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ITIM4.6 to ITIM5.1 Migration and Up-gradation project

it_user183126 - PeerSpot reviewer
Senior Software Engineer at HCL Technologies
5000 people affected
5000 people managed
6 month project

Project Description

ITIM Migration project, was involved in building the new Identity Management System environment for the organization and migration of existing data from the current environment i.e. ITIM 4.6 to the new environment i.e. ITIM 5.1.

I was responsible for:

Requirement study, design and assessment.

Building the New Tivoli Identity Manager Environment with ITIM server components in PROD, Pre-PROD and DR environments.

Configuring the environment includes, the configuration of WAS clustering

Installing and configuring DB2 in High Availability Disaster Recovery (HADR).

Configuring Real Time Data Sync between the two nodes of ITDS in each environment of PROD and DR environment and in between PROD and DR.

Migration the Tivoli Identity Manager Data base data and Directory data from the Existing ITIM solution Infrastructure to the New ITIM Infrastructure.

Installing ITDI and developing Assembly Line (AL) with Java Scripting.

Installing and configuring the AD adapter and Reverse Password Synch in the ITIM and the AD domain controllers.

Integration of ITIM to the AD.

Initial testing and bug fixing for the changes from ITIM v4.6 to ITIM v5.1

Testing, KT and Handover

Lessons Learned

Would try to implement real-time synch between Production and DR environment, as in the current architecture even though ITDS of Prod and DR and in MMR, so there are real-time synch, but The DB2 database need periodic manual restoration at DR environment and restart of complete ITIM environment at DR side. I would try to implement script which would perform all the stop activities of the ITIM services and then data restoration at DB2 and then start of ITIM services without manual intervention.


Under budget
Received recognition / award
Support from colleagues


Steep learning curve
Hard to meet schedule

Products Used

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