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What is your recommended IT Service Management (ITSM) tool in 2022?

Hi community,

Can you please recommend an ITSM tool that you've been using?

I am looking for a tool to be used for ticketing, IT asset management, IT asset administration, and IT asset inventory.

Please also let me know what you like in particular about the tool.

Thanks for the help!

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JS4 - PeerSpot reviewer
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If you have a good budget and looking for a SaaS option, then you should only evaluate Gartner leaders in the ITSM space. 

ServiceNow is the best choice but is generally suitable for large enterprise customers. It is the most popular ITSM tool in the last few years.

BMC Helix ITSM is also a good choice as it has all the features with many new innovations coming up with every new release. It is also suitable for mid-size to large enterprise customers. BMC has a long history and is a pioneer in this field.

Another tool that you should evaluate is Ivanti Service Management - very nice UI, par with BMC Helix and ServiceNow, and at a cheaper price compared with ServiceNow and BMC.

Jonathan Yarbrough - PeerSpot reviewer
MSP Launched in 2020, our combined PSA-RMM platform is for those MSPs who want a modern, unified platform powered by AI.

Features like remote asset health management, intelligent alerting, intelligent ticket routing, and integrated service desk help in the delivery of IT support services to businesses of all sizes.

NinjaRMM: NinjaOne’s RMM offering has been around for quite some time and has a good reputation in the industry. With the addition of ticketing, data protection, and IT documentation services, it is now more of a robust suite than just an RMM system. Their pricing isn’t quite transparent; you have to get an independent quote to find out how much it’ll cost you, but there is a free trial.

Atera: This one leads has good remote access capabilities and ease of use. It has a simple UI that’s easy to learn and has a great mobile app too. The pricing also is transparent and starts at $79/agent per month.

ManageEngine Desktop Central: Zoho’s ManageEngine Central is a suite of endpoint management tools that work well as an RMM system for a managed service provider or internal IT department. Mobile device management is however an add-on. It has a free version that supports monitoring of up to 25 computers and mobile devices making it an SMBs favorite. Pricing is customized and quotes can be requested.

Naverisk: Naverisk is another PSA-RMM platform that aims to solve multiple issues for MSPs. Delivers most of the existing competitor’s features. Pricing starts at $110 per month and custom quotes are given to clients on request.

Syncro: An MSP platform that combines RMM capabilities with payments, marketing, and more, It offers a free 30-day trial and the plans start at $119/user per month.

ITarian: ITarian is one of the most well-known RMM products in the market. They offer most of the services and you can buy add-ons for additional features. It offers a free version of up to 50 endpoints, which is ideal for smaller enterprises, and each endpoint after that is charged $1.25 per month.

Garth Nel - PeerSpot reviewer
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Last year, we reviewed a few for that same purpose (medium-sized companies by the way). 

We found ServiceNow too heavy for our use (we wanted almost zero admin) and also found the 5 others we reviewed to not meet our needs. 

We went with FreshService (from FreshWorks) in the end - it has an asset inventory agent, can tie an asset to licenses and also a contract which we like. 

You can link a change request to other assets like network gear as well. I also liked the integration with Dell, via an easy-to-setup app that gave us warranty information for our laptops/desktops. 

The key for us here is that almost anybody in IT can configure it and they add regular features that make sense (it also has a project/task tracking tool we use as well for smaller projects). 

Jairo Willian Pereira - PeerSpot reviewer
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Service Now (is compliant with ITSM in all modules). 

GLPi continues increasing a lot.

Eric Dirst - PeerSpot reviewer
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If you can afford it, ServiceNow is by far the best platform for ITSM, in my opinion. 

Plus you can expand it beyond ITSM into monitoring, devops, Ops Mgmt, Field Mgmt, and take advantage of AI features, etc. 

It can be pricey, but you can negotiate. It's very flexible, and you can configure/change most things yourself, which is great. It has integrations with most of the platforms, although those integrations can cost extra (some don't cost anything).

Evgeny Belenky - PeerSpot reviewerEvgeny Belenky
Community Manager

@Eric Dirst thanks for your answer! 
What would be your 2nd choice of the product, if the budget is an issue?

Ravi Suvvari - PeerSpot reviewer
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One and only Snow Service Now

Mahmoud Nabil - PeerSpot reviewer

ManageEngine: Functionality and price. 

You get a lot of features for a fairly reasonable outlay. Incident/service/problem/asset management are all used extensively and effectively within our organization. 

We plan to use more modules (projects/contracts) as well.

Evgeny Belenky - PeerSpot reviewerEvgeny Belenky
Community Manager

@Mahmoud Nabil, which ManagerEngine's product do you refer to?

KevinO'Rourke - PeerSpot reviewer
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Cherwell ITSM is your best bet for ticketing, IT asset management, IT asset administration, and IT asset inventory. 

And now that it is fully integrated with Ivanti's toolset you have future-proofed yourself with the network and endpoint management software as well. 

Light but robust and comprehensive, no-code, easy implementation and a cost-effective cloud deployment make it an easy choice. And when you want to get outside the ITSM space, the same toolset with handle every enterprise service management use case reducing your total cost of ownership. 

Shibu Babuchandran - PeerSpot reviewer
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Hi @MichaelZhang ​,@Umair (Abu Mohaymin) Akhlaque@Jaikant S Rao@Jorge Ambrosio@Dawn McClure ​,

Please share your views for the best ITSM tool and why.

Thanks in advance.

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