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Which is Best: Scheduler Control M, CA or Tidal?

it_user686973 - PeerSpot reviewer
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We are in process of evaluating best scheduler tool for our client. Currently we are using ASG Zena. We find it complex to administer and no technical documents are available to self learn.
I have gone through various articles and posts and seems like Control M, CA and Tidal are most widely used.
Can you guys please share your experiences/thoughts which one would be the best choice?


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William Linn - PeerSpot reviewer
Top 10Consultant

Control M has been around for a long time,  others are trying to get into the market,  I have used Tivoli Workload Scheduler and a HP scheduler both have problems at least in earlier versions,  didn't see the same kinds of problems with Control M. 

it_user534384 - PeerSpot reviewer

I recommends you using Atgen A2 Automation( as tool offers Agent Less WLA solutions for distributed systems with Browser based GUI. An simple product to administer and easy to use.

Bartłomiej Wlazłowski - PeerSpot reviewer

Please look at Enterprise Management Associates web page, they are doing WLA tools comparison for 15+ years. In recent edition (Q4 2019), our solution - AutomateNOW was ranked as most comprehensive WLA solution with state of art architecture. For more details, please reach us on

it_user520743 - PeerSpot reviewer
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In terms of functionality, integration, learning curve and administration. BMC Control-M ticks all those boxes. It's easy to install, compatible with almost all OS's & DB's and has the ability to import\convert cron & other scheduling jobs into Control-M jobs.

It also, by far, has the best visual representation of jobs than any other workload automation tool I've used. You can easily see all jobs across your estate and their dependencies at a glance.

The knowledge-base is vast and I rarely have to make use of the vendor support. It really is a great piece of software.

it_user585141 - PeerSpot reviewer

You do not have the right mix of comparison of products…we replace Control M all year at many sites so you are not looking at the leader in space and one that is modern and if compared you would never pick Control M

it_user534384 - PeerSpot reviewer

I have long experience(nearly 15 years) with Control-M and CA AutoSys. But was unhappy in someway with both of them. Control-M lacks good command accessibility and AutoSys lacks Web Interface/API's. Go given up, and started writing my own Enterprise Job Scheduler, Atgen A2(, please visit and check Atgen A2.

it_user702192 - PeerSpot reviewer

Control M is one single console that you can create, modify, manage all your jobs. User friendly and easy to use, no coding. And you also update your agents from the central when the new version release.

it_user598152 - PeerSpot reviewer
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It’s Automic that’s best for this.

it_user700755 - PeerSpot reviewer
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CA Workload Automation or One Automic would be the best way forward, based on the need and requirement you can select the solution which best suits your needs, rather than going with a generic workload automation solution and end up over paying !

it_user701097 - PeerSpot reviewer
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We were in same situation 6 months back. We evaluated more then 10 vendors and came to stonebranch and presently doing poc for the same.

Multiple factors which made us to select was.
The distributed environment like we have mainframes,AS400 ,you need to really check if all other vendors have agents for your distributed environment.
mostly the references of existing customer using this product. When we talk and saw there environment with setup we were really impressed.
The process/cost of migrating from existing to new vendor.
multiple ..other factors.

So far with the POC and support of vendor it looks very promising to me.

it_user302919 - PeerSpot reviewer
Real User

The best choice should always reflect your current/future usage and your requirements. You should definitely investigate the various solutions on the market to determine the best fit. CA Workload Automation is the highest rated on IT Central Station in terms of Views and Reviews, and with the recent Automic Accquistion, provides an unmatched set of capabilities. What are your primary requirements for a replacement scheduling solution? What applications do you need to automate? What platforms does it need to support?

William Linn - PeerSpot reviewer
Top 10Consultant

Control M then IBM's product called Tivoli workload scheduler.

Ron Traub - PeerSpot reviewer
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We are very pleased with the CA Automic Workload Automation solution. We cross multiple platforms (application and operating systems) to streamline our critical daily, monthly and quarterly automation. The Automic team has been providing us with great solutions for the past 15 years.

it_user700938 - PeerSpot reviewer

I think one of the most underrated solutions is Stonebranch. The platform agnostic approach can schedule tasks/jobs both on-premise, hybrid, and in the cloud. If I were you, I would consider more cost effective options that future proof your task/job scheduling.

it_user544356 - PeerSpot reviewer

The best Scheduler is Tivoli Workload Scheduler. Much better than Control M and far ahead of CA and Tidal.

Mario Treviño Salazar - PeerSpot reviewer
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Hello. Control M is a very good scheduler application, but it's a little expensive. We have Control M in my work and we have also Automic Dollar scheduler, this last application is cheapper and it does the same. We are planning to leave everything in Automic Dollar, because it's cheapper and it's also a good tool

You can review this about Control-M, this review it's very good:

And this about Automic Dollar:

it_user438393 - PeerSpot reviewer
Real User

So there is already a good callout here for Control-M, but I will say that Tidal as a platform is probably not a good choice. Since it was acquired by Cisco so many years ago, innovation and development stopped, or at least slowed considerably. The UI is terribly slow to the point of being almost unusable, with third party resources doing health checks stating that “it is simply like that”. Not trying to bash the product, but my experience with it has not been in line with what I would think a company like Cisco would produce. If you are looking at other solutions, you might want to look at StoneBranch and ActiveBatch as well. I know they are not on your list but could offer diversity in your review. In full disclosure, I have not used those two but have evaluated them as Tidal-replacements. HTH!

it_user640500 - PeerSpot reviewer


We used Dollar Universe from CA (previously Orsyp then Automic and now owned by CA). We are going on to the version 6 (we currently used the old verrson 5). it is a simple but powerfull tool, the problem is the future, i don't think that our company need a more powerfull tool than One Automation.

About 50 servers under $U , one SAP landscape

We choose $U (the second in the list was Control M) because of the procimity and ractivity of Orsyp to our needs (for example to launch BODS jobs from $U with retrieving the bods log).

We never regretted our choice.

it_user612375 - PeerSpot reviewer

The best job scheduler is Control M for the functionalities covered and being a plan mode with a build that gives more agility in daily operations.

We also can have a look on OpCon, a strong growing solution that compete with Control M and much easier to use with a very nice user interface. Also, surely cheaper than Control M and high level of support and services included.

StorageAdmin835 - PeerSpot reviewer
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Definitely the best scheduling tool Control-M, Support with Bmc is excellent as well. I run my own Support group on WhatsApp as well which is international so if anyone wants to join can WhatsApp me on +27833823433

StorageAdmin835 - PeerSpot reviewer
Real User

Hi, Control-M has a gateway for Mainframe as well. We are able to administer Mainframe Schedules directly from Control-M as well.

StorageAdmin835 - PeerSpot reviewer
Real User

Hi, Control-M is by far the most manageable user friendly scheduling too in the market.

It is very well supported all over the world by BMC.

I has client installation on once PC, has a web self service access and has a mobile app for users.

It is easy to maintain and user friendly. I am from South Africa and every insurance company and Banks use Control-M.

I have used TWS before as well and IBM CA but it does not even come close to what Control-M has to offer.

it_user700752 - PeerSpot reviewer

If IBM is not a possibility, BMC then.
Try to allign with an IBM or BMC business partner with proven installation/setups already made "recently".
If customer has "Mainframe", IBM for sure.
Tidal i do not know but with CA, historically there was always too much scheduler engines to go for and no one in particular to get focused.

it_user593832 - PeerSpot reviewer


I don't know which solution is the best, it depends on so many things.

But as you want to self learn, why don't you try or have a look on Open
Source solutions as OJS or Rundeck?

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