take action to ensure that perpetual licenses are not functional if customers do not renew them. They should also strive to set reasonable renewal prices for perpetual licenses and create a mechanism to help us and customers who want to upgrade their licenses to subscription or service providers without being burdened with an exorbitant fee. It is clear that Acronis must review its pricing model and create a system that will make it easier for customers to upgrade without breaking the bank. We're losing customers due to the fact that there is a huge gap between renewing perpetual licenses and subscription licenses. On the other hand, perpetual licenses, which are valid for life, do not require renewal for the software to continue working. Therefore, customers may be hesitant to renew maintenance support for these licenses due to the higher cost even if they won't get any updates or support, but many of them still say that the software is stable enough for them and they don't need to renew. However, with a reasonable price, many customers are now renewing. With these significant price increases for their perpetual license renewal, I found it to be unreasonable. However, I have no issues with their subscription and service provider models. Acronis needs to find a way to address the price increases for their perpetual licenses.
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"We use the free version that provides very basic functionalities."
"I would rate the solution’s pricing an eight out of ten. The tool’s subscription is yearly."
"Pricing is what it is. I don't shop around once I find a good solution. I insist they maintain ongoing support year after year for updates and tech support."
"I find the pricing structure satisfactory, it is around $25 per year."
"You pay for what you use in the cloud. If you don't start the virtual machine in the cloud, you only pay for the information stored there. But when you start the virtual machine, another pricing model is activated."
"We pay a yearly subscription fee and the pricing is reasonable."
"There are monthly fees to use Acronis Backup."
"The price of the solution is expensive and could be reduced a little."
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Acronis Backup, Acronis Backup 12.5 Standard, Acronis Backup 12.5 Advanced
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