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What is the biggest difference between Veritas NetBackup and Commvault?

Rony_Sklar - PeerSpot reviewer
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What are the biggest differences between the two? Which would you recommend?

Thanks! I appreciate the help. 

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Sashin Karmacharya - PeerSpot reviewer

Veritas doesn't have manual labeling of the tape library via GUI, Commvault somehow created a backup destination other than what I assigned it. Data consistency for the backup for both the software is good, I have successfully tested and recovered data from VM consistent backup and app consistent backup using both the software.

There is no decisive factor, trying all of them and finding the most suitable one for your data center would be a viable decision.

Ratnodeep Roy - PeerSpot reviewer
Top 5MSP

Veritas NetBackup is more logical and it's easy to understand the technicality behind the product. It has its own logs as per process, daemon, most error codes are self-explanatory, have a central catalog, better GUI and better integration with most of the DB's round the arena. 

Commvault can boast about its robust architecture, its global dedupe feature right out of the box (without any additional license), much better reports, has a better way of handling data and all products are under one license umbrella. 

Veritas NetBackup is mostly comfortable with tapes, has a better multiplexing and multi-streaming logic, less complexity in creating policies and good advanced CLI.

So if you want robust software with some brainstorming logic (like data readers, streams, global dedupe storage policy, data aging and many more) at a lower cost, then go for Commvault.

If you want a good GUI, less complexity and a product that can derive maximum juice out of the tapes with a hefty cost then go for Netbackup. 

In the end, both products are good and will give you good sleep at night. :)

Armando Carlos Monroy - PeerSpot reviewer
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Both software are good. We have both in production environments, but we have more Commvault installations 'cause we use it for all kinds of backups.

Ratnodeep Roy - PeerSpot reviewer
Top 5MSP

Go for netbackup if you have only vmware and onpremises , go for commvault if you need o365 ,slack and teams backups . 

Go for netbackup if you need proper method of troubleshooting , netbackup logs all the errors in the respective files and folders , go for commvault if you want a robust backup tool that need to check minutely at the time of implementation . 

Go for netbackup if you want to spend extra bucks for reporting and go for commvault if you want readymade report.

Netbackup is device dependent dedupe tool but commvault is a sofware dependent dedupe tool .

I am a netbackup  guy. 

Syed Abid Hussain - PeerSpot reviewer
Top 5Real User

Well both are comprehensive backup solutions. comm-vault has management One UI, Built-in security features, ransomware detection, immutability, data isolation, and recovery.

while Net-backup has Separate tools, interfaces, endpoint, and disaster recovery.Requires separate tools and 3rd party solutions for core cyber security functionality.

Both are industrial standards solutions and depends on your organization requirements and needs 

Muhammad Zahiruddin - PeerSpot reviewer

Good day.

Well, in my view the journey of Veritas from 1993 as BackupPlus then NetBackup with OpenV and move forward with Symantec to Veritas NetBack. They have captured lots of backup in the marketplace but, with more improvising & tactical history of Commvault since 1988 forwarded as SIMPANA, then Commvault in 2005 has considered the support and services and provisioned the best in class support. 

Besides, from a business perspective, where my needs are performance, I prefer Veritas for cloud backup provisions but Commvault for on-prem backup and recovery methodology. 

Business runs with services it requires to comply with standards and the major portion of tech reform is to accept with commercial model Commvault has the priority on commercials than Veritas though if it defines well on both provisions.


Mohammed Hassan - PeerSpot reviewer
Top 10Reseller

Integration, Ransomware protection and cloud component 

-Commvault frankly delivers more functionality within a single UI than Veritas, which relies on multiple tools to deliver features for their customers.

-"Click-click-done" - Commvault's native integration with a broad spectrum of databases, applications, hypervisors, and cloud technology means that out-of-the-box  can support more, and they don't need scripts to do it

- With Commvault No dependence on 3rd parties, hardware, or limitations regarding the delivery of key features:

"Ransomware protection"

- Commvault brings built-in ransomware detection and remediation technology which allows coverage of a wider range of data sources including dark/secure sites.

