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Which Network Management System is better, IBM Netcool or HP Node Manager?

dkusma - PeerSpot reviewer
Computer Engineer at a comms service provider with 501-1,000 employees

We need to compare two Network Management Systems, IBM Netcool and Network Node Manager (HP).  We are choosing the product for a company in the telecom industry. A comparison of various features would be helpful in choosing a product.



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it_user106518 - PeerSpot reviewer

We had Netcool for a few years and we droped it in favor of CA Spectrum. Overall deployment of Netcool was considered a failure. Even What's Up Gold was better as a transition solution to CA. Unfortunately I cannot recommend Spectrum either because it's a hardware resources hog and it performs slow. Also the cost of Spectrum is per network interface polled and Support costs a fortune.

it_user101031 - PeerSpot reviewer
Real User

I have excellent experiences with HP Network Node Manager.
A mature tool with good human Interface - reducing Errors.

it_user10194 - PeerSpot reviewer

The choice between 2 which both are not that friendly.... Guess it is really up to
what your requirements are. Netcool is a very good system and very
flexible, as where HP is somewhat limited. The only thing with IBM is that
it is bloody expensive and they are arrogant. If you don't spend enough they
will not help. So again, comes down to the requirements and wishes, the
organisation where it needs to be implemented and the level of self support
an organisation can provide themselves....

There are more alternatives out there...

it_user144963 - PeerSpot reviewer
Real User

On youtube the IBM service management highlights how Mibtree uses IBM Netcool Operations Insight with Analytics to provide better insights and better understand IT operations and support for their customer's IT Operations. On the other hand, HP enterprise business talks about bringing value to customers with HP Network Node Manager. So then you can compare easier I think.

it_user76911 - PeerSpot reviewer

Based on my experience I would suggest you for Entuity - EYE which got perfect features required for a Network monitoring tool requirement. Feature like In-Depth Real time monitoring, Flows, Network Maps, Inventory Management, Event Management, easy to integrate.

it_user167895 - PeerSpot reviewer

If you have not heared from SevOne and have been in contact with them.
Please do, It will save you a lot of money and you will be the champ

You can compare it as riding a bike (you have to paddle) versus a solar
driven car that works

If you do so, send me a credit for buying a cake. That will do for me :)

THX, Ronald Jansen

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