How does Apigee differ from Azure API Management?

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Aug 17, 2021

Apigee offers both cloud-based and on-prem options while Microsoft Azure API Management currently only offers a cloud-based solution. Both solutions are easy to use.

Apigee allows for the ability to code in any language. It also offers generous flexibility in setting up your workspace based on how you want to manage your APIs, which is a big win for many of our clients. It is great for fast development and also offers excellent support documentation.

Microsoft Azure API Management offers source code examples to help developers learn API. It easily integrates with Microsoft/Azure and is a great tool if you are heavily integrated into that ecosystem.

Apigee has some lagging and functionality issues with integration that could be improved. It can also be pretty demanding on the infrastructure, so setup costs can be pretty high for onsite deployment. It does not offer the flexibility and customization of other solutions on the market today (including Azure API Management, which is very flexible). More analytics capabilities would be preferred so that we could get a better idea of actual traffic to the space.


Microsoft Azure API Management is a great solution if you are already heavily invested in the Microsoft Azure ecosystem as it will integrate easily and function seamlessly. However, Apigee offers a greater level of flexibility, It is very stable and scalable. It is a very lightweight solution with excellent technical support.

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Sep 8, 2021

@reviewer1650858 Azure API Mangement does offer an on-prem deployment of the gateway which is the reverse proxy underneath APIM. The APIM gui itself remains in Azure Portal, as well as metrics, logging, etc. but if someone needs the flexibility of a hybrid solution, they can deploy an APIM self-hosted gateway on-premises.

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