What is Data-Centric vs Application-Centric security architecture?

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Oct 4, 2023

Here is an overview of Data-Centric Architecture and Application-Centric Architecture for Security:

Data-Centric Architecture

  • Focus

Protects the data itself, regardless of where it is stored or processed.

  • Benefits

    • May provide a more comprehensive view of data security

    • May be used for Data Protection, whether in transit or at rest

    • May be used to implement Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and other data protection measures

  • Challenges

    • May be complex to implement and manage

    • May require a thorough understanding of the data landscape

Application-Centric Architecture

  • Focus

Protects the applications that access and process data

  • Benefits

    • Implementation and management may be easier

    • May require less understanding of the data landscape

  • Challenges

    • Could leave data vulnerable for applications that are not secured properly

    • May not be able to protect data in transit and at rest.

Use Cases

Data-Centric Architecture

    • Financial Services

    • Healthcare

    • Government

Application-centric architecture

    • E-commerce

    • Media and Entertainment

    • Manufacturing

They say the best security architecture would depend on an organization's needs. If your organization requires protecting sensitive data regardless of where it is stored or processed, then a data-centric architecture may be a good choice. If your organization needs a simpler and more manageable security solution, you may be better off with an application-centric architecture.

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