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What is the best workload automation tool in the market?

I am researching workload automation tools. What is the best workload automation tool for the retail industry? We require up to 3000 nodes and simultaneous data transfer.

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There are a number of solid workload automation solutions for the retail industry. Tidal has many large retail clients that rely on our software. You will want to make sure that the retail applications in use are supported out of the box by your selected vendor. Feel free to reach out to sales@tidalsoftware.com if you would like additional information on our solution and how it can meet your specific needs.

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We use SMA Technologies, OpCon automation solution. It's a very powerful tool and is scalable. Their website: https://smatechnologies.com/

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@reviewer1657857 what do you like about this tool (2-3 features/functionality/etc)? Thanks

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@Evgeny Belenky 1. Built-in functionality to control servers of various platforms/OS (Windows, AIX, Linux, API etc.)2. Error reporting (email and/or SMS text messaging)3. The backbone is based on a SQL database4. Deploy functionality to test new automation, before deploying it into production5. Incredible customer support (24/7); you can even pay for consulting service, where they'll build the automation for you

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It all depends on your specific needs, how much you are willing to spend, and what functionality you need. 

Products like Control-M are great enterprise scheduling tools that need little if any customization to do almost anything you need but the price reflects that.  

Tools like JAMS were created more for developers and need a lot of custom-built code to do some of the more advanced functions ( although they are getting better with the latest version) and do not have all of the bells and whistles so have a more modest cost.  You definitely need to have them come in and do a POC to get the feel for what works best in your environment. 

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I recommend you using Atgen A2 Automation(www.atgensoft.com)

as tool offers Agent Less WLA solutions for distributed systems with

Browser based GUI. An simple product to administer and easy to use.

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There are several solid and reliable solutions. Please look at the EMA Radar WLA report from Q42019, this is the most comprehensive study within this area. Please reach us on sales@infinitedata.com, we can provide you complimentary copy of such. We are a provider of AutomateNOW! - most moderns and comprehensive WLA solutions, also present in the retail industry.

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It is interesting to know complementary information so that I can suggest to you a range of potential products like:

- Are the 3000 nodes are located around a few countries or in a unique site?

- Is the plan of production for each node similar?

- What tool do you use for data transfers?

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@Jean Bernard HUROU - different set of nodes across different countries. Basically need to implement group templates
- different plans/jobs for each country-currently using near EOS tool

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Not the best workload automation but rather mostly aligned to your requirements.  All automation tools have similar features, it is mandatory to stay on a market. Most of schedulers has ability to handle 3000 nodes, even per environment.  It is a good to check last Automation software radar reports. Also to take a look on tools with built-in data gateway. I can recommend two tools, Stonebranch's UAC and BMS's Control-M. Both are very good tools. They differes in a way of workload management and  maintenance.  It is up to you to get knowledge about both. It is a good practice to request for POC from the vendor on your infra to check which product will suit you more, which is easier manageble in you circumstances etc.  

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