- Commvault has multiple options for immutability, air-gap, and data isolation.


-Veritas' ransomware solutions are based solely on immutable storage.

-Immutability is delivered via NetBackup appliances or OST certified storage


- Commvault has several avenues for cloud data protection, including the Metallic SaaS offering for VM/Cloud protection

- Commvault has provided elastic resourcing in the cloud for some time, supporting "cloud burst" activities as well as delivering better cloud economics for customers as it can scale up and down on demand.

- Commvault's native deduplication helps reduce cloud storage costs as well as egress or other charges for moving data across regions

- Commvault's cross-cloud and cross-hypervisor capabilities provide true multi-cloud support and flexibility 

MatthewMagbee - PeerSpot reviewer
Real User

Both have their place. I am not telling you which one is the best for you-- as I am not familiar with your infrastructure. I can, however, tell you that Commvault is the best and only choice for us.

Their reporting and granular features are far superior to the current options from Veritas. The methods and detail that goes into constructing your backup environment with Commvault will reflect not only your results- but the pride you take and the confidence you receive knowing that you made this choice. I have used both solutions and can speak methodically and accurately about both companies and their offerings.

SAN backups are more fluid and available with Commvault. Your VM environment will be impeded much less performance-wise snapping from the SAN level. Commvault does this -- perfectly. I will say that veritas is fiscally an easier choice as their ROI seems to be shorter than Commvault. But in the long run, it evens out. In the beginning - the amount of work and tasks required to complete your Commvault setup is far greater. But you will have a more rounded solution with more options for retention and proper data aging. I could go on. If you would like to know more let me know.

Again, I don't know your environment or what is required for retention. Backing up your business is one of the most important things you can do. And both offerings provide that. So either choice would be a good choice.

Reda Hassan - PeerSpot reviewer
Real User

Kindly be informed that I have experience with NetBackup which I recommend and see that it is the best solution.

Jules Trono - PeerSpot reviewer

In evaluating the two you need to take into account functional requirements, flexibility, simplicity, cost of deployment and cost of management. The magnitude of your environment, and how fast you are going to grow, should also be considered. Some solutions are designed for large enterprises and the cost associated may be worth it. You will also need to take into account how much your team can handle, and what you may need to outsource to a managed service provider. Find the value-added partners in your area and ask them to provide you with information you need to make the decision. Don't forget to ask them to sign NDA's.

Here are a few of the things you'll want to keep in mind while evaluating a solution:
- Does the solution support all of your applications? Gather as much information as you can about the number of servers and virtual servers, and the applications you are running, both on-premise and in the cloud.
- Do you have any cloud or data center hosted applications that also need backup services?
- Do you have any regulatory requirements that affect how your data is handled? (SEC, GDPR, HIPPA, etc)
- Will your backup be a full backup, or will each backup be incremental to the one before?
- How often can you set up a backup, and will it impact operations?
- How many backups do you need, and what space will that consume?
- How is data mapping handled?
- How does recovery work?
- How long will it take to restore?
- Does your backup solution have a backup?
- How are upgrades handled?
- Do upgrades affect previous backups or the restore process?
- What premise and cloud solution options are available?
- What happens when you grow? Will getting the next bigger solution be an easy transition or a complicated project?
- What is the impact on your staff for either premise or cloud solutions?
- How can you validate the backups for either premise or cloud solutions?

VladanKojanic - PeerSpot reviewer
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It's hard to tell the first ball that is the difference between the two systems. It is best to do a little research, read customer experiences, or look at your real needs.

We didn't use Veritas backup, we did some other vendors, but we still decided on Commvault because of some of the functionalities that are important to us and that give us the ability to expand the system. It may be best to tell us what your needs are, whether on-premise is the solution, or do you need a cloud solution. What I think the biggest difference is that with the CV solution you have the ability to control the whole system (SQL, end user, File Servers, VM, etc) from one place. Also, end users can do most of the things themselves, without hiring an admin.

FrancoisLepage - PeerSpot reviewer
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Commvault is more complete and more efficient.

I would recommend Commvault.

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