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Any experience on newer/low-cost cloud based EA Modelling Tools?

I have been doing some research on new free/low-cost EA Modelling Tooling. Examples would include Axellience, Value Blue, Archi etc. Has anyone had any experience or views on these newer/simpler/lower-cost cloud-based tools?

What has your experience been?

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 + Lucidchart - Accomplish more by collaborating in real time. Accelerate understanding and drive innovation with powerful diagramming (archimate),  whiteboarding, and data visualization.

+ Visual Paradigm on-line - Create a variety of technical and business diagrams faster, better and affordable. 100+ diagram types. Profi tool !

author avatarMark McGregor
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Thanks Petr, appreciate your sharing.

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Recently we implemented LeanIX. It's an inventory and modelling EA tool with some predefined artifacts and ability to create your own diagrams. With the correct pricing option might be not that expensive, but not comparable with just digraming tool like lucid charts (btw, LeanIX can integrate with Lucidcharts) .

Another one might be Sparx EA Cloud offering.

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@MichaelSukachev ​thanks for sharing your expertise. Could you provide a review of LeanIX? If so, click https://www.itcentralstation.com/lp/provide_review?product_id=31126
You've written some great reviews of Sparx and Mule Anypoint, so we would all like to hear what you think of LeanIX.

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Thanks @MichaelSukachev ​appreciate your sharing. I know from my research that LeanIX takes a very different approach, and for many adds value beyond diagramming. I have yet to review the Sparx Cloud offering, I was under the impression that it was not actually native cloud but instead cloud hosting of the desktop version, but maybe I am out of date on that one.

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not sure about low cost, however, i think Erwin Data Modeler, or BiZZdesign can be good app, i may also consider Mega Hopex. 

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@Mark McGregor, you're right, Sparx offers cloud supplement to the desktop version only - for some reason I thought that they already have a native cloud solution. 
From price/features prospective Lucidcharts looks pretty attractive. Both Lucidchart and Visual Paradigm can create good visual content and pricing is comparable too - Lucidcharts looks to have more available integrations though.  

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Still looking for a low cost Cloud offering - CloseReach offers fully functional EA/BPM subscription based QualiWare deployment hosted on Azure with web publishing of all content. Don't need to be an EA tool expert - start with the easy to use web modeling tool. The STARTER level is a great if you want to start small or as a proof of concept package.  Check out SaaS Pricing Billed Annually - CloseReach Ltd.

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