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May 25, 2023
All the features align perfectly with the CISA zero-trust framework
I am impressed with Entrust because they are one of the most advanced identity access management companies. Their portfolio of products is well aligned with the CISA zero trust framework. If you compare the features of Entrust products with the CISA pillars of zero trust, you'll see that they're perfectly matched with CISA requirements. Entrust offers advanced frictionless multifactor authentication with a very sophisticated risk engine. The risk engine is a critical component of user authentication because risk scanning has multiple variables, including geolocation. When you're receiving attacks from an internet-facing side of the equation, the risk is greater for login attempts that originate outside of your home country. For example, the risk engine detects that a person is trying to authenticate with these credentials, but he's not in Puerto Rico. He's in Russia. You immediately deny access. Employees can do multifactor authentication with face ID or a push notification on their phone. They only need to put their faces up to the phone and press "yes" to be securely identified. It's a highly secure, frictionless form of authentication.

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What needs improvement with Entrust IdentityGuard?
The main issue I've noticed pertains to setting up the desktop client on virtual machines in Azure, GCP, or AWS, specifically for Entrust Identity Enterprise intended for on-premises use. It works ...
What is your primary use case for Entrust IdentityGuard?
I use it for an extra layer of security, that is two-factor authentication (2FA).
What advice do you have for others considering Entrust IdentityGuard?
I would recommend it. I've used it for three years now, and I'm very happy with it. Overall, I would rate the solution a nine out of ten.

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