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What do you like most about Continuum Command?

Hi Everyone,

What do you like most about Continuum Command?

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33 Answers

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The most valuable features are RMM and patch management. However, the main reason we have been using this solution is that they are the only provider of RMM that has an outsourced NOC and help desk. This has been very useful.

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The user interface is the first valuable feature. The integration is the second valuable feature. The integration that you are doing with the products needs to be very certain. There shouldn't be any glitches. There are different software out there that will give you an option called scripting and ask you to do a hundred different things to set up a script for a particular customer. With Continuum, everything is done a single way. You just select the clients, script, and machine, and then you just go and deploy.

The best part of Continuum is that it is not just a software company. It is a pure services company. It is an RMM software; it isn't used as a PSA. The software is just a part of the service offering. This is the difference between all other service providers out there and Continuum. Continuum is basically providing services. Continuum doesn't sell the software.

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The most valuable feature is the patching solution.

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