Which is better - Apigee or Amazon API Gateway?

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Nov 4, 2021

Amazon API Gateway is a platform that supports the creation and publication of API for web applications. The platform can support thousands of simultaneous API calls, and it provides monitoring, management, and access control.

It is an excellent platform for building APIs. Amazon Gateway is simple to use and affordable with its pay-as-you-go service. It supports third-party authentication and authorization. It provides an authorization management point to access internal services. We can use API keys, authorization hooks, and usage plans. It provides API key management, Lambda integration, testing, and rapid development.

API GW is great for giving access to asynchronous operations that don’t need to be online all the time. It is useful and multi-purpose. We can integrate authentication to our APIs, consolidate the responses from different API endpoints, and provide a single access point to web service APIs. It is a great solution for service orchestration, request throttling, authentication, and authorization.

The system could be easier to set up, though. We also noticed issues when trying to attach the client certificates to the API GW.

Apigee Edge is available as a cloud service. It offers API monitoring, filtering, request throttling, and security. It can orchestrate multiple microservice requests. The best feature we tested was the load balancer, which enables us to target different servers. It works well for securing APIs, especially implementing authorization. It also enables redundancy in the server, having one on if another is down.

The support is not the best, though, and the documentation is not comprehensive either.


Apigee’s lack of cloud provider integration is a problem. Amazon API GW is a superior solution. It provides more comprehensive orchestration and security. Apigee is a more basic tool that gets the job done.

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